Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3100 Three Flower Pupils Manifest

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Chapter 3100 Three Flower Pupils Manifest

That person was too fast. His afterimage still remained in his original location as his blade slashed down on Bai Xiaole. With a splash of blood, Bai Xiaole’s body was cut apart.

However, his cut-apart body then slowly faded. It was also an afterimage.

Bai Xiaole appeared in the air. However, he was in a panicked state. His chest was dyed red with blood.

“Not good. Due to his fear, the effectiveness of his spatial arts has sharply dropped,” said Luo Xue.

Bai Xiaole’s spatial arts could be said to be one of the most exquisite of all divine abilities. It was very difficult to track his body. But due to his fear, his spirit was suppressed, creating flaws in his mental state. Furthermore, his opponent’s mental lock was very effective. It could be said that Bai Xiaole had already lost.

“This person has definitely investigated Xaiole’s experiences and techniques. He started off leaking his killing intent precisely because Xiaole lacks experience,” said Lu Mingxuan.

In the Nine Prefecture Competition, many people relied on selling information on other competitors in order to make money. Hence, learning about Bai Xiaole’s past was no difficult task.

This person was clearly taking advantage of Bai Xiaole’s lack of experience. He wanted to kill Bai Xiaole in just a few moves and had almost taken his life right at the start.

That person once more moved. This time, they saw a line of afterimages wherever he passed. He was truly fast.

Bai Xiaole was pale. He formed hand seals and his body vanished.

That person’s blade touched nothing more than air. But he then spun and charged in another direction, slashing his blade again. That was where Bai Xiaole had just appeared.

Bai Xiaole once more formed hand seals, vanishing. However, no matter how he dodged, that person was able to accurately find his location.

That person had locked onto Bai Xiaole. No matter where he fled, he would be sensed.

That person attacked nineteen times, and Bai Xiaole dodged nineteen times. On the nineteenth time, his blade just narrowly passed by Bai Xiaole’s waist, almost bisecting him. Luo Ning and the others cried out in shock.

“Not good. Xiaole’s movement art and dodging rhythm have been completely grasped by his opponent. He has started to predict where Xiaole will appear,” said young master Changchuan gravely.

He could tell that this person’s last attack had almost landed because he had predicted where Bai Xiaole would appear. He had seen through Bai Xiaole’s movements.

To be able to grasp his moves in such a short time, this person was definitely an expert.

As Bai Xiaole was barely dodging and didn’t even have the ability to counterattack, he would quickly be defeated. After all, he lacked experience. When his opponent had fully grasped his moves, he might not even have a chance to admit defeat.

With the martial stage protected by a barrier, none of their voices could reach Bai Xiaole. They could only watch nervously. Golden runes even occasionally flashed within Bai Shishi’s hands. Clearly, she was not as indifferent as she showed on the surface.

After three more slashes, that person suddenly swept out his blade horizontally right where a figure was appearing.


This time, it was not an afterimage. When they saw that figure be cut in two, Luo Ning and the others cried out.

However, they quickly realized that there was no blood. As it fell apart, they realized that what was cut apart was nothing more than a set of robes.

That expert was also startled. He had deduced that Bai Xiaole would appear here. He had completely grasped the rhythm of his movement art.


Just then, a hand appeared out of midair and slapped his face, emitting a crisp and clear sound. After that, Bai Xiaole’s figure slowly appeared.

Bai Xiaole had actually slapped that person in the face. However, his power wasn’t great enough, and all he did was make his opponent’s face turn. He didn’t cause any substantial damage.

Bai Xiaole borrowed the impact of the slap to retreat. He then pointed at that person and laughed. “Hahaha, little fellow, you were fooled, weren’t you? Do you take me for a fool? My spatial art is an innate divine ability, and I’m not restricted by space. Do you think this is like one of those acquired formation spatial arts that requires a set pattern? Hahaha, you’re too naive.”

Seeing that person’s stunned expression, Bai Xiaole laughed like a child. That arrogant display stunned everyone. This sudden turn came out of nowhere. They had just been afraid of Bai Xiaole being killed, but now he had actually learned how to face-slap people like Long Chen.

“Courting death!” As that person roared furiously, divine light exploded behind him. He had been conserving his power this entire time, wanting to kill Bai Xiaole with the smallest price. But instead, he was toyed with and slapped. He was so angry that he almost coughed up blood.

“Hahaha, come! Catch me if you can! If you can’t, then we’ll both be eliminated together. You slashed me once, and I slapped you once. We’re even.” Bai Xiaole laughed and then vanished.

Enraged, that person chased after Bai Xiaole. But Bai Xiaole repeatedly used his spatial arts, dodging his saber. His saber was never able to touch him again.

Furthermore, Bai Xiaole was constantly provoking him, occasionally reminding him that time was already up. It really seemed like he was intent on eliminating this person from the competition. Now, this person was so angry that his face was green.

“What did you teach him?” Bai Shishi turned to Qin Feng.

Qin Feng smiled. “It was nothing. I just told him that a heart of fear is the worst thing to have and that he had to think of a way to face it. He has to face his difficulties head-on, not dodge them. The more afraid he is, the more he has to face it directly. There is no shortcut to becoming an expert, but there is a technique. Right now, you’ve also seen the technique. It was very effective. One slap directly shattered his fear.”

Now everyone understood. In order to overcome his fear, Bai Xiaole had intentionally set up a trap. That person had fallen for it and had been slapped. And with that one success, Bai Xiaole’s confidence soared and his fear faded. That person was no longer able to lock onto him.

As he furiously chased Bai Xiaole, Bai Xiaole caused space to fold. He was completely unable to touch him.

“Brat, do you only know how to dodge?! If you have guts, face me directly!” That person came to a stop and pointed his blade in the air.

“Alright then.”

Bai Xiaole’s figure suddenly stopped as well, and three pupils appeared in each of his eyes. When the Three Flower Pupils appeared, a forbidden energy swelled and filled heaven and earth.

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