Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3102 Chu Family’s Four Heroes

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Chapter 3102 Chu Family’s Four Heroes

“Long Chen, with death at hand, you can still smile? Will I be seeing how you cry in a bit?” Chu Gan sneered at Long Chen’s smile.

“Your Chu family really is interesting. Ever since I entered the High Firmament Academy, you’ve been fighting to the death against me. Even though your teeth are scattered on the ground, you still manage to spout such big words with no sense of shame. Do you not feel that what’s coming out of your mouth is nothing more than empty air?” asked Long Chen disdainfully.

“Idiot, our Chu family has been enemies with the Luo family for generations. You are standing on their side, so you have become our undying enemy. This time, even our Chu family’s four heavenly geniuses have taken action, not to obtain the rewards but to kill you here,” snorted Chu Gan.

“Not for the reward? That’s because you can’t obtain it. I really wonder, how is it that there is such a huge difference between your two families despite both being such large families? Just look at the names of the experts attending. The Luo family sent Luo Qing, Luo Xue, Luo Bing, and Luo Ning. Together, it’s Qing, Xue, Bing, Ning, meaning clear as ice and clean as jade. Their names are a family lesson, to have them protect their bodies like jade and not be touched by dust. But then look at your Chu family’s four heroes. Chu Gan, Chu Ren, Chu Zhen, and Chu Shuang. Together, it’s Gan, Ren, Zhen, Shuang. Just how vile and dirty is that? There must be something wrong with your heads,” said Long Chen.[1]

Bai Shishi and the others laughed, along with everyone else paying attention to their fight. As the champion of the Dao discussion convention, countless people were paying attention to him. But his mouth was truly skilled. People were paying attention to him due to the principles he had stated on the Dao discussion stage, and they wanted to see if his fists were as powerful as his words.

As a result, countless people were laughing, and those that weren’t paying attention were quickly told what had happened and they laughed as well.

Luo Ning and Lu Mingxuan were the most exaggerated. Seeing Chu Gan green with fury, tears even came out of their eyes. Long Chen had actually linked their names together.

Chu Gan was quivering with rage, his eyes scarlet. He seemed like a provoked beast. “Long Chen, you’ve succeeded in infuriating me.” Chu Gan’s voice came from the cracks between his teeth.

“So what? What can you do other than bark like a dog? Your Chu family wouldn’t even be able to compete against the Luo family if it wasn’t for becoming someone else’s dog. You might be used to being a dog, but you should remember that not everyone in this world is afraid of dogs, nor is everyone afraid of the dog’s owner. For example, me. No matter whose dog you are, if you bare your teeth at me, I’ll still knock those teeth out,” sneered Long Chen.

Whether it was because of the Chu family’s enmity with his mother’s family, or his own miserable days that were the result of Lord Brahma’s dogs, Long Chen had no courtesy for these people. However, the Chu family didn’t know that Long Chen’s enmity with them was truly one with no rest until death.

Just at this moment, the martial stage shook, the sign that the fight was about to commence.

“Long Chen, you have guts. Then let us swear to fight to the death, turning this competition into a death match!” Chu Gan roared and his Blood Qi erupted. Contained within it was terrifying flame energy. After that, a divine statue appeared behind him, causing sacred might to descend upon this world. Even the martial stage’s formation was unable to block it.

Chu Gan had summoned his primal manifestation, and it was like he was possessed by a god. Up until now, no one had yet to unleash such power on the martial stage. Even the spectators, protected by the formation and at a great distance, felt as if his gaze could turn them to dust. That feeling was terrifying. Hence, everyone’s smile vanished, replaced with shock. Was this the true power of a Primal?

Luo Bing and the others couldn’t help being worried. Although they knew that Long Chen was powerful, he wasn’t a Primal. How was he supposed to block this pressure of the Heavenly Daos?

However, Long Chen’s expression was calm. A divine ring slowly appeared behind him. Seeing it, the calm Qin Feng was finally moved. “Finally, I get to see boss fight again.”

The seven-colored divine ring behind Long Chen spun, but in reality, only six colors were moving. One was static because it was only there to cover up that this was a six-color divine ring.

Long Chen’s own divine ring cast him in a sacred light. Although his black robes were in tatters, it didn’t affect that wild arrogance that looked down on the rest of the world. Long Chen gave off a very steady feeling, as if even if the heavens collapsed, he would raise them, as if there was nothing in this world that he couldn’t do.

As his divine ring spun, no terrifying manifestation burst into existence, nor did an incredible aura erupt. But for some reason, rather than Chu Gan whose aura was bursting out like a volcano, it was the calm Long Chen that gave people the more terrifying feeling.

Just at that moment, the barrier separating them vanished and Chu Gan’s aura condensed to the peak. He shot out like a bolt of lightning, appearing in front of Long Chen in an instant.

“I heard that you specialize in power. Then I’ll defeat you in your strongest area so that you’re fully convinced!”

Chu Gan roared and his manifestation lit up. As a result, countless runes flowed around him, appearing like a set of golden battle robes. With a single punch, the formation shuddered and the void collapsed. A single punch caused countless people to cry out.

“Those are the Chu family’s Titan blood runes! How can he condense so many?!” Luo Xue’s expression changed. The Luo family had a great deal of information on the Chu family and knew that they had a kind of bloodline divine ability to condense Titan blood runes that strengthened their physical bodies. But an ordinary disciple could only condense nine of them, and talented disciples would be able to condense a few dozen perhaps. But Chu Gan had thousands of them. His power had to have reached an unimaginable level.

Luo Xue, Luo Qing, and the others’ expressions changed. With the support of so many divine runes, who could block this attack?

Just at this moment, Qin Feng disdainfully said, “To compete with power against my boss, what a dream. Other than Wilde, who can compete with my boss?


Just as he said this, Chu Gan’s fist landed, shaking the martial stage. A fierce astral wind then unfurled.

What was unbelievable though was that Long Chen was just standing there with one hand behind his back. He had received Chu Gan’s fist with one hand.

“An ant dares to challenge a dragon? Truly laughable,” snorted Long Chen. With his hand over Chu Gan’s fist, he suddenly pressed him down.


Chu Gan’s expression changed. He felt like an entire world was pressing down on him. The martial stage beneath his feet cracked, the cracks spreading in every direction. At that moment, everyone watching their battle was shocked.

[1] Qing, Xue, Bing, Ning = 清、雪、冰、凝 = Pure, Snow, Ice, Condensed. As for Gan Ren Zheng Shuang from the Chu family… How shall I put this? One of the Chinese characters was replaced with a different character for it, but it essentially means fucking people is great.

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