Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3109 Strange Woman

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Chapter 3109 Strange Woman

When Long Chen saw this person, the first thing he thought of was Wilde. Ku Wuya’s body was so tall that even seated, he was taller than someone standing.

His head was barren of any hair, and he had wide shoulders and a thick back. Moreover, his arms were thicker than a normal person’s waist, and his large head was nestled between his shoulders. It was almost impossible to see a neck.

It wasn’t fat but the opposite. It was impossible to see any fat beneath his skin. The reason his neck couldn’t be seen was because his shoulder muscles bulged to the point that even his neck was covered up.

He sat there alone, and no one else dared to get close to him. It was as if everyone was afraid of him.

Furthermore, a faint layer of mist curled around him, giving off a scent of decay and death.

This was the Corpse Devil Dao’s cultivator, Ku Yuya. He was sitting there, a pair of crocodile-like eyes staring at Long Chen like lanterns in the darkness.

“This fellow is very powerful. Long Chen, you have to be careful,” whispered young master Changchuan. He had previously exchanged blows with this person. “His current aura is even stronger than when I encountered him. It’s also deeper. His cultivation base has clearly advanced again in this short time.”

Just at this moment, Ku Wuya suddenly smiled at Long Chen, revealing a row of black teeth. Everyone, including Bai Shishi, felt a chill.

The rumor was that Ku Wuya consumed corpses to cultivate. Those black teeth immediately made them nauseous.

Other than Gui Yun and Ku Wuya, quite a few other people were looking at Long Chen coldly. Those were peak experts overflowing with hostility, but Long Chen ignored them.

Only five hundred and twelve competitors remained. There were men and women amongst them, but two women in particular attracted Long Chen’s interest.

One of them was a veiled woman with a zither in her embrace as she meditated. Her veil covered her face, yet she still exuded a sacred and holy aura. Long Chen’s heart pounded because he instantly thought of Zi Yan. The two were quite similar.

When Long Chen looked at her, that woman slowly opened her eyes and nodded amicably to Long Chen before closing her eyes once more.

“Hey, even all of us beauties aren’t enough for you? You’re going to flirt with others?” grumbled Lu Mingxuan.

Long Chen almost coughed up blood. What did she mean by ‘enough for him’? She really was dirty. Luo Xue and the others were blushing and glared at Lu Mingxuan. Bai Shishi even reached out to grab her, only for her to laugh and run off.

“Don’t mess around. She just makes me think of one of my lovers,” said Long Chen.

“She should be from the Zither Sect, one of the four immemorial sects. Their foundation is shockingly deep, and they use the Music Dao to peer into the Heavenly Daos. Their mental realms are very profound. But the Zither Sect doesn’t compete with the rest of the world, so I didn’t expect one of them to appear here to compete for the treasures,” said Luo Xue.

Upon hearing that, Long Chen’s heart shook. When he and Zi Yan met, Zi Yan had been roaming the world in order to find the true essence of life and comprehend the Heavenly Daos. Was this girl doing the same thing?

Zi Yan had ascended with everyone else. If she continued to cultivate, wouldn’t she also choose to cultivate the Music Dao? Would she have gone to the Zither Sect? If she had, then with her comprehension of the Music Dao, she would definitely be a rising star in the sect. Perhaps this girl would know about her.

Thinking of this, he was moved. He had an urge to meet her.

“Long Chen, have you seen that woman? That figure really is fiery. My own mouth is getting wet just by looking at her,” said Lu Mingxuan, pulling his gaze.

Long Chen had naturally seen that girl as well. She was the most conspicuous of all these experts.

Compared to ordinary female cultivators, she wore a completely different outfit. Her skirt was short, and her upper garment only covered her chest. So, her legs and waist were fully exposed. To make things better, she was gracefully curvaceous, with perfect proportions. She stood there barefooted, her hair falling loosely to her waist. She was like an elf that had walked out of a forest, yet she also possessed a bewitching charm that made it seem like she could steal a person’s soul.

“She’s very beautiful,” said Bai Shishi as well.

“If you took off your clothes, you would definitely be more beautiful than her…” As soon as he said this, he sensed danger and took a step back, barely dodging Bai Shishi’s hand.

“Don’t take a joke so seriously,” coughed Long Chen.

Bai Shishi glared at him for a moment before ignoring him and continuing to examine the surrounding experts.

“Long Chen, what do you think about that woman? Hey, don’t look at me like that. I’m talking seriously,” said Lu Mingxuan.

“Her body is one with the Dao. Every single one of her movements contains Dao charm. I’ve never seen such an expert before,” said Long Chen after a moment’s thought.

This woman was very strange. Every single one of her movements seemed to contain the mystery of Heavenly Daos. It was completely impenetrable.

Other than those two women, he also sensed many other experts that shook him. Every single one of them was a powerful expert in their own right. After the elimination rounds, the remaining competitors were all top experts.

However, amongst them were many people with dense killing intent toward him. He knew that those people viewed him as a target to kill since he had broken the Nine Prefecture Convention’s unspoken rules.

In other words, the powers behind these experts were those that had benefited from the Nine Prefecture Convention. He had ruined one of their money-making schemes.

Not only did they glare at him, but some even made insulting gestures. Because of this, Qin Feng’s own killing intent grew. He snorted, “These idiots don’t know that if the Dragonblood Legion’s members were here, we’d turn them into a mountain of corpses.”

Bai Shishi and the others’ hearts shook. Qin Feng was just an ordinary Dragonblood warrior, but he possessed such daring. Hence, they grew even more curious as to what kind of people the Dragonblood Legion was for Qin Feng to dare to say such a thing.

Long Chen’s own fury rose. Seeing these people gesturing at him, his killing intent ignited. Unable to suppress it, he announced, “I, Boss Long San, will make myself clear. In this Nine Prefecture Convention, those who follow me will prosper, and those who defy me will die. If you disagree, you can come at me together. It’s no problem. However many that come is however many this Boss Long San kills!”

An uproar erupted as soon as he said this, with countless people staring at him in disbelief. Had he gone insane?

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