Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3097 Dark Tiger Power

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Chapter 3097 Dark Tiger Power

Bai Shishi was sent to the martial stage, appearing like a goddess descended from the heavens. Just by standing there, she already drew attention. It was as if her presence was making this world more beautiful.

Even within the Nine Prefecture Convention where beauties were as common as the clouds, Bai Shishi stood out. She was the brightest star that made all others appear dim.

Long Chen heard countless cries throughout the stands. With the number of blocks being reduced, it was easier for people to spot Bai Shishi.

Bai Shishi’s beauty left no room for doubt, and she also possessed an innate grandeur that made others adore her, but it also made them afraid of getting close for fear of blaspheming her. There was no way to describe this air.

Facing Bai Shishi was the Dark Tiger Alliance’s number one expert, Lu Xiaoxian. When Long Chen had beaten up the alliance head outside the city, Lu Xiaoxian had simply watched. He hadn’t said anything as if he was indifferent to anything.

Now that he was facing Bai Shishi, his gaze was a bit complicated. “Why isn’t it Long Chen?”

“Even if it was Long Chen, it would mean nothing. He doesn’t like men,” said Bai Shishi indifferently.

Luo Xue and the others were stunned. They hadn’t expected that the cold and aloof Bai Shishi would actually say such a thing. They couldn’t believe their ears.

As for Long Chen, he almost coughed up blood. He looked at Lu Mingxuan with a disdainful expression. This dirty girl had even infected Bai Shishi.

Seeing him look at her, Lu Mingxuan laughed, revealing her white teeth. She then gave Long Chen a gesture of victory, like an adorable devil.

On the stage, Lu Xiaoxian didn’t even understand Bai Shishi’s meaning. Thinking that she didn’t understand him, he said, “If it was Long Chen, I could fight all-out and kill him. I don’t have much feeling for the Dark Tiger Alliance, but humiliating the alliance head is also humiliating me. Those who have insulted me have all died.”

“Kill Long Chen?”

Bai Shishi suddenly smiled. She didn’t say anything further, but that smile contained a touch of scorn.

After that, golden runes appeared around Bai Shishi, and the ground beneath her feet began to crack. Within those cracks, people could see golden light.

Seeing that golden light, everyone that was paying attention to her cried out in shock. Through those cracks, they could see that everything underground was golden ore. It was as if they were seeing a world of gold.

The golden light then illuminated Bai Shishi, and combined with the runes swirling around her, she appeared even more beautiful, like a fairy that had walked out of a dream.

“What pure metal energy. This isn’t bloodline power but pure metal energy.” Long Chen was shocked. Bai Shishi’s metal energy had grown even more terrifying, and he didn’t know what Bai Shishi’s mother had done.

As their block began to flash, the fight was about to commence. Feeling shocked by Bai Shishi’s golden light, Lu Xiaoxian hastily formed hand seals.


As a result, divine light quivered behind Lu Xiaoxian. A giant black figure then appeared behind him, and black energy wrapped around his body. His entire aura became dark and sinister.

“Dark energy!” Qin Feng couldn’t help crying out in shock. This was an extremely rare kind of energy, one that he had only heard of in stories.

“It is not dark energy. This is a qi that comes from the Netherworld. It should be considered ancient heroic spirit qi,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen was extremely sensitive to the Netherworld’s qi due to his connection with Leng Yueyan and Ming Cangyue. Hence, he instantly recognized this aura.

Luo Xue nodded. “Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is truly erudite. This truly isn’t dark energy but a kind of sacrificed spirit qi. The Dark Tiger Alliance worships the Dark Tiger race’s skeleton, and it is said that they have the blessing of the Dark Tiger race and a divine energy inheritance. The power that Lu Xiaoxian has activated should be considered Dark Tiger energy. His bloodline was originally of a dark element, which perfectly suits the Dark Tiger energy. That’s why when he activates his primal manifestation, the Dark Tiger energy he unleashes is shocking.”

Just then, a roar split the air. Right now, Lu Xiaoxian’s eyes had turned scarlet, and his body was covered in black fur. Also, black qi swelled out of him. When the dark figure in his manifestation roared, it shook people’s souls.

“The Dark Tiger is an ancient divine beast that possesses immense Spiritual Strength. Even when its body dies, its soul is not extinguished. With faith energy, it can continue to live forever. The ancient records really are true. This voice is something that pierces through the river of time. It truly possesses an ancient aura.” Long Chen nodded as he watched Lu Xiaoxian. The world was truly large and filled with marvels. Many unbelievable things were written in ancient records, and now that he was truly seeing one of those things, he had no choice but to believe it.

Just then, the barrier vanished and the battle officially started. Lu Xiaoxian charged forward, a bone blade appearing in his hand.

The bone blade was pure white, looking like an elephant tusk. But when he slashed it, stripes appeared on it like a tiger’s stripes. Those stripes were black.

When that saber fell, it seemed as if heaven and earth were going to be cut in two. That was a terrifying aura.

Luo Xue and the others hadn’t expected the Dark Tiger Alliance to have produced such a terrifying disciple. He was actually capable of summoning the power of the ancient Dark Tiger. Their hearts clenched for Bai Shishi.

The High Firmament Academy’s disciples also felt tense. They clenched their fists so tightly as if they felt that clenching their fists could help Bai Shishi.

However, in the face of this terrifying attack, Bai Shishi’s expression was calm. She slowly raised her hand. Just like that, she awaited the bone blade.

This movement caused countless shocked cries to ring out. Bai Shishi was receiving the bone blade bare-handed.


When the bone blade reached Bai Shishi’s hand, blinding light exploded. It was too blinding for people to even keep their eyes open.

Golden light brighter than the sun was transmitting through the formation and covering the entire island. Everyone lost their sight.

However, their eyes quickly adjusted and the world slowly grew clear once more. Within the endless golden light, they saw Bai Shishi’s beautiful figure.


When they saw the situation on the martial stage, the entire crowd let out a shocked cry in unison.

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