Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3096 Bai Shishi Goes Out

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Chapter 3096 Bai Shishi Goes Out

Qin Feng’s dragon scales unleashed a wild aura that gave people a sense of immense pressure even through the formation.

At this moment, Chu Zhen had just blocked Qin Feng’s saber when he felt an explosion of power come from the saber. Waves of power then unfurled.

As a result, the martial stage beneath his feet cracked. He was pushed back, leaving two long gutters on the stage.

Chu Zhen was shocked. His aura had actually been suppressed by Qin Feng. In his carelessness, he had given up the initiative.


Chu Zhen’s aura suddenly erupted and divine light appeared behind him. After that, a manifestation appeared.

“Chu Zhen really has awakened his primal manifestation!” exclaimed Lu Mingxuan.


The ground beneath him crumbled. A ripple then spread through the ground, and he instantly stopped being blown back. Lifting his leg, he sent a kick at Qin Feng’s abdomen.

Qin Feng snorted and pushed himself away with his saber, retreating half a step and avoiding the kick.

“Not good!” Bai Shishi and the others’ expressions changed.

“It’s a feint!” Luo Xue also cried out.

The instant Qin Feng dodged the kick, countless runes appeared on Chu Zhen’s arms. This was his true killing blow.

“Die!” Chu Zhen smiled sinisterly. When both his arms glowed, immense power erupted from his palms.

Chu Zhen was an expert of the Chu family. Whether it was his personal power or his combat skills, they were all very powerful.

Even though he appeared furious, he still retained his calm and didn’t even summon his entire manifestation. This way, his opponents wouldn’t be able to see his true power.

Despite that, he was confident that it could wipe out anyone that wasn’t a Primal.

However, just then, Qin Feng’s saber lit up, blazing like the sun. Chu Zhen was shocked to find that his explosive power was absorbed by that saber without leaving a drop.

“Not good!” Chu Zhen’s expression completely changed. At this moment, Qin Feng’s saber spun toward his neck at a strange angle, as quick as lightning.

The next second, blood splashed and Qin Feng’s saber exploded into countless fragments that flew through the air. Qin Feng’s own body spun seven or eight times through the air before falling. As for what he was holding, all he had was the hilt of his saber.

Everyone stared in shock at Chu Zhen. They saw layers of divine runes had formed a protective barrier around Chu Zhen’s neck.

However, a large cut had been made into his barrier, and blood gushed out of his neck. The wound was so deep that it was possible to see bone. His neck was only a bit away from being completely severed.

Luo Bing and the others gasped. Only after recovering from their shock did they realize that Qin Feng had known about Chu Zhen’s feint from the start and had planned to use a clever technique to absorb his power and return it.

This could be considered using a person’s power to defeat them. He was using Chu Zhen’s power against him.

Regretfully, Qin Feng’s saber was too low in quality to contain that power and hadn’t managed to break through his full defenses before exploding. Otherwise, Chu Zhen’s head would have been cut off. It was truly a pity.

At the same time as they cried out regretfully for Qin Feng, they were profoundly shaken by him. Such perfect scheming was truly terrifying.

Luo Xue couldn’t help looking at Long Chen. She saw that he was still calm, and it seemed that he didn’t feel much regret.

Luo Xue found it hard to imagine that Qin Feng was telling the truth and that he really was nothing more than an ordinary member of the Dragonblood Legion. If that was the case, just how terrifying was the Dragonblood Legion?

“You’ve won.”

Qin Feng shook his head and clenched his tablet. He was then instantly sent out, not giving Chu Zhen another chance to attack him.

“What a pity. You were just a bit off. If I had known earlier, I’d have gotten you a better weapon,” said Bai Xiaole indignantly.

“In terms of power, I’m quite a bit off from him. A defeat is normal. He didn’t want to expose too much of his power, so he was holding back, which was the only reason I had a chance to kill him. But even if I had killed him, I would have relied on coincidence, not true power,” said Qin Feng indifferently.

Hearing that, Luo Xue and the others nodded in admiration. His magnanimity and spirit were truly admirable. This was a true expert.

Long Chen also nodded inside. It had been a long time since Qin Feng was with the Dragonblood Legion, but all those lessons remained firmly in his heart.

Qin Feng’s display was very satisfactory, and there was nothing wrong with his fundamentals. As for the difference in realms, he could quickly help him make up for it

Furthermore, not only was he losing in the cultivation base, but he also had an inferior weapon. Despite that, he had still managed to go this far. No one looked down on him for this defeat.

On the other hand, the victor, Chu Zhen, had an ugly expression. Although he had won, the countless strange gazes he felt on him infuriated him.

Although that wound was nothing to him and could be quickly healed, he had lost face in this battle.

“Not bad,” praised Long Chen.

“Actually, I could have done better,” said Qin Feng after a moment’s thought.

“No, you did very well. You used your dragon blood power to absorb his power. That’s already all you could do. The reason your weapon exploded was not just because of its quality, but also because his energy was of the flame element, which made it difficult to turn it back on him. Furthermore, the worst part was that your realm is lacking. If you also reached the ninth Heavenstage, you would have had a ninety percent chance of killing him just now. But none of that is important. The most admirable thing is your heart. It is as steady as a mountain. The moment your saber exploded, you still had a chance to kill him, but you chose to give up. In the face of such immense bait, you still chose to retreat. That’s what makes me happiest,” said Long Chen.

Being praised by Long Chen made Qin Feng actually feel a bit awkward. “Boss, it seems that in the lower plane, you’ve never praised us like this about the Martial Dao.”

“Maybe it’s because we’re all too foolish that brother San is feeling emotional,” said Mu Qingyun with a smile. Through Qin Feng, she finally learned that the one called Yue Zifeng was the fourth captain of the Dragonblood Legion. Qin Feng’s arrival made her fiercely curious about the Dragonblood Legion.

Although Qin Feng had been defeated, he didn’t seem to view this as any setback. For Bai Xiaole, Qin Feng was now the one he worshiped the most after Long Chen.

Suddenly, Bai Shishi’s tablet began to flash, so everyone was shaken. It was finally Bai Shishi’s turn to go out.

“Beat out that fellow’s egg yolks!” cheered Lu Mingxuan, resulting in everyone else rolling their eyes.

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