Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3116 Heavenly Flame Prison

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Chapter 3116 Heavenly Flame Prison


Everyone was startled. What trap had he fallen into?

“Just look at his expression. He’s already clenching his fists, and his veins are throbbing. He’s furious. Young master Wuji is intentionally provoking him so that when the fight starts, his fighting style will be simple and explosive. Young master Wuji definitely prepared countless traps for him to jump into. I even warned Long Chen so that he would be mentally prepared, but as soon as young master Wuji mentioned fairy Shishi, he was unable to control his emotions,” said Luo Xue.

Bai Shishi was stunned. Looking at Long Chen, she saw his gloomy expression. Dark lines could vaguely be seen in his eyes.

“He cares about me this much?” Bai Shishi was startled. A feeling that she had never felt before welled up inside her. She thought of a certain thing that her mother had mentioned to her.

“That’s not good. Once brother San gets angry, he has no misgivings at all. If young master Wuji uses the same move that he did before, he really might fall for it,” said Mu Qingyun.

“I say, you’re all worrying for nothing. You don’t understand my boss. His anger impacts his intellect but not his combat abilities. Just watch,” said Qin Feng. These people were worried for Long Chen? What kind of joke was that?

“Are you angry? You can’t even control your emotions. Someone like you can be called an expert? How laughable. In this kind of battle, you will simply die. Kneel and repent to me and I can spare your life though,” said young master Wuji. It seemed that Long Chen wasn’t as powerful as he had imagined.

“You really know how to anger others. But you’ve chosen the wrong target. You shouldn’t have angered me.” Long Chen’s voice was a bit hoarse. A certain kind of energy within his body began to stir.

The dark power was attempting to control Long Chen’s body, control his soul. It wanted to be unleashed.

After repeated experiments, Long Chen found that restraining himself only nourished that power. The more he restrained himself, the more active that power became.

Long Chen then intentionally suppressed his anger and found that even his voice had changed. This voice was emotionless and merciless. Even he didn’t recognize it.

“Hahaha, with death at hand, your mouth is still tough. Fine, then I’ll show you my true abilities today.” Young master Wuji raised his head and laughed.

The barrier between them vanished. Young master Wuji rapidly formed hand seals, and Grand Dao flowers bloomed around him. They were a blaze of purples and reds, hiding him within.

“Long Chen didn’t charge in directly!” Luo Xue was pleasantly surprised. They had expected him to charge right in. Young master Wuji had expected this as well, and that was what these flowers were for.

This was one of the Flower Butterfly School’s secret arts. Once detonated, they would become a powerful poison. Furthermore, every flower contained a different poison.

“Coward. You don’t even have the courage to attack? You should just smash your head into the stage and kill yourself.” Long Chen’s lack of action was outside of young master Wuji’s expectations. Appearing above the sea of flowers, he sneered.

“That’s about enough.” Long Chen slowly formed hand seals.

As a result, red flames soared out of Long Chen, instantly filling the entire martial stage. These flames shocked countless people. They were entirely unaware that Long Chen was actually a flame element cultivator.

The sea of flames clashed against heaven and earth, enveloping young master Wuji.

“You dare to take out a bit of fire to embarrass yourself? Did your master only teach you this little bit of ability?” sneered young master Wuji. The flowers around him blocked the flames.

Long Chen ignored him, and the flames continued to soar. Space twisted, but they were still powerless against young master Wuji.

“That young master Wuji really is sinister. He doesn’t dare to take the initiative in attacking, afraid that Long Chen will grasp that chance to kill him. His trap lies around defending and drawing Long Chen in. With that, he has the highest chance of victory,” said Luo Xue.

“Did your father and mother give birth to you just so that you could embarrass yourself? If you have the guts, come at me!” Young master Wuji constantly provoked Long Chen, saying all kinds of ugly words.

Suddenly, Long Chen looked at young master Wuji. When a black mark appeared in his eyes, young master Wuji’s hair stood on end. He felt like he had fallen into an iceberg. His entire body was cold. It was like an ancient beast had set its gaze on him, and he was too scared to even move.

Just at this moment, the countless flames within the martial stage transformed, condensing into flame chains.

“Heavenly Flame Prison!”

Flame chains shot through the air, binding young master Wuji instantly. He tried to struggle, but he found that these chains were incredibly tough. They also contained the laws of a Grand Dao, and he was unable to break them.

After binding young master Wuji, Long Chen appeared in front of him while wielding a flame sword in his hand. He then slashed it down and cut off young master Wuji’s arm. That arm was instantly incinerated by the flames.

“You want to admit defeat? Do you think that’s possible?” Long Chen’s voice was ice-cold. It was as if it came from a soul reaper from hell.

Young master Wuji had tried to admit defeat just now, but Long Chen didn’t give him that chance. He cut off his arm holding the tablet, making him unable to activate it.

“No! You can’t kill me! If you kill me…” Any trace of young master Wuji’s calm vanished. He cried out in terror.

Long Chen’s flame sword stabbed into his leg.

“AH!” A miserable scream interrupted young master Wuji’s words. With his power, just being stabbed in the leg shouldn’t be so unbearable. Hence, that miserable scream caused countless disdainful gazes to be cast his way. But those people were unaware that Long Chen was skilled in this regard. This sword was stabbed in precisely the place that caused the most pain.

“He deserves it! Kill him!”

“Boss San, make sure he doesn’t have a quick death!”

“That’s right, this fellow has done countless wicked things. Killing him would be letting him off too easy!”

Countless cheers rang out. Young master Wuji was truly hated.


Just at this moment, a resounding beast-like roar rang out, shaking people’s ears and making stars spin in their eyes. They instantly fell silent and turned toward the source.

“The Flower Butterfly patriarch?”

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