Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3080 Preparing for the Martial Dao Convention

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Chapter 3080 Preparing for the Martial Dao Convention


Long Chen’s words startled everyone present.

“What absolute nonsense. Even if you have a clone, you can ascend to the Immortal King realm. There are countless examples throughout history. How is it a barrier? You are making up things to scare people,” sneered Ji Li.

Long Chen disdainfully said, “There are two kinds of divine clones. One shares your life, while the other is a primary and secondary. The benefit of one that shares your life is that your senses are shared. You are essentially viewing the world from two viewpoints, making it easier to comprehend the Dao. The drawback is that if the clone dies, the true body also dies. Only an expert with utmost confidence would dare to make such a clone. As for you, you have a secondary clone where the true body controls everything, and the clone is nothing more than a reflection. The good news is, if it dies, it has almost no effect on the true body. The bad news is that because one is a slave, the clone sees things just as the master sees things. Furthermore, its power, reactions, and everything are all inferior to the true body. Let alone comprehending anything, when becoming an immortal, rather than helping your cultivation, the merger will cause your true body’s comprehension power to drop, creating a roadblock in your way.”

“How laughable. Who said that they had to be merged to become an Immortal King?” sneered Ji Li.

“Of course, you can not merge and kill your clone. Such a thing is called Dao Severing, severing another version of yourself. You sever the past to welcome the future, sever the dark to welcome the light. But without the past, how can you have a future? Without the darkness, how can there be light? That Dao Severing is an enormous wrong fork that brings people astray in the cultivation world,” said Long Chen, his words powerful and resonating.

Both the seniors and the juniors were stunned by his words. He was actually tossing away countless years of cultivation practices. People were a bit uneasy with such a thing.

“Nonsense, the more you talk, the more heretical and unreasonable you get. Are you saying all of us have cultivated wrongly?!” raged someone.

“It is not wrong per se. I suppose you’ve just put a shackle on. Many people might have an eighty percent chance of becoming an Immortal King, but this shackle makes it only ten percent,” said Long Chen lightly.

“What proof do you have?” demanded that person.

“Proof? I can’t say.” Long Chen shook his head. “In this world, some things are taboo and can only be thought of, not transmitted. However, don’t be disappointed, because when Boss Long San ascends to the Divine Lord realm, I will open a new cultivation path. You can treat my words as a joke and laugh at me. That’s fine. Time will prove everything.”

As expected, quite a few people laughed derisively at him, thinking that he was simply saying this because he wasn’t able to answer.

But some people were silent. Long Chen’s confidence shook them. It was as if Long Chen really did know some things.

“Boss Long San, grassroot cultivators like myself can’t compete with those rich second generations. What should we do?” The next question was asked.

“Then work hard to become a first generation. Don’t envy others who can gain things without doing anything, someone who was born with everything. They don’t have to pay anything because everything they have came from their first generation that paid for everything. You shouldn’t feel envy, jealousy, or resentment. Instead, you should consider how to make others envy your descendants as well,” said Long Chen.

“Boss Long San, how do I become someone that everyone respects?”

“No matter what you do, you can’t win everyone’s respect. Be yourself. As for other people’s praise or scorn, don’t pay too much attention to it.”

“Boss Long San, how can you maintain a heart untouched by dust on the path of cultivation?”

“Boss Long San, will having a few more female companions affect one’s cultivation speed?”

“Boss Long San, how many dual cultivation partners do you have?”

“Boss Long San…”

Countless disciples flooded over Long Chen who didn’t reject even a single one. However, sometimes his answers were serious, while some were jokes that made people laugh. Of course, there were some improper questions that didn’t obtain proper answers.

At this time, quite a few people left, not approving of him and not wanting to listen to him expound on the Dao.

Mostly, it was juniors who stayed here, and many of the young women stayed as well. Those women all liked to ask a few personal questions. Some of them were truly brazen, catching even Long Chen off guard.

Luo Bing and the others laughed amongst themselves. “Boss Long San’s name has truly spread this time. The High Firmament Academy’s next disciple recruitment is probably going to be packed.”

Time passed bit by bit. After a while, the Dao discussion stage’s divine light finally faded, and Long Chen was sent out. He then left with his people. As the crowd of disciples chased, Long Chen had already vanished.

After returning to their residence, Long Chen sighed with relief. Bai Shishi’s mother carried out a simple celebration for him, and she even brought back the dean’s praise.

This time, Long Chen had truly won face for the High Firmament Academy. The academy had already sent people to discuss taking over the mining rights. That was a huge sum. Long Chen had contributed greatly to the academy with this.

After the celebration, Bai Shishi’s mother turned solemn. “This time, Long Chen may have won in the Dao discussion convention, but he has also offended many sects and powers. During the Martial Dao convention, many experts will be aiming to kill you. Be careful.”

Long Chen had cut off the ill-gotten profits of who knew how many people. Hence, those people would definitely cast their anger on the High Firmament Academy. Long Chen and the others would face a fierce, bloody battle during the Martial Dao convention.

Long Chen nodded. “If you encounter someone you can’t beat, directly admit defeat. This isn’t shameful. After all, your life is more important. Also, don’t feel any pressure. You only came here for fun and to accumulate some experience. As for the championship, I don’t want to make you feel bad, but it has little to do with you, so don’t feel any pressure. Just leave the championship to the four of us.”

The four of us that he was referring to were Bai Shishi, young master Changchuan, Bai Xiaole, and himself. Bai Xiaole was very moved when he heard Long Chen include him in the fight for the championship.

After their celebration was over, Long Chen went to his room and began studying the World Extermination Lightning Radiance that the Dao discussion stage had given him.

He was shocked to find that this was a technique used to draw lightning, a bit similar to how the Nirvana Scripture drew flame energy. It could draw out the lightning energy of heaven and earth, compressing it into a World Extermination Lightning Ball.

Long Chen was in the midst of studying it when someone knocked on his door, startling him. Just who would disturb him at such a time?

As he opened the door, a sharp claw reached toward Long Chen’s chest as quick as lightning. That sharpness seemed intent on piercing straight through his body.

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