Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3113 Natural Charm

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Chapter 3113 Natural Charm

Her skin was fair and mostly exposed, and her long legs only had a short skirt covering them. Moreover, her curves were perfectly displayed, possessing a fatal attraction.

Wearing no shoes, she stood there barefooted. Everyone was staring at her. Both men and women were attracted by her beauty.

When she was sitting before, she appeared holy. But on the martial stage, an unspeakable charm exuded from her. A single look or a single movement from her could draw in people’s hearts.

“Natural charm…” Looking at her, Long Chen suddenly thought of Yue Xiaoqian. She also possessed a natural charm along with the purest bloodline of the original devil race. With her talent, she could cultivate the original devil race’s charm arts.

These charm arts were beguiling techniques. With her beauty and talent, if she cultivated people, then no man or woman would be able to resist them.

Originally, this was a path that Yue Xiaoqian would have walked down, but she had given up on this talent after encountering Long Chen. She always thought that Long Chen didn’t know, but he just didn’t say anything. Instead, he remembered this in his heart.

Yue Xiaoqian knew that no man would like having his woman using charm arts. Hence, she had entrusted herself and her entire race to him, giving up her talent in that regard. She had sacrificed much for him.

Seeing this woman, Long Chen felt many emotions. All the peerlessly beautiful and talented women by his side had made so many sacrifices for him. As for himself, he was unable to even provide a stable life for them.

“Hey, you’re supposed to be an expert. Don’t get seduced by her. You represent the High Firmament Academy. Have some face,” said Lu Mingxuan a bit irritably when she saw Long Chen staring at that woman without blinking.

Long Chen shook his head and ignored her. Although that woman was beautiful, it was the result of exposing her most beautiful areas. His own beauties were all prettier than her.

Right now, all the attention was on her. Almost no one paid any attention to her opponent, a large man with a giant gourd on his back covered in ancient marks. Its aura was quite powerful. It should be a Treasure item.

Upon seeing his opponent, a perverted light appeared in his eyes. His own wicked desires were fully exposed in front of her.

At that moment, the barrier separating them vanished and the battle officially commenced.

The man sinisterly laughed. “Hehe, little girl, there’s no need to fight. You aren’t a match for me. I don’t want to be like that young master Wuji and ruin such a beautiful flower. Why don’t you just follow me, and I’ll satisfy all your desires…”

That woman slowly raised her hand, the slightest look of disdain appearing on her face. She then clenched her hand.

As a result, space twisted and a translucent hand covered up the martial stage.


As the hand closed down on the stage, cracks spread throughout the floor. The intense rumbling caused everyone to jump.

That hand was the same as the woman’s hand. She then slowly released her hand, and the giant palm faded. However, her opponent was gone. All that remained were some red ripples in the air. After that, a large gourd fell to the ground. It was like a hammer dropping at the bottom of their hearts, shaking them.

“He… he died?”

“Killed in one move?”

Voices quivered. This had happened so suddenly that it felt like the fight was over before it began.

Even Bai Shishi, young master Changchuan, Luo Xue, and the others jumped. What technique had this bewitching woman used to kill her opponent? It had to be known that her opponent was a powerful Primal, but he hadn’t even had a chance to resist.

“Without forming seals, without chanting anything, without using her Yuan Spirit, without using her bloodline power, how could she possibly do this?” Mu Qingyun covered her mouth, staring at her in shock.

That woman took her opponent’s gourd. She had barely managed to grab it before she was sent out of the stage.

Everyone stared at her in shock. They were silent. That attack of hers was so shocking that they didn’t even bother watching the upcoming battles.

“Are you able to tell what happened?” asked Bai Shishi.

Long Chen nodded. Bai Shishi then said, “This method is rarely seen.”

“The world is so big. I suppose it’s normal for such a thing to appear,” said Long Chen lightly.

“Hey, what are you talking about? What did you see? Can you not treat us like air?” demanded Lu Mingxuan.

Long Chen explained, “That woman used Heavenly Dao energy. But contrary to others who need to form hand seals and chant, merging the body, mouth, and will, she is already one with the Dao and can freely use the power of the Heavenly Daos without hand seals or saying the name of her technique. Hence, her attack came without any warning, without using her Yuan Spirit or bloodline power. As for her opponent, he was already under the effect of her charm technique and was unable to even see through how deep his opponent was before daring to act like young master Wuji. His death was deserved.”

This explanation stunned them. This woman’s cultivation path was completely different from other people’s.

“It’s too bad, if it was young master Wuji who encountered her, he would definitely have been killed. Just like that, even his expression has changed,” said Lu Mingxuan.

Long Chen and the others looked and saw that she was right. Young master Wuji’s expression was clearly unnatural. He was drinking some wine, but no matter what, it seemed like an act to cover up his unease.

It was obvious that he had also set his intentions on her. After seeing this though, he was afraid. There was no way for him to prepare for such a move.

“It’s Ku Wuya’s turn,” whispered Qin Feng. Everyone then looked back to the martial stage.

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