Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3121 Giving a Treasure Pill

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Chapter 3121 Giving a Treasure Pill

Violet qi shook the heavens like thunder. The blood sword unleashed waves of brilliant sword-light and a divine rumbling as it slashed toward the earth element expert.


Violet qi exploded amongst the dust, striking the hammer. After that, the earth element expert’s arms exploded, and he smashed into the barrier.

Just at this moment, a violet blood sword rested on his neck. Luo Xue was so pale that her face had lost any rosiness. Even standing was difficult for her, but there was a determination in her eyes that shook people’s hearts.

“You’ve lost.”

The earth element expert’s expression was extremely unsightly. It was the difference of just a single move. It wasn’t that he was weaker, but that he wasn’t as ruthless as her.

Luo Xue had accepted an injury from his attack after weakening it through her violet Sword Qi and sacrificing her sword, all to condense her essence blood into a killing blow.

As for himself, after using that thunderous attack, he hadn’t had the power to receive her counterattack. He looked at Luo Xue. She had clearly used up everything. Just standing there was taking everything she had.

If he attacked her now, he would definitely be able to kill her. But he shook his head and sighed.

“Fine, a defeat is a defeat. Thank you for not killing me.”

This person could count as not bad. He directly admitted defeat. Although the reward was important, people still had to have a sense of shame.

They were then sent out of the martial stage. Luo Xue returned with an excited expression, but she staggered, unable to even stand. Luo Bing needed to support her.

All of them were excited, but Long Chen was speechless. The Luo family’s disciples truly viewed the family’s glory too importantly. Even their own lives were unimportant in comparison.

He had already told Luo Xue not to risk her life, but she had still done so. Although she had won, the price was truly immense. It might even affect her future cultivation. In Long Chen’s view, this was extremely not worth it, but Luo Xue felt like she had profited.

Luo Bing took out a medicinal pill for her, but Long Chen grabbed it, leaving them stunned. He sighed. “Why did you have to go all-out like this? Is the reward really worth it? Your essence blood is now severely deficient, and even your Spirit Root is affected. An ordinary medicinal pill contains some pill toxins that are usually negligible, but if you consume one now, the pill toxin will affect your Spirit Root and your future cultivation.”

Long Chen tossed Luo Bing’s high grade pill aside like it was trash. He then took out a case and opened it. After that, a dense medicinal fragrance assaulted their noses.

There was a pill the size of a longan fruit inside. Runes flowed on top of it like they were swimming. Upon seeing it, everyone’s heart pounded.

“Top grade spirit pill?”

Even Lu Mingxuan cried out in shock. “This top grade spirit pill’s medicinal energy has been perfectly sealed inside. The Dao runes on top of it even seem to possess their own spirituality. This is truly rare.”

“You have some experience, but a top grade spirit pill’s dao runes are not so spiritual,” said Long Chen.

“Heavens, don’t tell me that this is a legendary treasure pill?!” Lu Mingxuan covered her mouth, looking at him in disbelief.

Long Chen didn’t reply. He only took out the pill and gave it to Luo Xue. “Eat it. Your foundation won’t be harmed. However, it will take at least three days to fully recover, and you cannot fight anyone during this time, so there’s no way for you to participate in the next round. I can only do this much.”

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen… this is too much. I can’t accept.” Luo Xue looked at this incomparably precious treasure pill. She didn’t have that much of a relationship with Long Chen. They had only met due to the family’s orders.

She had never seen a treasure pill in her life. Actually, she hadn’t even seen a top grade spirit pill. But she knew that a treasure pill was something that countless people would never get a glimpse at in their entire lifetime. Accepting such a thing would be too much of a favor.

“Don’t be so wishy-washy. Just treat it as me becoming your big brother. A big brother won’t just watch as his little sister is injured. So many people are watching, so don’t make them laugh,” said Long Chen, glancing at Luo Ning.

Luo Ning understood and directly received the pill and sent it into Luo Xue’s mouth without giving her a chance to decline. In her weak state, she couldn’t even refuse.

After she consumed it, they were shocked to see blood return to her white face. Even her Blood Qi and exhausted soul instantly recovered.

No wonder treasure pills were so precious. This effect was something that they couldn’t believe. Luo Xue had been like a lamp about to be extinguished, but this one pill made her recover to at least fifty percent in just a moment.

“I… I…” Luo Xue wanted to express her thanks, but she didn’t even know what to say. When she opened her mouth, her voice was choked with sobs.

“Don’t be so emotional. This thing might be a treasure to others, but it’s nothing to me. You’ve recovered to fifty percent and your injury has stabilized. But that’s just an outer appearance. You need to focus on recuperating during this time and lock down the medicinal energy,” said Long Chen.

Luo Xue gratefully nodded her head and sat to the side to rest. In any case, being able to get into the top hundred already satisfied her.

After getting into the top hundred, other than the top three, the rewards were the same. Hence, there was no longer any need to go all-out.

“Big brother Long Chen, if a treasure pill is nothing to you, how about you give one to me too? You are my dear big brother. No, my dear grandpa! Just give me one please?” Lu Mingxuan pulled on Long Chen’s hand.

“Go over there.”

Suddenly having this dirty woman hold his hand gave him goosebumps. He immediately snatched his hand out of her hold.

That speechless expression of his made everyone laugh. So Long Chen also had something that he feared.

The competition continued. After eight rounds, Long Chen’s tablet lit up.

“Brother San, be careful,” said Mu Qingyun. Long Chen would fight against Chu Shuang. However, he didn’t seem to care about his opponent at all, as if the latter was just a rabbit he was about to kill. Mu Qingyun was worried that he was being careless.

“You should have that Chu fellow be careful.” Qin Feng couldn’t help laughing. Just how could she worry about his boss?

Long Chen was sent onto the martial stage, drawing out thunderous cheering from the crowd. They were finally witnessing him fight again.

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