Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3091 Powerful Dragonblood Warrior

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Chapter 3091 Powerful Dragonblood Warrior

“You know him?” asked Long Chen.

“No, but I investigated the information on the Nine Flower Sect. After all, you gave Ji Li a beating. They’ll definitely want revenge, so I checked the information on their disciples. That fellow is called Su Ye. Those pockmarks on his face are the result of cultivating a strange cultivation technique as a youth. They are burns left behind by a Dao mark possession. Not only was his face burned, but even one of his eyes is covered because it was turned blind. This injury caused him to become cruel and violent. In the Nine Flower Sect, almost everyone is afraid of him. Even their number one junior expert keeps him at a respectful distance. He is definitely a frightening existence. Once he starts fighting, he won’t even care about his life. It is said that he is in the midst of awakening his primal bloodline. Although he has yet to do so, he possesses the qualifications. He is very powerful. Qin Feng will be in danger,” warned Bai Shishi.

“So he hasn’t awakened a primal bloodline yet? Then Qin Feng can handle him,” said Long Chen. At first, he had thought that Qin Feng truly was unlucky to encounter a Primal so quickly, but as soon as he heard that the opponent wasn’t a Primal, he relaxed.

Bai Shishi shook her head, thinking that Long Chen was viewing this far too simply. Su Ye was a crazy person in combat. Anyone would definitely suffer fighting him.

However, Qin Feng had set foot on the stage, and they couldn’t communicate with him. She only hoped that Qin Feng would be able to notice quickly enough and admit defeat.

Luo Bing and the others also grew nervous when they heard her words, so they stared closely at Qin Feng’s block. Only Long Chen was not the slightest bit nervous.

Just at this moment, his block lit up, and they could see a large one-eyed man covered in pockmarks and wild hair facing Qin Feng. He looked crazy. After that, he opened his mouth, revealing two rows of large teeth. He looked as if he would start eating people.

Facing Su Ye, Qin Feng’s expression was calm. When his block lit up, he slowly reached back for his saber’s hilt on his back. He bent forward slightly, one leg forward and one back. He was like a crouching leopard that had locked onto his prey.

In that instant, a formless aura unfurled and he seemed to have become a different person. At that moment, heaven and earth turned silent, and time seemed to stand still. People even forgot how to breathe.

“An expert.”

Bai Shishi, Lu Mingxuan, Luo Xue, and the others were all moved. Just this posture was flawless. Even through the formation, they could sense an immense sense of pressure.

They were unable to imagine just how a mid Divine Flame realm disciple was able to unleash such a terrifying aura.

As for Su Ye, he also sensed this, and his smile vanished, replaced with shock. He then extended his hand, and an iron rod appeared in it.

The light on their block flashed three times, and the barrier separating them suddenly vanished. With a cry, Qin Feng shot forward like a bolt of lightning, his saber hacking toward Su Ye.

There was nothing flashy about it. It was a simple slash, yet it contained a will to sever the heavens and split the earth.

“Scram!” Su Ye roared furiously. Qin Feng had taken the initiative.


A qi wave exploded. Within the wild astral winds, Qin Feng and Su Ye both retreated. They ended up in a draw in this exchange.

Luo Bing and the others cheered for Qin Feng. They had all seen it clearly. Qin Feng’s saber had actually twisted midway, striking Su Ye’s rod right in the middle. Su Ye was holding his rod one-handed and horizontally. Because of it, the place that Qin Feng struck was perfectly the most difficult spot for Su Ye to retain control of his rod.

As a result, Su Ye was sent tumbling back several steps, while Qin Feng was not at all unbalanced. As soon as his feet touched the ground, he sprang back, attacking like a wild tempest, his saber slashing toward his opponent with even greater ferocity.

Su Ye was still retreating and had yet to recover. Infuriated, he clasped his rod with both hands and thrust it at Qin Feng’s chest.

His rod was longer than Qin Feng’s saber. Although Su Ye attacked later, due to the difference in weapons, their attacks would land at the same time.

At that time, Qin Feng’s saber would hack him in two, but the power contained within Su Ye’s spear would also pierce Qin Feng’s body and blast him apart. It was a suicidal exchange.

In truth, this was Su Ye’s best chance to counterattack. As soon as Qin Feng avoided his attack, he could regain the initiative. He could defend and attack effectively with this one move.

However, he was shocked to find that Qin Feng showed no sign of dodging. The saber continued falling toward him, seemingly unstoppable. Qin Feng was actually planning on dying with him.

Luo Ning cried out when she saw this. If this continued, both sides would tragically die.


In the end, it was Su Ye who changed moves. He didn’t want to die with Qin Feng, but the result of his hasty change in moves resulted in him being at an immense disadvantage. He was blasted straight into the martial stage’s barrier and bounced off.

Just as he bounced back, a cold saber flashed and his head flew into the air.

The sound of a saber returning to its sheath made a light noise.

After that, Su Ye’s corpse fell to the ground. Everyone was shocked to find that the flame of his soul had been extinguished. He was well and truly dead.

Theoretically, a Divine Flame expert wouldn’t instantly die even with their head cut off. Clearly, Qin Feng’s attack was so fierce that it even blew apart his opponent’s soul.

Qin Feng was still expressionless, as if he had done something completely worthless. Everyone, including Bai Shishi and the others, stared at him lifelessly.

It had to be known that Qin Feng had mentioned that he was nothing more than one of the most ordinary members of the Dragonblood Legion. Above him were the more powerful squad leaders and then the terrifying captains. Above the captains was the even more monstrous Long Chen.

In his mouth, he was nothing more than a minor character. But in three moves, he had killed the Nine Flower Sect’s number two expert, Su Ye.

“They’re all fearless madmen. Qin Feng is even more suicidal than Su Ye.” Lu Mingxuan couldn’t help shaking her head. If Su Ye hadn’t changed moves at the last second, the two of them would have died together.

Although it was just three moves, they truly shook people’s hearts. That had been truly dangerous.

At this moment, Qin Feng returned to Long Chen’s side. He acted indifferently as if nothing had happened.

Just then, Long Chen’s tablet began to flash.

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