Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3118 Gui Yun Appears on Stage

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Chapter 3118 Gui Yun Appears on Stage

“You aren’t human anyway, so who cares? Just wait. When I get back, I will destroy your Flower Butterfly School.” After killing young master Wuji, Long Chen was in an excellent mood. So, he replied to the Flower Butterfly patriarch before being sent out.

“Boss, that was amazing!” exclaimed Bai Xiaole worshipfully. Young master Wuji’s death was truly relieving.

“It really was satisfying. That bastard finally met his retribution,” said Lu Mingxuan.

Long Chen had won, smoothly advancing into the top 128. He then checked on Bai Xiaole’s opponent. Seeing that it wasn’t a supreme existence, he said goodbye and went into seclusion once more.

After killing young master Wuji, he directly left, not even watching the upcoming battles. It caused quite a few people to wonder if his Heavenly Flame Prison had resulted in some kind of backlash that he needed to recover from.

The reason they guessed this was due to just how powerful it was. Young master Wuji was extremely powerful, but he had still been trapped and could only await his death. For such a strong skill to have a backlash was normal.

What they didn’t know was that as long as Long Chen summoned Huo Long, he could instantly capture young master Wuji.

However, the reason he had done this was to mislead people, making them think that the Heavenly Flame Prison was not such an easy move to use.

Before unleashing the Heavenly Flame Prison, he had stealthily spread flame runes into every corner of the martial stage. Once it was saturated, he unleashed the technique, trapping young master Wuji.

Back then, young master Wuji was on the stage and couldn’t see it, but the experts watching from outside would have been able to tell. This was something that Long Chen had intentionally shown them just to avoid exposing Huo Long’s power.

Huo Long had already grown to an absolutely terrifying level. Even Long Chen was shocked. It was now growing increasingly familiar with the immortal world’s laws, so it could use flame divine abilities almost instantly. An insignificant young master Wuji wasn’t worth him exposing Huo Long.

Long Chen then returned to his residence safely. He didn’t need to worry about his safety in Silver Moon City because the Huayun Trading Company was now in charge, and no one dared to kill him here. Although the Huayun Trading Company was a commerce business, they also possessed immense martial power.

Their wealth was growing alongside their martial force. If you possessed only wealth and no martial power, there was no way you could survive in the immortal world. Thus, Long Chen wasn’t worried about the Flower Butterfly patriarch’s reprisal in Silver Moon City.

As expected, Bai Shishi, young master Changchuan, and Bai Xiaole easily passed. Bai Shishi and young master Changchuan relied on their immense power, while Bai Xiaole relied on his eyes.

Just as Long Chen said, Bai Xiaole’s eyes were monstrous. When his spatial energy activated, spacetime was thrown into chaos to the point that others couldn’t even touch him. Once they were trapped, they could only admit defeat.

Up until now, no one had managed to find a way to break the Three Flower Pupils. Countless people envied this divine ability, so no one wanted to end up matched against him.

While Bai Shishi, young master Changchuan, and Bai Xiaole easily passed through, Luo Xue didn’t pass so smoothly. She had exchanged injury for injury with her opponent, just narrowly managing to pass.

The opponent was one of their enemies and extremely ferocious. Hence, Luo Xue brushed up against death multiple times. Just watching her fight made Luo Bing and the others’ hearts clench. But ultimately, it was Luo Xue who won.

They had all managed to get into the top 128. If they won the next battle, they would obtain a huge reward.

According to the information distributed by the Huayun Trading Company, this reward included immortal crystals, medicinal pills, secret tomes, weapons, etc. Anything you wanted, you could pick yourself. This was a huge opportunity, particularly for Luo Xue.

Despite the Luo family’s reputation, their disciples were not freely given wealth to squander. So, Luo Xue didn’t have a single Treasure item.

As long as she passed the next round, she could select a Treasure item for herself. Because of this, she immediately consumed a medicinal pill to heal in preparation for the next round.

Unexpectedly, the one to fight after Luo Xue was actually Ku Wuya. But even before he stepped onto the stage, his opponent directly admitted defeat.

“Ku Wuya probably won’t be fighting for a few rounds now,” sighed Luo Bing.

Everyone nodded. Ku Wuya was absolutely terrifying. The way that he had used his physical body to receive the attack of a Treasure item had shaken everyone. No one wanted to match up against him.

“Gui Yun has appeared!”

After Ku Wuya, the next one was Gui Yun. But this time, Gui Yun’s opponent didn’t immediately give up. Clearly, he was extremely confident in himself to dare to fight him.

“It’s too bad that Long Chen isn’t here. It’s a rare chance to see Gui Yun fight,” said Luo Ning.

“Boss can’t be bothered to waste his time on that. We’ll watch for him,” said Qin Feng with a smile. He truly understands Long Chen. He never wasted his time investigating his opponents.

“That’s Zhou Changfeng, the Moonlight Manor’s young master. He awakened his primal bloodline at the age of sixteen, and his wind element power allows him to strike like the wind and move like lightning. No wonder he dares to fight Gui Yun; he specializes in speed. I heard that this person has been attacked by multiple assassins of the Bloodkill Hall, and he killed them all. This is probably why he dares to challenge Gui Yun,” said Lu Mingxuan, checking a jade tablet in her hand.

“Where did you get this information from?” asked Qin Feng.

Lu Mingxuan rolled her eyes. “Naturally I bought it. Do you think someone would just give it to me?”

“When did you buy it? Why didn’t we know?” asked Luo Bing with a hint of suspicion.

“Aiya, you are all foolish. There are people specifically selling information. I can just buy a single jade tablet, and when I see someone I want information on, I’ll just pay the money, and the report will appear on the tablet,” said Lu Mingxuan.

Bai Shishi said, “We’re not foolish. It’s just that we don’t have your money. We can’t compare to your Lu family’s wealth.”

“Hehe, what do you mean my Lu family? You have half the Lu family’s blood in you. You don’t have money because you’re stubborn. Your grandfather offered you money, but you rejected it,” said Lu Mingxuan.

“I’m ignoring you.” Bai Shishi turned away, not wanting to discuss this matter.

On the martial stage, Zhou Changfeng had taken out a saber. It was translucent, and when it appeared, a wind manifested on the stage. This was a wind attribute divine weapon that perfectly matched him. This Treasure item could only unleash its full potential in his hands.

Although many people had appeared on the stage with a Treasure item, not one of them was capable of unleashing the full power of a Treasure item. That was due to them having clashing natures, or being unable to activate their Treasure items’ potential.

“Gui Yun, your Bloodkill Hall has gone too far. Do you think that no one dares to fight you? The Bloodkill Hall has attempted to assassinate me seven times, but I’ve killed all those assassins. I also killed five pieces of trash from the Bloodkill Hall on the martial stage. Today, I’ll show everyone that the Bloodkill Hall’s reputation of being assassination gods is dogshit. In front of my speed, you are all trash!” shouted Zhou Changfeng, pointing his saber at Gui Yun.

“It seems that you specialize in speed? Then it might be interesting.” A faint smile appeared on Gui Yun’s plump face.

As the barrier between them vanished, Zhou Changfeng instantly disappeared from his location and appeared behind Gui Yun.

“What speed!”

Everyone was shocked, and even Bai Shishi was moved. She had never seen such speed.

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