Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3114 Heaven Shaking Physical Body

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Chapter 3114 Heaven Shaking Physical Body

As Ku Wuya appeared on the stage, everyone turned silent. Ku Wuya’s reputation preceded him. He was a peerlessly ruthless person.

The Corpse Devil Dao was an ancient and mysterious path. In the immortal world, there were Corpse Devil Sects, Corpse Devil Gates, Corpse Devil Caves, etc. But none of them were on the same side.

The Corpse Devil Dao had many inheritances, but those who had obtained those inheritances were not unified. It was the opposite. They all viewed each other as enemies, and if they ever had a chance, they would devour the other.

The in-fighting between the Corpse Devil Dao inheritances was exceptionally intense. Thus, any surviving powers with those inheritances were extremely powerful.

Ku Wuya was from the Corpse Devil Sect, an existence that shook those in the nine prefectures. Moreover, despite being relatively young, his name was known to almost everyone within the nine prefectures.

Looking at his opponent, Ku Wuya coldly said, “Are you tired of living?”

His opponent was another large man with a giant ax on his back. His Blood Qi fluctuations were powerful as his manifestation flowed behind him.

“Ku Wuya, I hear that your physical body is unrivaled. I don’t believe it. I want to experience a few blows from you today.”

This person raised his ax, which head was as big as a table. At this moment, ancient runes flashed on it, and a heavy air exuded from it. This was clearly a very powerful Treasure item.

Ku Wuya looked at him like a king looking at an ant. He then sneered, “The light of a firefly dares to compete with the moon? Fine, I’ll receive one blow from you to show that arrogant fellow, who won the Dao discussion convention, just what the difference between us is.”

When he said this, everyone’s gaze flickered toward Long Chen. These words were clearly for him.

“Is Ku Wuya challenging Long Chen?” People’s excitement began to rise. Now, there would be a good show.

Long Chen acted like he hadn’t heard anything. On the other hand, an angry fire ignited in Qin Feng’s eyes, but he didn’t say anything.

The barrier between them vanished. Immediately, the ax-wielding expert stamped on the ground, shooting forward like a bolt of lightning. The entire martial stage shuddered.

He knew he wasn’t a match for Ku Wuya, so he started off with a full-power blow. Retreating just like this wasn’t something he was willing to do.

In the face of that attack, Ku Wuya’s look of disdain didn’t change. Just standing there, he allowed the ax to land on him. Only once it was right in front of him did he turn his head ever so slightly.


The giant ax slashed into Ku Wuya’s shoulder. The immense force caused cracks to spread throughout the martial stage.


Qin Feng, Luo Bing, and the others stared in shock. Other than having the clothes on his upper body blasted apart, Ku Wuya wasn’t injured in the slightest.

With the powerful astral waves and immense aura raging from within, no one doubted the power of that ax.

“Heavens, is he really human?”

“He used his bare body to block the attack of a Treasure item?”

“He’s a demon! How can a body be trained to this level?!”

Everyone was stunned. Even a Treasure item was unable to harm his body. Was there really such an existence in this world?

Even Long Chen was shocked. Although he had sensed that this person’s physical body would be terrifying, he hadn’t expected it to have reached this level.

“An ant is just an ant. Even if I give you a chance, you can’t grasp it.” Ku Wuya’s body didn’t budge at all when his opponent’s ax slammed into his shoulder.

His opponent was shocked. Just as he was retreating, Ku Wuya smashed a fist into him. And without even being able to make a grunt, he was blasted into blood mist.

He used a body of flesh to receive the attack of a Treasure item, and then he used one punch to blast apart his opponent. Ku Wuya’s display was shocking. Although there were rumors that he was vicious and unrivaled in the same realm, no one had expected it to have reached this level.

“I didn’t expect him to be so powerful.” Young master Changchuan’s expression was a bit dark. Last time, when he fought Ku Wuya, he lost due to being cursed.

Originally, he had been planning on making a comeback and fighting Ku Wuya again. But unexpectedly, Ku Wuya had become so terrifying. If he had possessed such a powerful physical body last time, then even without relying on his curse, he would have still defeated young master Changchuan.

The current Ku Wuya was practically a completely different person. The difference was enormous. Young master Changchuan didn’t know if it was because Ku Wuya had been holding back last time, or if he had suddenly encountered some miracle that made his combat power soar.

The ax then clattered to the ground, but Ku Wuya didn’t even bother picking it up. He only made a throat-cutting gesture toward Long Chen, revealing two rows of teeth at him with a sinister smile.

Ku Wuya was sent out. The battle was over in just two moves, one ax and one fist. However, it was one of the most shocking battles that everyone had witnessed. This was true power.

Countless heavenly geniuses had come here to gain experience. Now they found that despite being called heavenly geniuses, there was far too great of a difference between them and Ku Wuya. Just as he said, they were really as miniscule as ants.

They looked from Ku Wuya to Long Chen, who looked as indifferent as ever, as if nothing had happened.

“Now there will be a show. Long Chen won the Dao discussion convention, and he’s also participating in the Martial Dao convention. Many competitors are targeting him. There might be a good fight soon.”

“Too many people are targeting him. There are the Chu family, young master Wuji, Ku Wuya, as well as that final disciple of the Bloodkill Hall’s master. Every single one of them is terrifying. I don’t know how many Long Chen can beat.”

“The main thing is that all of them want Long Chen’s life. By killing him, they can snatch away his glory of being the Dao discussion convention’s winner. It will also topple the principles that he discussed, proving that what he said is not reality. The newly won glory of the High Firmament Academy will be erased.”

Countless people discussed this new turn. Clearly, they didn’t have high hopes for Long Chen. Although they greatly admired him, power was power. It had nothing to do with admiration. Ku Wuya’s one fist had eclipsed Long Chen’s power.

“Boss…” Qin Feng looked at Long Chen.

“It’s fine. When I run into him, I’ll knock his teeth out.” Long Chen smiled slightly. His words caused Bai Shishi and the others to jump. They looked at him in disbelief.

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