Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3082 Young Master Wuji

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Chapter 3082 Young Master Wuji

Long Chen and the others walked through a huge spatial gate using their status tablets. Once they were through, Long Chen saw that they were on a giant island.

They were surrounded by clear blue water that was the same color as the sun. The island had a giant formation over it that gave off a majestic feeling.

After that, Long Chen and the others saw a plaza in front of them, and there were balls of light in it. Every ball of light had a small martial stage in it that looked like a toy.

However, these balls of light possessed spatial energy, so those martial stages were definitely not as small as they appeared.

There looked to be hundreds of thousands of those balls of light. They floated in the air like pretty bubbles.

“Today is the preselection. Out of over ten million experts, only ten thousand will remain to participate in the Martial Dao competition. In other words, right at the start, ninety-nine percent of all experts will be eliminated. Don’t be careless,” said Bai Shishi.

Luo Xue nodded. “Big sister is correct. Even now, you might encounter a supreme expert. If you lose, you’ll lose your qualifications and will become nothing more than a spectator. In the worst case, you’ll lose your life.”

There was only one chance here. Only once you got into the top 128 would you still have a chance to compete after a defeat. Here, one defeat was elimination.

Long Chen looked around. This place was packed with competitors, and most of these people would be forced to become spectators watching others fight for the rewards.

Long Chen then looked at the academy’s disciples. “Again, don’t take needless risks. If the difference between you and your enemies is too great, directly admit defeat.”


Those disciples of the Battle God Palace nodded. They also knew that they were mostly here to gain experience. Long Chen, Bai Shishi, young master Changchuan, and Bai Xiaole were their main force.

Long Chen looked through the crowd, wanting to see if he could find anyone familiar. But there were too many people. Furthermore, the formation blocked divine sense, preventing spiritual probing.

More people appeared behind them. At this moment, Long Chen sensed countless gazes glaring at him like sharp blades. A cold smile appeared on his face.

“Hehe, there’s quite a few people jealous of you.” Lu Mingxuan saw countless angry glares at Long Chen and chortled.

“Only mediocrity doesn’t draw jealousy. For Boss Long San’s name to spread, walking over their heads is normal,” said Long Chen indifferently, ignoring those hostile gazes.

The cultivation path was just like that. Someone trying to charge forward would be viewed as a competitor by others, and those people would block their path.

If you didn’t charge forward, people would think that you were weak and bully you, controlling everything about you.

Long Chen might be skilled at discussing the Dao, but he also knew that many times, these principles were just bragging words. To rely on talking reason to survive was a complete fantasy.

On the Dao discussion stage, he could use his wit to talk reason. But at the Martial Dao convention, he could only use his fists to beat reason into others.

Suddenly, Long Chen smelled a burst of fragrance. He saw Lu Mingxuan frown and stare irritably at a group of people walking over.

“What bad luck. How did I encounter that fellow?” muttered Lu Mingxuan.

Long Chen looked at that group. There was an extremely white-faced man with a fan in his hand, and over ten women with heavy makeup surrounded him like stars surrounding the moon. They were chattering amongst themselves, seemingly treating the surrounding people as nothing more than empty space, as if they were blessing others simply by existing.

“They’re so arrogant? Just who is that fellow?” asked Long Chen. This was his first time seeing people being so high-profile.

“His name is Jiang Wuji, and he calls himself young master Wuji[1],

the meaning being someone who can go on a rampage without any scruples, as no one can touch him. He is the grandson of the Flower Butterfly School’s leader, and he will be the one to inherit that position in the future. He is already very talented, but adding on the full resources of the Flower Butterfly School, he is truly powerful. We encountered him on our way to the Nine Prefecture Convention. His mouth is really dirty. He provoked us and we ended up fighting, but his techniques were extremely insidious. I didn’t dare to fight him directly, and so I had to run. That fellow will probably come over because of me. Long Chen, you have to stand up for me,” said Lu Mingxuan.

“Why would I need to stand up for you? You have such a strong cousin. Why not ask her to stand up for you?” Long Chen shook his head. This Lu Mingxuan was truly a little sprite, and he didn’t want to suffer from a moment of carelessness.

Just at this moment, that young master Wuji came over with his escort of women. Fanning himself, he didn’t even look at Long Chen. Instead, his gaze swept over Bai Shishi, Luo Bing, and the others before finally resting on Lu Mingxuan.

“Haha, lady Lu, we meet again. Last time I felt that we had destiny, but now you even brought me so many other beauties. It seems that I have good luck with women.”

That smile of his was truly lecherous, and he didn’t cover it up in the slightest. It was as if everyone else present didn’t enter his eyes.

“Idiot, I have no destiny with you. Do you see? This is the champion of the Dao discussion convention. He’s my current man. If you have guts, go challenge him!” Lu Mingxuan grabbed Long Chen’s arm, intentionally acting very intimate.

Long Chen sighed speechlessly. This was precisely what he had been expecting. She was using him as a shield.

Young master Wuji’s gaze finally turned to Long Chen. Eyeing him up and down, he sneered, “What’s so great about a man who relies on a glib tongue?”

“Who said that? It’s not just his mouth that’s amazing, even his tongue is agile! He has plenty of good areas, so just try and challenge him!” exclaimed Lu MIngxuan.

Long Chen was speechless. This Lu Mingxuan truly dared to say anything. Even he, as a man, was unable to endure it.

“An amazing tongue? I don’t believe it. In this world, no one is greater than my young master,” said one of the women around young master Wuji, coiling around him.

“That’s right. He dares to compete with the young master? Does he know he’s humiliating himself?”

“A beggar like this is disgusting.” The pretty women around young master Wuji started to insult Long Chen.


Seeing their incredibly fawning act over young master Wuji, Bai Shishi finally couldn’t bear it any longer, and killing intent exploded out of her. She had an urge to kill all of them.

Her prideful nature made her look down on women who lived off of men, so these women were particularly disgusting to her. If it wasn’t forbidden to fight here, she’d have long since attacked.

“You want me to scram? Are you qualified?” Young master Wuji sneered, his eyes shamelessly examining Bai Shishi’s face.

Bai Shishi’s gaze instantly turned ice cold. Her hand slowly reached for the sword hilt on her waist.

[1]无忌 Wuji = no scruples, no fears.

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