Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3120 World Blood Slash

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Chapter 3120 World Blood Slash

“Haha, I didn’t encounter any of those monsters! I can get into the top 64!” exclaimed Bai Xiaole excitedly. He was full of confidence since he saw that his opponent wasn’t Gui Yun, Ku Wuya, or one of those monsters.

Bai Shishi, young master Changchuan, and Luo Xue were also lucky enough to not encounter any supreme experts. Other than that, Luo Xue was now relaxed enough to fight without such a heavy sense of burden.

“Be more cautious or the entire boat will flip,” said Long Chen when he saw Bai Shishi looking expressionless.

“You’re the one who should be careful.” Bai Shishi rolled her eyes at him, immediately understanding that he was teasing her.

“Hehe, I’m not the one who needs to be careful. It’s those fellows from the Chu family who should be careful,” said Long Chen.

The martial stage was quickly activated. The Huayun Trading Company wasn’t carrying out all the extra formalities and such that wasted time. They were holding this convention simply and directly.

This stage would decide who got an ample reward, so everyone would be going all-out. Millions of experts had been winnowed down to these few people, and not one remaining competitor was a weakling.

This wasn’t just for the reward. It was for the glory, the glory of themselves and the glory of their sects.

The competition had been made fair thanks to Long Chen, so they naturally had to go all-out.

If it was like past conventions, then the ones in charge would secretly twist things so that certain experts that could have gotten into the top hundred would run into monsters like Ku Wuya and Gui Yun. Like this, they could eliminate the participants and keep the rewards for themselves.

Furthermore, even if outsiders did manage to get to this point, after so much fighting, they would probably be injured or not in peak condition. They couldn’t possibly handle a peak expert.

However, due to the fuss that Long Chen had made, the Huayun Trading Company became the one in charge, and everything happened fairly. Now, everyone would be fighting for the rewards based on their power. This was a precious opportunity.

Luo Xue’s turn came quickly, so Long Chen gave her a thumbs-up as encouragement. She then nodded and appeared on the martial stage.

Her opponent was an exceptionally built man. His skin was dark, and his eyes were electric. As soon as he appeared on the stage, he summoned his manifestation. As a result, divine light flowed and dust filled the air. A manifestation of sand and dust covered his side of the martial stage in a layer of haze.

“It’s an earth element expert.”

Luo Qing’s expression grew serious. All earth element experts had stamina and defensive power, so to defeat an earth element expert within the allotted time was very difficult.

Luo Xue also summoned her manifestation. The Luo family’s Primals didn’t have the same manifestation, but there was one particular commonality. All their manifestations had violet qi within them. That was related to their bloodline. Legend had it that the Luo family’s inheritance could be traced back to ancient times, a so-called violet bloodline from the desolate era.

There was a legend that the desolate era’s Violet Blood race was capable of destroying the heavens with a wave of a hand, of splitting the earth with a single finger. They were one of the first to control the Heavenly Daos and condense magical arts. Their fame was only slightly inferior to the legendary Jiuli race.

However, there was naturally a huge difference between the Luo family’s violet blood and that legendary violet blood. Thus, the Luo family was not recognized as part of the Violet Blood race. They simply had some similarities. The legendary Violet Blood race definitely wouldn’t be so weak.

Even so, the Luo family’s violet blood was still very powerful. The violet qi merged into heaven and earth, allowing them to replenish themselves with the power of the Heavenly Daos. They were capable of fighting longer with this. Furthermore, the Luo family’s cultivation techniques were specially developed to merge the power of their bloodline and Heavenly Dao energy. It was a kind of cultivation style in between immortal and god cultivation.

As Luo Xue was surrounded by violet qi, her Blood Qi soared. Her half of the martial stage was inundated with violet Blood Qi.

One half of the martial stage was filled with dust and sand, and the other half was filled with violet qi. Only the central barrier separated them. At this moment, spatial rumbling shook the stage. It was a shocking sight.

“My mother is also part of the Luo family. Theoretically, my mother’s bloodline is even stronger than my father’s. So why don’t I have any violet qi in my bloodline?” Long Chen sank into thought. His mother was an expert from the immortal world, and he should have inherited her bloodline. But there wasn’t the slightest violet qi in his body. Even if his Spirit Blood was taken, unless he died, such a powerful bloodline should have the ability to be reborn.

Long Chen rubbed his jade pendant. The Dragon roars at the Heavens, Looking down arrogantly on the mortal world of dust. Live peacefully and happily, Never to be parted.

He thought of the voices he had heard back then. His mother wanted him to live a peaceful life. She didn’t want him to be drawn into the dangerous cultivation world.

His mother detested this world full of killing and just wanted an ordinary life. Regretfully, life was just like that merciless hand that had taken everything from him. Even having escaped the immortal world, she was unable to escape fate. Their family of three was left in chaos.


An explosion drew Long Chen out of his thoughts and back to reality. Luo Xue and the earth element expert had started fighting. At this moment, violet qi and heavy earth raged.

A giant beast came out of the earth. It had four thick limbs and a long tail, and there was a tortoise shell on it. It looked to be a cross between an alligator and a tortoise.

It opened its mouth, and a ray of dark gold divine light shot out.

Inside that light, they could clearly see Luo Xue’s opponent. He was borrowing that beast’s power to launch himself at Luo Xue. A giant hammer then thundered toward her.

Luo Xue’s left hand was in a seal, while she slashed the sword in her right hand repeatedly. She unleashed eighty-one slashes, leaving a line of violet qi. Layering on top of each other, they formed a giant net.

The violet qi was smashed apart by the hammer, but the hammer’s speed was sharply reduced.

When the hammer fell, violet qi burst out of Luo Xue. Her sword then struck the hammer and shattered.

Although her violet qi had reduced the hammer’s power, that hammer was a Treasure item, while her sword was only a top grade Spirit item. As the difference was too great and she couldn’t protect her sword, she was sent flying, coughing up blood.

In that instant, her aura plummeted and her face turned as white as paper. Even the flame of her life weakened.

Long Chen, Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and the others’ expressions changed. Just at this moment, a cry came from Luo Xue.

“Violet Qi from the East, World Blood Slash!”

Luo Xue’s pale face was heavy. She formed hand seals, and the blood that she had just spat out transformed into a sharp sword. At this moment, even her manifestation vanished. All the violet qi was sucked into that blood sword, and it slashed toward her opponent like a violet streak of lightning.

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