Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3110 The Influence of the Purgatory Eyes

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Chapter 3110 The Influence of the Purgatory Eyes

“Long Chen…”

Bai Shishi and the others were also startled. Just what was Long Chen doing? Why was he challenging everyone?

Long Chen waved his hand, indicating for them to not speak. He wasn’t being impetuous. It was the opposite. His mind was clear.

He also knew where his anger was coming from. This boundless killing intent came from his Purgatory Eyes.

He didn’t know if it was due to researching the Three Flower Pupils and constantly touching the power of the Purgatory Eyes, but they were growing increasingly active.

Hence, he was growing more and more explosive. Those people’s provoking gazes and insulting actions made him think of the various bullying that he had suffered from as a child. He felt that if he didn’t unleash the power of his Purgatory Eyes, he would go insane.

He knew that he couldn’t restrain himself any longer. That would only make the Purgatory Eyes even more berserk, quickening the growth of that dark energy. Swallowing his anger was what nourished that dark energy.

Since that was the case, he would make himself clear. Those that wanted his life could come as they pleased. What he needed was a reason to kill them.

His words caused huge waves. Countless people were shocked by this wild arrogance, and they were provoked.

“Long Chen, you’re nothing more than a disciple from a fallen sect. It’s ten thousand years too early for you to run wild here!”

“Idiot, when the time comes, you won’t even know how you die. What right do you have to be arrogant?”

“Let alone you, even if it was your entire High Firmament Academy, if you angered us, your entire sect would be razed! Do you want the High Firmament Academy to be surrounded by enemies?!”

Countless curses rang out. However, only a small portion of them realized that there were also disdainful gazes cast toward them.

Other than the top five hundred and twelve, everyone else had been eliminated from the competition. Those people were now nothing more than spectators. If someone was wild and arrogant, it had nothing to do with them.

At this time, the ones cursing him were clearly the ones profiting from the Nine Prefecture Convention. They had essentially exposed their own sects by cursing him.

Hence, those people fell silent. They had just announced to everyone that they were part of the cheaters of every Nine Prefecture Convention.

“Boss San, we support you! Kill these shameless dogs! They deserve death!”

“That’s right, experts should be straightforward! If you encounter a god, slay gods. If you encounter a devil, slay devils. There is no soft-heartedness on the path of cultivation. Experts must be domineering!”

“You idiots who cursed boss San, what qualifications do you have to curse him? You don’t like his arrogance? Then why don’t you get the champion spot for the Dao discussion convention and get into the top five hundred!? You simply lack skill, so you can only shout as proof of your own existence. If it weren’t for the convention’s rules protecting you, boss San would kill you all with a slap.”

Once those people fell silent, other voices rose. After all, by exposing the dark curtains of the Nine Prefecture Convention, Long Chen had helped ninety-nine percent of the competitors. They got to have a fair fight.

Furthermore, Long Chen’s fearless charisma deeply touched these young people. With a few people taking the lead, they immediately started a torrent of curses on those people as if they hoped to drown them with their saliva.

Long Chen also hadn’t expected his arrogant words to draw out so much support.

Just at this moment, the lots were drawn again to find out who was fighting who. Everyone had to stop cursing.

Long Chen and the others’ tablets lit up, the names of their opponents appearing. Long Chen didn’t recognize the name of his opponent. But when Bai Xiaole saw the name that he had drawn, he wailed.


Everyone looked, only to see that it was Chu Ren. Bai Xiaole was matched up against Chu Ren.

Luo Qing had listened to Long Chen’s advice and admitted defeat against him. Hence, Bai Xiaole was aggrieved to run into him as well.

“It’s fine. When it’s your turn, directly activate the Three Flower Pupils and unleash your Three Flowers Condense, Triple Assault, and there’s an eighty percent chance that you’ll kill him in one blow,” consoled Long Chen.

“Really?” asked Bai Xiaole.

Long Chen smiled. “Little fellow, you’re lacking confidence. You don’t know just how terrifying the Three Flower Pupils are. Those four fellows from the Chu family’s strongest point isn’t their own power, it’s their combination technique. But that’s cheating, and so they can’t make it too obvious. If you were to instantly start off with a killing blow, Chu Ren definitely won’t be able to use that combination technique. Even if you don’t kill him with the first move, you will definitely injure him, and then you’ll have complete control over the fight. There’s no need to fear him. By the time the second attack lands, he will essentially be crippled. However, such an explosive start will definitely cause some harm to the Three Flower Pupils. After beating Chu Ren, you will be unable to use them again for a short time. But now that every fight occurs one after another, there’s enough time for you to rest before your next fight.”

The initial goal of the Nine Prefecture Convention was to give the young disciples a chance to interact. These battles were now held one by one so that everyone could watch every single battle, gaining experience.

This stage to decide the top two hundred and fifty-six would take three days, so there was no need to worry about missing anything.

Hearing Long Chen’s words, Bai Xiaole inflated with confidence. He even stuck his thumb down at Chu Ren.

“Will Xiaole be alright? Are you sure?” whispered Bai Shishi.

Long Chen looked at her. This pretty girl actually did care about her little brother. “Don’t worry. A combination technique requires time. It might be effective against others but not Xiaole. I’ve also factored in the backlash. It will be no problem.”

Only then was Bai Shishi at ease. He checked her tablet and saw another foreign name. After checking with young master Changchuan and Luo Xue, they also didn’t end up matched against their enemies.

Just at this moment, Long Chen’s tablet began to flash. Unexpectedly, he was the very first one up in this round of 512.

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