Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3105 Treasure Item Bracers

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Chapter 3105 Treasure Item Bracers

Rumbling rang out and Long Chen’s divine ring spun rapidly. A wild aura caused the world to shake.

Long Chen’s eruption came so suddenly that people had yet to react. Also, the power that Chu Gan had displayed appeared miniscule in front of him.

Chu Gan was slapped deep into the ground. This slap actually completely deformed the martial stage, leaving everyone stunned. They stared in shock at Long Chen.

The current Long Chen looked like an angered devil. Standing in the air, he gazed down at Chu Gan. “Idiot, I let you live this long to see if you had any worthwhile moves. You dare to be arrogant with that little bit of power? You can’t even control this power, and you sacrificed your speed just to unleash it. If you can’t even touch your opponent, what’s the point? Do you feel that the power you exchanged for your speed is very great? Fine, I’ll show you what true power is.”

Long Chen’s voice resounded through the air, and his body suddenly vanished. The place that he had just been collapsed, sending ripples in every direction.

Just like that, Long Chen had reached Chu Gan. He was as quick as a bolt of lightning.

Chu Gan’s head was still spinning from that slap, so he didn’t even hear Long Chen’s words clearly. He only saw Long Chen charge right in front of him and unleash a kick.

He instinctively raised his arms to block it. His arms then glowed, and the mark of an ancient beast appeared on them. The roar of an ancient beast rang out.


Long Chen’s foot landed solidly on Chu Gan’s arms. As a result, the martial stage shuddered, and the giant hole, which had started to heal due to the martial stage’s properties, grew explosively. The sight of this stunned all the other disciples. Just being caught up in that wild rubble would probably crush the other heavenly geniuses attending this convention.

Some experts instinctively dodged the rubble flying at them, but the rubble shattered and dissipated upon striking the barrier.

However, the barrier was constantly quivering due to the impact. It seemed as if it really might break, frightening others.

From the very first Martial Dao convention until now, even through countless intense battles, never before had they heard of someone capable of shaking the barrier. But Long Chen had done so.

The martial stage rumbled. Everyone clearly saw Long Chen’s foot still stamping on Chu Gan’s arms, making Chu Gan continue to sink into the ground. It was as if Long Chen possessed the power of an entire world, and he couldn’t be stopped.

Chu Gan’s sleeves had been destroyed on impact, so everyone could clearly see a pair of golden bracers on his arms. Those bracers had the image of an ancient beast on them. Their runes flowed, and the beasts came to life, roaring and emitting their own divine pressure.

“Those bracers…”

“They’re definitely Treasure items.”

“How can he have so many Treasure items?!”

Seeing those bracers, people cried out in shock and also envy. He had three Treasure items all on his own. Chu Gan was truly rich.

It had to be known that amongst all the experts attending, ninety-nine percent of them weren’t even qualified to possess a Treasure item, let alone three.

Even as Chu Gan’s Treasure items blazed with light and unleashed their divine power, Long Chen’s foot was like a mountain pressing down on him. Chu Gan was still forced deeper into the ground.

“So what if he has Treasure items? Long Chen can still crush him barehandedly. That’s a real expert,” sneered someone.

Treasures blinded people, making them jealous. But even with three Treasure items, Chu Gan was still being suppressed by Long Chen. Hence, these heavenly geniuses that didn’t possess Treasure items all felt admiration for Long Chen and disdain for Chu Gan.

The martial stage began to slowly sink due to Long Chen’s power. It was deforming, stunning the people watching.

The High Firmament Academy’s disciples cheered crazily. Due to their cheers, countless other experts also joined the ranks of their cheering.

All those people essentially lacked Treasure items, so they hoped for Long Chen to be able to beat Chu Gan, proving with his actions that money wasn’t something so amazing. Even rich people could be suppressed.

In their eyes, using a Treasure item to bully others was practically cheating. But due to lacking money, they could only curse those people behind their backs. They couldn’t do anything about it.

Seeing people use Treasure items to suppress others was a sore point to them. Hence, for Long Chen to be able to suppress Chu Gan, they instantly chose to cheer him on instead. That was true of the outer spectator stand, as well as the inner spectator stand. Countless people cheered for Long Chen who possessed an indescribable charisma.

As for Luo Bing and the others, they only started cheering after they heard everyone else’s cheering. To be able to make so many people cheer at once for one person, even within the Nine Prefecture Convention’s entire history, was very rare.

On the Dao discussion stage, Long Chen had pierced the black curtains fearlessly, winning the admiration of countless experts. He then won the Dao discussion convention, becoming the youngest champion and winning face for countless young disciples.

Now, he was showing that he could reach this level with his own power, using it to show that his confidence was not for nothing. This had already caused him to become an idol worshiped by countless young disciples, making him their ultimate goal.

Bai Shishi looked at the countless disciples cheering excitedly. She then looked at Long Chen. Without realizing it, a faint smile appeared on her face.

As for young master Changchuan, seeing this, he sighed slightly, a somewhat bitter smile appearing on his face.

The martial stage was constantly expanding for Long Chen and Chu Gan. It had already reached the limit of their block. Just at this moment, their martial stage merged with the neighboring block, and the two people fighting inside were sent flying by the astral winds. They hacked up blood, almost dying.

With the two of them on the edge, they were still almost killed in an instant. Filled with horror, they hastily activated their tablets and escaped.

The two of them were truly unlucky. They had practically used their bodies to demonstrate to everyone just how terrifying that battle was. Just like that, they lost their right to continue competing.

However, the two of them didn’t feel too bad. At the very least, they got to experience just how great the difference between them and true experts was. This way, they didn’t need to get that experience in the next round when a supreme expert slew them in an instant.

“Bastard, you are forcing me!”

Chu Gan roared furiously. His face suddenly twisted, and he spat a mouthful of blood onto his bracers. Touched by his blood, an ominous aura erupted from them.

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