Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3112 The Zither Sect’s Expert

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Chapter 3112 The Zither Sect’s Expert

That woman was so unyielding that she chose to self-detonate. Young master Wuji had never expected such a thing. Despite having pushed her away immediately, the resulting explosion still left him bloodied. Half his body was a mess.

“Courting death!” Infuriated, he suddenly formed hand seals. After that, divine light flowed out of his forehead. He was summoning a layer of flames around the martial stage.

“This bastard!”

When they saw that, everyone’s fury soared. That woman was already dead, but young master Wuji was using a spiritual flame to incinerate the remnants of her soul so that she wouldn’t enter the reincarnation cycle. She would fully vanish from this world.

“If I encounter him, I’ll make him suffer a life worse than death. He’ll regret being born in this world.” Young master Changchuan clenched his teeth.

The two of them had no enmity, and yet young master Wuji had not just forced that woman to kill herself, but he had even refused to give her a chance to enter the cycle of reincarnation.

“Young master Wuji. Hmph, does he really think he can be so unbridled?” Long Chen’s expression was dark.

He had no relationship with that woman, and although in the past he would be angered by this, it would not have reached the point where he struggled to stop himself from charging onto the stage and killing him right this instant.

“I really can’t hold myself back. Like an inflated ball, I’ll pop with just a touch. This desire to kill will devour my mind.” A vein throbbed on Long Chen’s forehead. His face was shockingly dark. Just like what that dragon expert had said, this dark power could not be bottled up forever. The more it was, the more its power grew.

Young master Wuji won, but he was attacked by a rain of curses. The entire arena was chaos. However, young master Wuji ignored those curses, appearing particularly fearless.

The competition then continued. When it was Bai Shishi’s turn, she only defended. Her opponent unleashed all their techniques but was unable to shake her defenses, so they ultimately gave up.

After Bai Shishi’s turn, the sky started to darken. Just as Long Chen thought that they wouldn’t get their turn today, it was Bai Xiaole’s turn.

Bai Xiaole was delighted and prepared to slaughter Chu Ren just as Long Chen had taught him, only for Chu Ren to directly admit defeat.

“What?” Bai Xiaole was dumbfounded.

“Did they eavesdrop on us?” wondered Lu Mingxuan.

Long Chen shook his head. “It seems that their merger technique is not all that powerful. Perhaps it has some limits. That means Xiaole isn’t their goal. Chu Ren admitted defeat, but the Chu family still has two others. They must have absolute confidence in them. Moreover, they definitely have an understanding of Xiaole’s Three Flower Pupils and don’t want to take the risk of exposing their trump card. They probably want to find the best chance to unleash their power on their target. Their goal isn’t for ranking but one of us.”

“If it’s one of us, then it’s probably boss or fairy Shishi,” said Qin Feng.

Although the Luo family was mortal enemies with the Chu family, it was Long Chen who had repeatedly ruined the Chu family’s plans in the academy. He had killed Chu Kuang and Chu Yang, two competitors for the family head position. In the Jialin Immortal Land, he had wrecked their plan, and then the Chu family’s forces in the academy were ripped out. When it came to who they hated the most, it was probably Long Chen who won out.

As for Bai Shishi, she was also an important target. In comparison to the two of them, Luo Xue didn’t seem like such a target.

Just at this moment, the sound of a zither rang out. It was like the music of the Grand Dao was directly piercing people’s souls.

Long Chen and the others were startled and hastily focused on the martial stage. At some point, two new people appeared. One of them was the zither woman.

She sat in the air, her zither resting across her knees. At this moment, her hands moved across her zither, and a ray of light flew out of a string, tearing through the void.

Her opponent was a man with a wolf tooth club. His manifestation appeared behind him. He was a powerful Primal but was repeatedly forced back by the zither woman.

“What kind of power is that?” Lu Mingxuan and the others stared at her in shock. As her hands moved across her zither, divine music rang, and streaks of divine light flew out like celestial blades, forcing her opponent back. He didn’t even have a chance to approach.

“The Heavenly Music Art of one of the four immemorial sects. The body becomes one with the Dao, the zither becomes one with the heavens. Heaven and earth play the music of the Grand Dao. The power of heaven and earth concentrates on the fingertips, while the Dao transforms into arrows, and the strings are the bow…” Long Chen murmured to himself. This was something Zi Yan had told him. His understanding of the Music Dao was far greater than normal people.

Her opponent suddenly roared. His body lit up like a star, causing the entire martial stage to shake.

This was no longer the old martial stage. It was not split into blocks but was the full stage. Hence, others had fought quite intensely before but hadn’t caused the martial stage to shake at all.

For this person to be able to make the martial stage shake like this, he was clearly very powerful. But no matter what he did, he was always forced back by the zither music.

“This person has already lost. If he continues, he will force the other side to kill him,” said Bai Shishi.

Long Chen nodded. The wolf tooth club expert had repeatedly unleashed his trump cards, while the zither woman had used only one move to keep him back. If he continued, it would be a bit shameless. This zither woman clearly did not wish to expose more of her power. She wanted this person to know that he had already lost.

Just as Bai Shishi said this, that man stopped his attacks and admitted defeat. He had used up the majority of his energy and had no other choice but to admit defeat.

Once he admitted defeat, the zither woman bowed slightly and left as well. She closed her eyes in meditation once more, seemingly indifferent to this victory.

“She’s very powerful.” Bai Shishi looked at her heavily.

This woman had defeated a powerful Primal without the slightest effort. She was unfathomable.

“Just by displaying a trace of the Music Dao, she defeated a Primal. She truly is very powerful,” said Long Chen.

After her round, the competition ended for the day. And on the next day, everyone arrived early. All these battles were marvelous, and no one wanted to miss them.

“She’s the first one today? Now there’s something to watch.”

The stage’s runes lit up, and a woman with a fierce appearance appeared.

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