Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3123 Nine Dragon Space Sealing Formation

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Chapter 3123 Nine Dragon Space Sealing Formation

Just as the sea of lava rumbled, Chu Shuang vanished. He appeared far in the distance.

“It seems that you’re afraid? If you’re this afraid of dying, you shouldn’t have even come,” said Long Chen, ignoring the sea of lava and instead gazing contemptuously at Chu Shuang’s caution.

In truth, Chu Shuang was correct to do this. Long Chen’s ephemeral movement technique was truly frightening. Once Long Chen approached him, it would be dangerous.

However, he didn’t expect that Long Chen would simply stand there, quietly looking at his display. Chu Shuang felt a burning sensation on his face.

“Idiot, if you’re not afraid of dying, why don’t you just go die?!” roared Chu Shuang.

“I want to, but the heavens refuse to accept me, and hell rejects me. I can’t do anything about it,” said Long Chen, shrugging helplessly.

Even at such a time, Long Chen was so confident. The sea of lava had already surrounded him, and he had lost the initiative. But seeing Long Chen looking down on him, Chu Shuang was enraged. However, he was also delighted. He had prepared many backups precisely because he was worried about Long Chen escaping his control. Unexpectedly, Long Chen was cooperating with him.

The sea of lava quickly spread, leaving only a small space around Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you’re very arrogant. But you’ll pay a huge price for that arrogance today. You have confidence in yourself, but have you heard that those who drown are people who know how to swim? As for those with tough mouths, they are all beaten to death for them.”

Chu Shuang had easily summoned a sea of lava that spanned the entire martial stage. His confidence soared. Standing on the sea of lava, he sneered at Long Chen.

“There’s no need to say any meaningless words to stall for time. Am I not cooperating with you perfectly for your arrangement? Don’t fart out of your throat. Unleash any technique you want. I’ll let you unleash your ultimate attacks, and I won’t even interrupt you. As for why, it’s because boss San is just that arrogant. Use any move you wish. That big fellow and the fatty both showed their power. I was planning on being more low-key, but I gave those two too much face. Boss San doesn’t dislike arrogant people, but I do dislike people who are more arrogant than me. Today, no matter what move you use, I won’t stop you. I will show them that in front of the boss, they can’t act like a badass.” Long Chen clasped his hands behind his back.

An uproar exploded amongst the spectators. Was the big fellow and fatty that he was referring to Ku Wuya and Gui Yun? Was he challenging the two of them?

Ku Wuya had already used his physical body to block the attack of a Treasure item, shocking everyone. He had also challenged Long Chen.

As for Gui Yun, he hadn’t challenged him, but from his gaze, it seemed that it was because he didn’t even care about Long Chen. Now Long Chen was borrowing Chu Shuang to slap them in the face.

Upon looking from the sea of lava and surging drakes, to the completely indifferently arrogant Long Chen, cheers erupted from the spectator stands.

Long Chen was actually challenging two terrifying experts. As spectators, they all looked forward to seeing a marvelous battle. Even people who didn’t like him cheered just to instigate Ku Wuya and Gui Yun’s anger. In any case, they weren’t the ones risking their lives.

Thunderous cheering erupted. Whether it was sincere or fake, in any case, the cheering shook the stage. Long Chen had ignited their passions so easily.

“Idiot, who do you think you are? You won’t have that chance. You will die here.” Chu Shuang was so angry that his nose was bent askew. Long Chen was actually treating him as a tool to grow his own fame, treating this battle as a performance for challenging Ku Wuya and Gui Yun. That was an absolute insult to him.

In his fury, Chu Shuang began to form hand seals. The lava instantly grew active.

“One moment!” Long Chen suddenly raised his hand.

“What? Do you have some final words?” sneered Chu Shuang. However, his hand seals continued, albeit a bit slower.

Long Chen curled his lips and disdainfully said, “Is there something wrong with your head? The flame runes still aren’t fully saturated. If you attack now, it will affect how your power multiplies in a bit. You must fully saturate your flame runes before the first attack in order to establish the foundation when you add in your Heavenly Dao energy. Don’t worry, I’ll just stand here and give you plenty of time. I’m not in a rush, so why are you? If I didn’t want you to unleash your full power, I’d have slapped you to death right at the start. Then wouldn’t I be laughed at by those two fellows? Who do you think boss San is?” scolded Long Chen.

“You…!” Chu Shuang was enraged but also shocked that Long Chen had seen through his ploy. His flame runes were hidden under the lava so that no one could see them. He did this to allow those flame runes to bait Heavenly Dao energy like fish bait. It was to draw out Heavenly Dao energy for a terrifying attack.

Just as Long Chen said, those flame runes hadn’t reached their full potential yet. They were about eighty percent.

The reason he wanted to attack now was partially due to Long Chen’s instigation, but also because he felt that this would be enough to kill Long Chen.

However, Long Chen had seen through it, shocking him. All his ploys were seen through, so he felt an indescribable unease and fear.

“Don’t worry, to tell the truth, against the Chu family, there’s no need for me to use any sinister plots. You can freely unleash all your power. I’ll show those two toads at the bottom of a well that the world is far greater than they know. Boss San’s power isn’t something ants like you can imagine,” said Long Chen.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, you really are arrogant. Since you’re so confident, I won’t stand on courtesy. Don’t kneel and beg for mercy in a bit!” Chu Shuang laughed furiously.

Chu Shuang’s hand seals changed. At this moment, the raging sea of lava settled and the flames in the sky vanished. The sea of lava covering the martial stage was as quiet as the surface of a lake. But hidden behind that calmness was a terrifying energy.

Chu Shuang’s body began to quiver. Veins throbbed on his forehead. Right now, strange runes flickered within his eyes.


Suddenly, the sea of lava exploded. Giant flame drakes flew out of the sea, roaring.

“So you’ve taken out your Heavenly Flame seeds.” Seeing those nine flame dragons, Long Chen couldn’t suppress his excitement. Within his body, Huo Long was roaring with excitement.

“Nine Dragon Space Sealing Formation!”

Chu Shuang roared, and his hand seals once more changed. The nine dragons flew at Long Chen from nine different directions.

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