Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3122 Heavenly Flame, Azure Rainbow Flame

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Chapter 3122 Heavenly Flame, Azure Rainbow Flame

“I really don’t understand, when did this fellow get so popular?”

Seeing countless experts cheering for Long Chen, Lu Mingxuan was a bit curious. There were even many men cheering for Long Chen.

“You don’t understand boss’s charisma. In the mortal world, our boss was the most brilliant existence in the world. Regretfully, boss started to conceal his light when he came to the immortal world, so you don’t know just how outstanding he is. Boss has an irresistible charisma that makes people willing to follow him into battle and die a hundred deaths without regret,” said Qin Feng as he looked at Long Chen’s back.

“You’re bragging. I don’t believe you,” said Lu Mingxuan.

“I also didn’t believe it at the start.” Qin Feng shrugged.

After saying that, Qin Feng didn’t continue, so Lu Mingxuan couldn’t help asking, “What happened afterwards?”

“Afterwards, everyone in that world believed it. Under boss’s lead, we fought in the battle that destroyed the entire world. In that battle… mountains of corpses piled up and rivers of blood flowed. The entire world collapsed. Many people died…” At this point, Qin Feng thought of the Dragonblood warriors that had died in that battle. Upon thinking of how they had fallen one by one, pain flashed through his eyes. “Perhaps it is because of that battle that boss reserved his light and covered up his charisma. But when he encounters a strong opponent, he’ll have to show his unrivaled air again. Just wait.”

Mu Qingyun and the others had also heard Long Chen mention the battle that had destroyed their world. But neither Long Chen nor Qin Feng seemed willing to discuss it further. They were fiercely curious.

“Long Chen, I’ve let you be arrogant for a long time. It’s finally time to take your life. Do you have any final words?”

Chu Shuang’s appearance was nothing special, but his voice was extremely resounding. He formed hand seals, and divine light appeared behind him. Within that divine light was a cluster of flames.

The cluster of flames started at the size of a palm, but as he spoke, they rapidly grew. By the end, they were a sea of flames that twisted his side of the stage.

The barrier covering the martial stage shuddered. Countless runes then lit up and covered the barrier.

“Heavens, what kind of flame is that? It’s forcing the martial stage to strengthen its defenses!”

The battle hadn’t even started, but the martial stage was already strengthening its barrier. That showed that the power of this flame was threatening its formation.

“Look! The martial stage is starting to melt!” A startled cry rang out. As those flames raged, the bricks of the stage began to melt, leaving people dumbfounded.

Half the martial stage became a pool of lava as the flames melted the bricks. The intense heat that came through the barrier left people shaking. They were all worried that the barrier would burst and the heat would strike them directly, turning them into cooked pigs.

Within the sea of flames and lava, a rainbow streak appeared.

“That’s rank 197 of the Heavenly Flame Rankings, the Azure Rainbow Flame!” shouted an experienced expert.

“As expected, those three fellows are up to something.” Bai Shishi looked into the distance. Chu Gan, Chu Ren, and Chu Zhen were all covering their bodies with black blankets. That appearance was a bit strange. They were most likely forming hand seals under the blankets.

“They really do have a combination technique to cheat through the formation. Chu Gan was almost killed by Long Chen last time, but they activated it at the last second. It seems that their true target is Long Chen,” said Luo Qing.

Before this, she had felt some doubt. After all, none of them had seen the Chu family’s experts do anything. However, she had still listened to him. The main reason was because the family had told her to form a good relationship with Long Chen. After all, they owed him a huge favor, so as long as it didn’t betray her principles, she didn’t mind conceding.

Just because he had said so, Luo Qing had given up on fighting, losing her chance to advance. Although she hadn’t said anything, she didn’t like it.

However, seeing this, she was now sure that he was correct.

“Long Chen, have you been scared stupid? You can’t even speak? What happened to your heroism during the Dao discussion convention?” sneered Chu Shuang.

All the spectators had been focused on Chu Shuang when they saw him summon a Heavenly Flame. Now they once more turned toward Long Chen.

They now saw that Long Chen’s expression was a bit odd. It seemed almost happy? Amiable? As if he was seeing a treasure.

In truth, the instant Long Chen saw Chu Shuang summon the Azure Rainbow Flame, he almost laughed. Was the Chu family intentionally sending him a gift? Fortunately, his willpower was strong enough, or he would have cried out in joy.

He had always been thinking of how to obtain more Heavenly Flames to strengthen Huo Long, but Heavenly Flames were too precious and difficult to obtain.

Although the High Firmament Academy had Heavenly Flames, they were treasures of the Pill Institute. When he asked the Seven Star Elder, he was informed that they were so precious that the institute head viewed them more importantly than his own wives.

Unless someone had made huge contributions to the academy or the Pill Institute, there was no way to obtain them. The institute head would rather have you carve out a piece of his flesh than part with a Heavenly Flame.

But now, Chu Shuang had taken out the incomparably precious rank 197 Heavenly Flame in front of him. Long Chen no longer felt right cursing him, so he didn’t respond to Chu Shuang’s provocations. After all, this was someone sending him a gift.

“Fine, fine. I’m rarely so kind. Leave behind the Azure Rainbow Flame and I won’t make things hard on you. You can kill yourself.”

After pondering for a moment, Long Chen sighed and waved his hand a bit unwillingly.

Lu Mingxuan almost reeled. After hesitating for so long, just as she thought he was coming up with some marvelous verse, he actually said such a thing.

Even the spectators looked at each other oddly. Just what was Long Chen doing? Was he afraid? His words were odd, no? That wasn’t in accordance with his wild and domineering manner, was it?

Just at this moment, the barrier separating them vanished. Chu Shuang raised his head and laughed. “With death at hand, you’re still in the mood to joke? Foolish fellow, I’ll show you my true power.”

Chu Shuang’s hand seals changed, and the lava transformed into flame drakes that attacked Long Chen.

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