Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3117 Karmic Flames Refine the Soul

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Chapter 3117 Karmic Flames Refine the Soul

An elder had appeared in the air and shouted at the martial stage. He was above the outer spectator stand, but his voice still transmitted straight through the barrier and into the formation.

Those in the inner stand were the competitors, and the outer stand was for those who had come to watch. Bai Shishi’s mother might be leading the High Firmament Academy’s competitors, but even she was forced to watch from the outer spectator stand.

This Flower Butterfly patriarch held an exceedingly high position in the Flower Butterfly School. He was three generations of seniority above the current sect master. Also, Young master Wuji was someone he viewed highly. So naturally, he pampered him and looked after him, resulting in young master Wuji acting like nothing was taboo. Even the sect master couldn’t suppress him.

The Flower Butterfly patriarch was once an expert that had shaken the nine prefectures. He had committed countless atrocities with no one capable of stopping him. Hence, countless people cried out when he appeared.

“Release Wuji! Otherwise, I will crush you!” shouted the Flower Butterfly patriarch at Long Chen.

The High Firmament Academy’s experts were enraged when they heard this. This fellow actually dared to interfere in the competition.

“Big words. I just worry about whether you have that ability.” A cool voice rang out. It was Bai Shishi’s mother.

The Flower Butterfly patriarch was threatening Long Chen, while Bai Shishi’s mother had spoken up in support of Long Chen. The two of them were instantly thrown against each other.

However, Long Chen completely ignored the Flower Butterfly patriarch’s threat. Even if Bai Shishi’s mother hadn’t spoken up for him, nothing would have changed. After that, he once more stabbed his sword into young master Wuji’s leg.


Young master Wuji screamed, and it gave others goosebumps. His face was twisted, and his whole body shuddered. They could only imagine what kind of pain he was suffering.

This time, not one person cheered for Long Chen. That was due to the Flower Butterfly patriarch. They didn’t want to make trouble for themselves or their sects, but they cheered inside.

“Long Chen, are you trying to die?” roared the Flower Butterfly patriarch.

As a result, Long Chen expressionlessly stabbed his flame sword into young master Wuji’s shoulder. The latter then screamed once more, his eyes bulging.

“Long Chen, if you dare to kill me, you and your sect will all suffer the Flower Butterfly School’s bloody retribution! You and your family, they will all die miserable deaths! AH!”

Young master Wuji screamed again as Long Chen stabbed him in the shoulder once more.

Every stab from Long Chen’s sword gave young master Wuji unbearable pain. The pain was even gradually progressing but slow enough that he wouldn’t pass out.

“Spare me! Boss San, Dad San, you’re my father, okay? I’m willing to be your servant! Please, let me off!” When threatening failed, young master Wuji switched to begging. His will completely crumbled and he began to weep.

At this moment, Long Chen’s expression slowly grew calm, and the flames of fury in his heart gradually faded. The dark energy within him also settled.

This dark energy was the result of his negative emotions accumulating. If he wanted to relieve it, he had to unleash his anger. If he wanted to maintain control, he had to unleash these negative emotions. This was also what the dragon expert had said, that he couldn’t bottle it up forever.

Countless experts looked at young master Wuji’s begging with disdain. Long Chen then spread his arms, and countless flame runes appeared, condensing into a new sword.

Long Chen expressionlessly said, “You only understand pain when a sword stabs through your body. Only with death at hand do you understand how precious life is. When you trampled over other people’s dignity and took their lives, did you think about their desire to live? You viewed their lives as nothing more than blades of grass, thinking that you were strong enough to take their lives. Someone like you isn’t fit to live in this world. I told you that I would make you regret being born in this world. Repent for your sins with this pain!”

Long Chen’s sword then stabbed into young master Wuji’s Dantian. There were now five flame swords stabbed into young master Wuji’s body, and they all lit up. The multicolored flames twisted into flame dragons that ran rampant through his body.


Young master Wuji screamed. It seemed that the pain had multiplied countless times, and it made the spectators’ hair rise on end.

“This is karmic flames refining the soul… How can he know this move?!” In the outer stand, an elder cried out in shock.

“What is karmic flames refining the soul?” asked someone nearby.

“It is the flames of the Heavenly Daos questioning a soul, excavating all the evils that they have buried deep in their soul. This is a kind of Heavenly Dao art specialized against those that are wicked beyond redemption! But this kind of technique was said to be lost! How can Long Chen use it at such an age?”

Someone interjected, “Karmic flames refining the soul is a technique that directly enters the heart. The shame and fear in the inner heart will transform into pain. Even if your soul extinguishes, even if your longevity reaches an end, even if your essence, qi, and spirit are all gone, you still won’t die. You have to wait until all your sins are incinerated before you are free. Furthermore, if you have too many sins, your soul will dissipate and not enter the cycle of reincarnation.”

When the spectators heard this, their hearts shook. After all, who hadn’t done bad things in their life? Beads of sweat rolled down their backs.

“Long Chen, I told you to spare him!” shouted Flower Butterfly patriarch, charging toward the stage.

Just at this moment, divine light exploded, striking the Flower Butterfly patriarch. As a result, his expression completely changed, and he unleashed a palm.


As the Flower Butterfly patriarch’s arm exploded, blood rained down. Moreover, he was sent flying while coughing up blood.

The various experts present were stunned. That was a Divine Lord realm expert, but he was injured by the formation as soon as he approached it.

“What an idiot. Does he think that Silver Moon City is still in charge of everything? The control over the martial stage has been handed to the Huayun Trading Company. It is the martial stage itself carrying out the rules. The fact that he wasn’t killed for this infraction is thanks to his luck,” sneered someone.

Just like the Dao discussion stage, this martial stage had its own item-spirit, and it was carrying out its ancient laws. If anyone dared to interfere in this, it would unleash its attack.

However, previously, it had been controlled by Silver Moon City’s people, and so there had essentially never been a case of the martial stage unleashing an attack. But it was different now.


Just at this moment, young master Wuji exploded and his soul dispersed, transforming into nothingness. He disappeared from heaven and earth just like this.

“Long Chen, if I don’t grind your bones to dust, I swear that I’m not human!” roared the Flower Butterfly patriarch.

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