Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3081 Dirty Race?

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Chapter 3081 Dirty Race?

Startled, Long Chen almost didn’t have time to react. He twisted his body back and sent a fist forward.

His attacker was as quick as lightning, but Long Chen’s reactions were also fast. The power of his fist was heavy and concentrated. Once it struck, all that power would erupt.

However, his fist ended up hitting nothing. He didn’t touch his attacker’s body, startling him once more.

“Wow, what fast reactions. It seems that you’re not just bragging.” Long Chen suddenly saw his attacker. There was a beautiful girl giggling at him, but she was a stranger to him.

Behind her was Bai Shishi. Long Chen couldn’t help frowning, but before he could say anything, the newcomer said, “Don’t turn hostile. Let me introduce myself. I am Lu Mingxuan, Bai Shishi’s older cousin. You won’t get angry with me because of this joke, right?”

He hadn’t expected this girl to be Bai Shishi’s cousin, so he was left a bit speechless. This cousin of hers really knew how to joke.

“Be careful. She’s from the Dirty race,” warned Bai Shishi.

“Dirty race?”

“Aiya, don’t listen to her nonsense. Let me tell you, I’m one of your loyal worshippers! I saw your display on the Dao discussion stage and I’m truly amazed. You’re definitely the man with the greatest charisma that I’ve seen.” Lu Mingxuan patted her chest, seemingly not noticing the huge waves occurring.

Long Chen was left flabbergasted. This woman was quite relaxed to be so straightforward.

“In place of my little cousin, shall I ask if you want this big sister to come wait on you at night?” teased Lu Mingxuan.

“Cousin…” Bai Shishi was unable to bear it and rebuked her.

“Haha, it was just a joke, a joke. Do you have to take it so seriously? I disturbed you not just to see my idol, but because there are people outside who want to see you. Everyone’s time is precious, so they can’t wait too long,” said Lu Mingxuan.

There are more? Long Chen followed them to the living room. Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and Mu Qingyun were talking with two women.

When Long Chen arrived, those women immediately stood and bowed toward him. Luo Bing hastily made the introductions.

“Long Chen, these two are my Luo family’s experts. This is senior apprentice-sister Luo Xue, and this is senior apprentice-sister Luo Qing.”

Long Chen was shocked. Despite these two deliberately concealing their auras, the sharp light within their eyes and the vague runes flowing within made it seem as if they were one with heaven and earth. These two were actually powerful Primals.

“Greetings, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen.” Luo Xue and Luo Qing greeted Long Chen together. Both of them possessed a noble, refined bearing.

“Senior apprentice-sisters are too courteous. Witnessing the experts of the Luo family and their grace, junior brother’s heart is relaxed and at ease.” Long Chen cupped his fists and returned the greeting.

“Senior apprentice-brother is a dragon amongst men. On the Dao discussion stage, you completely swept through your competition. The two of us have always greatly admired brother Long,” said Luo Xue with a humble smile.

“Wow, if you like him so much, why don’t you directly marry him and have his children? You could research the Dao of creating people.” Seeing them acting so formal, Lu Mingxuan interjected herself.

“Cousin…” Bai Shishi could not handle this older cousin of hers.

Long Chen was also speechless. This girl was really unrestrained. Now he knew why Bai Shishi would say that she was from the Dirty race.

Luo Xue and Luo Qing were quite magnanimous, knowing that she was joking and continuing to smile.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, we came to disturb you to inform you of the Chu family’s matter. This time, the Chu family has sent out four powerful experts, all of them Primals. They have made it known that they intend to kill you on the martial stage. Although brother Long’s bravery surpasses everyone, the Chu family’s people are all sinister and treacherous. They are capable of doing anything for their goals. There’s no choice but to be on guard,” said Luo Xue.

Long Chen nodded. “Don’t worry, the reason that I could live to this day is because I never underestimated any opponent.”

Long Chen knew that he had gone over the top during the Dao discussion convention. Since Long Chen had won the championship, Luo Xue was worried that the victory would go to his head.

Long Chen’s guess was correct. His display was too arrogant, to the point that he looked down on everyone, that he didn’t view them as even ants in his eyes. Thus, these two couldn’t help warning him not to take his enemies lightly.

However, after meeting Long Chen, their impression was completely different. He was acting very humble without that previous arrogance, nor did he have the sharp arrogance of someone who had just won the Dao discussion convention. He was like a different person.

“Is there any information about those four people?” asked Long Chen.

Luo Xue shook her head. “My apologies. Those four are kept quiet, and we were unable to get information on them. They are probably the Chu family’s secret weapons. Since we know nothing about them, we feel like something is queer about them. The Chu family seems to have hidden more than we expected. Right now, within the information we know of, we only know that their names are Chu Ren, Chu Shuang, Chu Zhen, and Chu Gan. We’re ashamed to say that there’s no other information that we could gather.”

Long Chen nodded. “I didn’t expect the Chu family to have some ability. I hope to be able to run into them. However, with the Martial Dao convention being left to the Huayun Trading Company to oversee, they can no longer cheat, so we can only see if enemies really do cross paths often. Ah, that’s right, do the two of you have a place to stay? If you don’t mind, you can stay here. It will be more convenient for us all to be in one play.”

“Then we’ll trouble you.” Luo Xue directly agreed. They were all cultivators, so there was nothing inconvenient about it.

After finishing their discussion on the important matters, the atmosphere grew relaxed. Luo Xue and Luo Qing grew familiar with everyone, and they no longer needed to have so many misgivings.

Luo Xue was calm and steady, while Bai Shishi’s cousin was someone who made others speechless. She often said some things that made others blush.

“Long Chen, for someone as outstanding as you, do you believe in love at first sight or in familiarity breeds fondness?” asked Lu Mingxuan.

Long Chen hesitated, feeling like this question was actually a trap. But not finding one, he said, “I feel like familiarity breeds fondness.”

“Then it seems that your love requires a great deal of physical effort?” Lu Mingxuan wore a smile that was not a smile.

“Isn’t that too dirty?” For a moment, everyone was speechless.

With the addition of Lu Mingxuan, Luo Xue, and Luo Qing, this place became a bit livelier. After three days, everyone gathered, trembling with excitement. Today was the first day of the Martial Dao convention. Upon thinking of how they would be competing against the heavenly geniuses of the nine prefectures, everyone’s blood heated up.

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