Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3119 The Terrifying Gui Yun

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Chapter 3119 The Terrifying Gui Yun

Zhou Changfeng’s speed was shocking. By the time that they saw him move, he was already behind Gui Yun and attacking.

Gui Yun’s body was cut in two, but no blood came from his neck. After that, people clearly saw two Gui Yuns, and the second Gui Yun was holding Zhou Changfeng’s head.


Zhou Changfeng’s headless corpse collapsed. The instant that his head was cut off, the flame of his soul was extinguished. He was already dead.

At that moment, the first Gui Yun vanished. It had happened all too fast. The real Gui Yun was already standing behind Zhou Changfeng by the time he attacked. So the first Gui Yan was nothing more than an afterimage.

“What kind of speed is that?” Bai Xiaole felt a chill. With that kind of speed, he wouldn’t even be able to activate his Three Flower Pupils before being slain.

“We didn’t even see his weapon,” said Lu Mingxuan, her voice quivering. This Gui Yun was absolutely terrifying.

Zhou Changfeng was a wind element expert with shocking speed. If she were to encounter him, she would definitely be at a disadvantage and unable to keep up with him. She might even be slain in one move.

Such speed, such a sharp attack, they were all nothing in the face of Gui Yun. He cut off Zhou Changfeng’s head just like that.

Zhou Changfeng was fast, but Gui Yun couldn’t even be described as just fast. This kind of movement art didn’t even make sense. It was absolutely bizarre. Who could block such a thing?

“It seems that your speed was too slow.” Gui Yun loosened his grip, and Zhou Changfeng’s head fell to the ground. A generation’s expert died just like this, leaving everyone deathly silent.

Many people knew of Gui Yun. Their elders had warned them to admit defeat if they encountered him. They didn’t like it, but their elders sternly warned them that anyone who didn’t listen would be expelled. Hence, those that encountered him had no choice but to immediately admit defeat.

However, when those people saw Gui Yun fight, they blessed their luck. Many experts had also thought about testing themselves against Gui Yun if they encountered him. Now, they felt a chill.

Gui Yun wasn’t tall. He was also a bit pudgy. However, this seemingly slow fatty actually possessed such terrifying speed.

“Someone who could make Enpuda break his word and accept him as another final disciple can’t be ordinary. This is normal. Don’t worry, whether it’s Gui Yun or Ku Wuya, they will definitely end up fighting against my boss sooner or later,” said Qin Feng. Enpuda naturally wouldn’t take someone ordinary as his disciple.

“You aren’t worried for your boss?” asked Lu Mingxuan.

“What is there to worry about? Just remember that boss is unrivaled. You’re worried for him because you don’t understand him. Boss is truly low-key. He hides his true power deeply. Hehe, these two fellows will probably be able to force boss to take out his real power. Just wait to watch a good show,” said Qin Feng with a laugh. He had followed Long Chen for many years and truly understood him. Thinking of how he would get to see Long Chen go all-out again, he felt his blood heating up.

Seeing Lu Mingxuan and the others actually worry about him, he particularly wanted to see their shocked expressions. To use Guo Ran’s words: I like to see your expressions the most when you realize just how small the world that you’ve seen is.

Although Qin Feng had absolute confidence in Long Chen, Lu Mingxuan and the others didn’t quite dare to believe it. Whether it was Ku Wuya or Gui Yun, they were both so powerful that they exceeded the limits of humanity. They were monsters.

“I just hope that I don’t encounter someone like that in my next match. Otherwise, my path to the top hundred will be cut off.” Luo Xue bitterly smiled.

Other than Ku Wuya and Gui Yun, there were also that zither woman and the woman who could activate Heavenly Dao energy without forming hand seals. She would have to directly admit defeat upon encountering them. She didn’t even wish to fight a bit with them.

Moreover, there were also others that she didn’t have much confidence against. Since there were no longer any weaklings, every victory would come at a price.

After the two days of fighting, they were given another day of rest before the martial stage was open once more. Only then did Long Chen come out of seclusion.

When he came out, Bai Shishi and the others were shocked by his appearance once. They felt a sharpness from him that made him seem like a sword that had been unsheathed.

“What have you been doing lately? How is your aura changing so much?” asked Bai Shishi. Long Chen’s aura had been changing so much that it felt foreign.

“I’ve been researching a heaven-defying Battle Skill. Just now, I finally managed to figure it out. It can’t be considered mastered yet, so I still have that aura on me for now,” said Long Chen with a smile.

His mood was particularly good now. After repeated tests, he finally managed to figure out a way of integrating the first form of Split the Heavens with the immortal world’s laws. He had tested it inside of him, and although there were some minor flaws, he was definitely capable of using it.

The will of Split the Heavens was also manifested. It was sharp and domineering. He would need some time to retract it.

“Let’s go. Today’s the day to decide who gets into the top 64. Hopefully, the five of us can all get in,” said Bai Shishi.

“If only.”

Luo Xue knew that Bai Shishi was referring to her. That was because as long as Bai Shishi, Long Chen, young master Changchuan, and Bai Xiaole didn’t encounter a few select people, there would be no suspense. Only she had to pray.

“Don’t feel too much pressure. It’s not like you’re the main force of the Luo family either. It’s not on you to carry this burden. You also don’t need to worry about the Luo family’s future. I guarantee with my life that the Luo family’s future will only improve.” Long Chen patted Luo Xue’s shoulder and grinned.

Other than Luo Qingyang, Long Chen felt particularly close to the other members of the Luo family. He didn’t know if it was a bloodline connection or something else, but in any case, if Luo Bing, Luo Ning, or the others had some difficulty, he would use his life to protect them.

Luo Xue smiled and nodded. This simple smile from Long Chen instantly made her feel less pressured.

Lu Mingxuan curled her lips. “Hehe, you’re going too far. Why do you act so intimate with her but not me?”

“Dirty god.”

Long Chen glared at her. There was no saving this woman. It always felt like her words led to some trap.

Long Chen and the others once more came to the martial stage. They received an exceptionally intense cheering from the High Firmament Academy’s disciples.

When Long Chen smiled and waved at them, the cheering grew even more intense. Zhong Ling, Zhong Xiu, Li Cai, and the others in particular shouted until their throats were sore. Long Chen and the others had all entered the top 128. The academy hadn’t gotten such a good record in many years.

Furthermore, everyone could tell that whether it was Long Chen, Bai Shishi, or young master Changchuan, they were still holding back. They could definitely continue going for a higher ranking.

The lots were once more drawn. Long Chen and the others’ tablets flashed.


When Long Chen saw his opponent, he couldn’t help raising his head and laughing.

“Chu Shuang!”

Bai Shishi and the others checked and also smiled. Long Chen’s luck really was good. It seemed that his wish had come true.

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