Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3094 Fights Between Experts

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Chapter 3094 Fights Between Experts

The Bloodkill Hall’s assassination arts were completely ineffective against Long Chen. No matter what movement art the assassin used, it was broken by Long Chen. His concealing techniques were like jokes.

The repeated setbacks had infuriated him. As a result, he couldn’t even retain the most basic calmness that an assassin needed to have, and his full power erupted as he faced Long Chen head-on.


Blood filled the air, and at the next moment, the jungle vanished. The martial stage returned to its original appearance.

A dagger clattered to the ground. It was the same dagger as before. But its master had vanished from heaven and earth.

Who would have thought that an assassin said to always be emotionless and sinister would erupt in anger and be blasted apart by a single punch?

Just at that moment, Long Chen was transported back out.

In the outer spectator stand, the High Firmament Academy’s disciples cheered. Even in the face of such a terrifying assassin, Long Chen’s victory was so easy.

“Big brother Long Chen, you’re really amazing. Even the playing stage known as the Nine Prefecture Convention can’t cover up your light!” shouted Zhong Ling, so excited that her face was as red as an apple.

Unfortunately, they were too far, and their cheers couldn’t reach Long Chen and the others.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I don’t understand. That assassin clearly knew that you were waiting for him to act according to his normal patterns. Why didn’t he attack from a different angle?” asked Luo Xue.

The others also looked at him, waiting for his answer. This was also a question in their minds. This assassin was truly foolish, no? He could have simply attacked from a different angle.

“It’s because assassins are trained from the start to attack other people’s dead angles. After all that drilling, it becomes a reflex. They can find a person’s dead angles with their eyes closed to launch a killing blow. So even if he knew what I was doing, he couldn’t stop himself. The moment he concealed himself and prepared to attack, he immediately reacted to the dead angle. At that moment, I immediately sensed it. It’s like cheating in hide and seek. As soon as he intended to attack me, I sensed it. If it wasn’t to teach you a lesson, I’d have killed him at the start,” said Long Chen.

“There’s such a thing?” Everyone was stunned. Unlike Long Chen, who was far too familiar with the Bloodkill Hall, they didn’t know that this was the first lesson for the Bloodkill Hall’s initiates.

After the first round ended, ten thousand people were reduced to five thousand. The second round would then start after an hour’s rest.

This time, Long Chen was in the first wave. Upon entering the martial stage, he saw that his opponent was from the Nine Flower Sect, and that disciple directly admitted defeat without another word upon seeing him, afraid that Long Chen would kill him.

Due to Ji Li, the Nine Flower Sect and the High Firmament Academy’s relationship was no longer good. They had also joined the camp opposing the High Firmament Academy. Thus, while this person did have some confidence in his own power, he didn’t dare to risk his life.

Long Chen returned just like that. Bai Shishi and the others went in one after another. Unexpectedly, Luo Ning also faced someone from the Bloodkill Hall.

After Long Chen’s lesson, her focus was on her dead angles, so she easily grasped the location of her opponent as if she could see him.

That assassin repeatedly switched techniques for concealing himself but was always found by Luo Ning. It seemed that Luo Ning was also quite mischievous.

Even though she had clearly grasped where he was, she pretended to lose track of him every time he switched his technique. There were quite a few times where she ‘narrowly’ avoided being killed.

Just as the assassin’s guard started to drop and he snuck closer to Luo Ning, she ‘randomly’ swung her sword, cutting off half of his head. He died.

Luo Ning’s display drew out quite a bit of laughter. She was actually such a talented actress that this assassin didn’t even realize how he died.

Long Chen was also speechless. The assassin that Luo Ning encountered was actually a bit stronger than the one that he had encountered. If the two assassins were fighting each other directly, it was hard to say who would beat who.

However, for assassins, fighting directly was a kind of insult to themselves. They refused to do such a thing unless they had no more choice.

“It really was easy. I didn’t think that the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins could be killed so easily.” Luo Ning came back in high spirits.

It was then Qin Feng’s turn. His opponent was only of average power, so he directly defeated him in one move. But Qin Feng had mercy and didn’t injure him.

On the other hand, Luo Bing faced a tough opponent. They exchanged dozens of blows before Luo Bing managed to defeat him. The others also felt that their opponents were growing stronger.

The second round ended, whittling five thousand experts down to two thousand five hundred. This rate of elimination was rather frightening.

“The remaining battles will probably be clashes between experts. You can no longer get lucky with weak opponents,” said Lu Mingxuan.

The third round quickly then started, and everyone focused on themselves, not daring to be careless. Even the spectators grew nervous because the battles were only growing increasingly intense.

At this time, the number of eliminated people had reached a certain point, so the blocks on the martial stage grew larger. They were no longer as concentrated as before. Now it was possible to see everyone clearly.

As the lots spun, countless people’s hearts pounded hard in their chests. Everyone was hoping for a slightly weaker opponent.

The next lots were quickly drawn, and Long Chen checked his tablet. He didn’t recognize the name of his opponent or the sect they came from, so it wasn’t an enemy.

From the third round on, the tablets no longer just listed the name of their opponent but also listed the power from which they came.

“Interesting.” Bai Shishi smiled slightly as she looked at her tablet.

Long Chen snuck a look. “Dark Tiger Alliance, Lu Xiaoxian.”

“Is that the fellow who was silently watching while I beat up their alliance head, that half-bald fellow?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes. I heard he’s the Dark Tiger Alliance’s secret weapon for getting into the top hundred. His strength has never been made public, but he’s probably a Primal,” said Bai Shishi.

“That really is interesting.” Long Chen also smiled, but he wasn’t worried at all. He was very clear on just how powerful Bai Shishi was.

“Boss, let me show you something even more interesting.” Qin Feng showed him his own tablet.

“Chu Zhen, Shen Prefecture’s Chu family.”

Seeing that name shocked everyone.

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