Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3115 Long Chen vs. Young Master Wuji

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Chapter 3115 Long Chen vs. Young Master Wuji

Seeing Ku Wuya’s terrifying physical body made Long Chen’s blood heat up. A fierce battle intent rose within him.

He had never seen such a terrifying physical body, but he also didn’t feel any fear. Instead, he was excited. Only experts could make him feel such an intense urge to fight.

“Hahaha, I knew from long ago that my boss is unrivaled.” Seeing that look in Long Chen’s eyes, Qin Feng laughed. That old feeling was returning.

After entering the immortal world, Long Chen had put away his sharpness. Today, it was slowly coming back. That confidence made Qin Feng feel like they had returned to the Martial Heaven Continent, and Long Chen was once more leading them to run rampant over the world. His own blood boiled with excitement.

“It’s too bad that I encountered boss too late. Otherwise, I’d have gotten into the top hundred as well.“ Qin Feng looked at his arm bracers with a bit of regret.

Long Chen had given the two arm bracers to Qin Feng. With Bai Shishi’s mother’s help, he had managed to subdue them, so he was also protected by Treasure items now.

Just yesterday, Long Chen had fully expelled all the pill toxins in Qin Feng’s body, and using medicinal pills, he had widened Qin Feng’s meridians, strengthening his power many times. Although he wasn’t a Primal, now his power was definitely not inferior to any Primal.

Adding on his combat experience, when Luo Qing exchanged blows with Qin Feng, she wasn’t a match for him.

The competition then continued. Young master Changchuan, Bai Shishi, and Luo Xue went one after another. Luo Xue had to put in a great deal of effort to beat her opponent, but young master Changchuan and Bai Shishi easily won.

Long Chen knew that Luo Xue had put on an intentional act of weakness for the Chu family’s people to see. As for why she had done this, Long Chen didn’t know. But she didn’t say anything, so he didn’t ask.

After encountering Luo Qing and Luo Xue, he found that the Luo family’s foundation was even deeper than he had imagined. However, the Luo family’s arrogance was different from the Chu family’s. They were deeply reserved, rarely displaying their power.

After a while, the curtain to the second day’s competition fell. Long Chen and the others then went back to their residences. Long Chen went into seclusion, telling them not to disturb him for nothing. He didn’t even bother going to see the third day’s battles.

After the third day, the top two hundred and fifty-six were born. They were given one day’s rest before the next stage started. After that, the top two hundred and fifty-six were going to be whittled down to the top one hundred and twenty-eight.

“Long Chen, what’s wrong with your eyes?!” When Long Chen finally came out of seclusion, Bai Shishi and the others jumped. His eyes were bleeding.

“I’m fine.”

Long Chen shook his eyes and didn’t explain. A stabbing pain throbbed in his eyes, but his spirits were high. After countless experiments, he finally managed to control a trace of the Purgatory Eyes’ power.

When the lots were drawn and Long Chen saw his opponent, he smiled.

“It’s actually young master Wuji.” Young master Changchuan looked at his tablet and smiled. That bastard had finally run into them.

“Long Chen, don’t be careless. Young master Wuji can rampage so fearlessly not just because of his immense power. He also has many treacherous tricks. You might fall for one if you’re not careful,” warned Luo Xue.

Although young master Wuji was hated by many people, he was still living a carefree life. Other than his sect’s protection, his own power was just as terrifying. Many people were simply tricked by his outer appearance and thus fell for his tricks.

That woman he had previously slain had been a powerful Primal, but after failing with her first attack, she ended up falling into his palm.

Since the anger that Long Chen had displayed back then was truly terrifying, Luo Xue was worried that he would jump into young master Wuji’s trap even easier due to this anger.

The fighting quickly started. The matches would be spread over two days. This time, the order of the fights was announced ahead of time. Long Chen was seventeenth, so his battle would be today.

The battles today were even more intense. Multiple people were fighting to the death.

According to the convention’s rules, maliciously killing your opponent would cause you to be eliminated. However, after the Huayun Trading Company took over, they found that this was not one of the original rules. It was added in later, so this rule was basically disposed of.

Killing your opponent was not against the rules. When Silver Moon City added this rule, it was entirely to their own benefit. It allowed them to eliminate powerful opponents under the guise of ‘maliciousness’. After all, whether or not it was malicious was entirely up to them.

This rule was abolished for now to make it fair. However, the battle also became bloodier. For the rewards, for fame, the competitors fought with their lives on the line.

The path of cultivation was one of no retreat, and no one was willing to fail. Those who had managed to reach this point were peak heavenly geniuses, existences said to be unrivaled in the same realm. Every single one of them possessed their own pride, so they would rather die than fail.

Long Chen’s turn came quickly. When he appeared on the martial stage, cheers rang out.

“Boss San, kill that trash!”

“Rip him into ten thousand pieces!”

“Wring his head off and stuff it up his ass!”

Countless people hated young master Wuji for his previous actions, so they all hoped for Long Chen to kill him.

Young master Wuji also appeared on the martial stage. As a torrent of curses rained upon him, he sneered, “They all have such high expectations for you. It’s too bad that such a beautiful imagination will never manifest. I have ten thousand ways to kill you.”

“I only need one for you,” said Long Chen coldly.

He truly wished to act indifferent and relax a bit, but he was unable to suppress the killing intent welling up inside him.

“Hahaha, do you think that this is the Dao discussion convention? That you can pass just by talking glibly? We are competing with true power here, not theories on paper. Even if your words could cause the heavens to rain flowers, it won’t change the fact that you’ll be defeated by me here. Hehe, but there’s one point that I admire you for. You have so many beautiful women surrounding you. Don’t worry, once you’re dead, I’ll love them so much that they hurt, especially that one called Bai Shishi, hahaha!” Young master Wuji smiled lecherously at Bai Shishi and the others.

“Courting death!” Bai Shishi’s face was ice-cold, killing intent surging out of her.

“Not good. Long Chen has fallen for his trap,” said Luo Xue heavily.

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