Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3124 Your Dad Caught in a Jar

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Chapter 3124 Your Dad Caught in a Jar

Nine giant flame dragons roared and charged at Long Chen. Their power caused the martial stage to shudder. Even the people outside the barrier felt suffocating pressure.

“This power…”

People were shocked. What kind of magical art possessed such immense pressure? Who could endure such a thing?

“Alright, let’s do it. But don’t be hasty. If he sees through it, you won’t get to eat your fill.”

Huo Long was already filled with a sense of urgency, while Long Chen pretended to form hand seals with one hand. In reality, he had no idea what these seals were.

Countless runes appeared around Long Chen. Those were dragon-shaped runes that formed a defensive barrier around him. Following that, the barrier instantly spread and crashed into the nine dragons.


Countless flame runes erupted, and lava raged like a tsunami, crashing against the stage’s barrier. Startled cries rang out from the spectators. If the barrier was broken, they would be doomed. Fortunately, the barrier only quivered a few times before settling.

Looking within, they saw the nine dragons biting the giant sphere of flame runes. The sphere shuddered but its runes circulated, blocking the charge of the flame dragons.

“You only have this little bit of power? You really disappoint me.” Long Chen shook his head at Chu Shuang.

Chu Shuang sneered, “Idiot, do you realize that you’re definitely dead today? Do you know what these nine dragons are?”

“I really don’t.” Seeing that Chu Shuang was stalling for time, Long Chen intentionally acted curious.

“These nine flame dragons are my Heavenly Flame seeds! Through three generations of my Chu family’s experts nourishing them, they finally awakened their spirituality in my generation! They are my core flame, my life flame. Do you know what that is?”

Long Chen almost got angry. This fellow’s way of stalling for time was terrible. He cursed, “Fuck, do you really think I’m an idiot? You think I don’t know what a life flame is? Shut your mouth. I’ll say it for you. You wish to say that a life flame can be considered a split body for you due to it having your spiritual seal. Then using this sea of lava as a vector, you will summon the power of the flames of the ten thousand Daos. After that, the nine flame dragons will absorb that energy and unleash endless power. Under your control, the nine flame dragons will use their killing blows, and I will be your dad caught in a jar, is that right?”

Just as everyone was seriously listening to Long Chen’s explanation, the last thing that he said, subverting the common expression of a tortoise caught in a jar, came so suddenly that people couldn’t help laughing. The tense atmosphere instantly came undone.

“Brother San is always like this.” Mu Qingyun covered her mouth as she laughed. Luo Bing, Luo Ning, and the others were the same. For Long Chen to act like this, they knew that everything was under his control. There was no need to worry.

Just at this moment, countless translucent runes appeared, flying into the barrier from every direction and merging into the sea of lava.

Those translucent runes contained powerful flame auras. Once they merged into the sea of lava, they vanished. As for the sea of lava, it began to boil, its flame energy growing even denser.

“Boss San’s words were correct.”

“It’s all going as he said.”

“As expected of the champion of the Dao discussion convention. His eyes have long since seen through everything.”

“Is there anyone still doubting boss San’s skills? Do their faces not hurt?”

Countless disciples sighed in amazement when they saw things going just as Long Chen said. The reason why they liked to watch Long Chen fight was precisely because they wanted to see his fighting corroborate what he had said during the Dao discussion.

After all, principles and reality were not always in accordance. Only when they were in accordance could people truly comprehend them. Regretfully, before Long Chen, no one who participated in the Dao discussion convention also participated in the Martial Dao discussion, either because their Dao principles were nothing more than words on paper, or they were simply too old.

“So what if you know? Didn’t you still fall into my trap?” said Chu Shuang while feeling shocked that he had been seen through.

“Fallen into your trap? Do you think that this counts as a trap? This is nothing more than a game that a three-year-old would play. Use any technique or scheme you want. Don’t tell me that these little fish are your trump card? If that’s the case, you’ve really disappointed me. Ignoring everything else, if I just maintain this defensive barrier, you won’t even be able to break it. This is the Chu family’s four heroes? Are you trying to be a joke?” said Long Chen disdainfully.

Naturally, this barrier was created by Huo Long. As the nine dragons tore at it, Huo Long absorbed their power.

In order to not be exposed, Long Chen told Huo Long only to absorb the power that they unleashed and not their core energy. If only the energy that they emitted was absorbed, Chu Shuang would only feel that it was a trick of the defensive barrier.

Huo Long was now absorbing the power of the Azure Rainbow Flame. Although it wasn’t as much as if Huo Long absorbed the flame dragons’ core energy, things were progressing well. After all, although Huo Long was powerful, the strongest flame within it was only the Scarlet Spirit Flame, ranked 573 on the Heavenly Flame Rankings.

Chu Shuang’s Azure Rainbow Flame was almost four hundred ranks above it. The difference was immense. But even though Chu Shuang’s flame control ability was quite marvelous, these nine Heavenly Flame seeds couldn’t control themselves as perfectly as Huo Long. Despite having awakened their spirituality, they were still in a hazy state and didn’t know how to control their power. They could only attack using the most primitive styles.

Huo Long would find it very difficult to directly devour them considering the power disparity. Even then, it would need to handle them fighting back as it devoured them. It would need to fall into slumber to digest their power.

To lose such a powerful trump card at this critical time would be terrible for Long Chen. So what Long Chen wanted was to devour the Azure Rainbow Flame’s power and immediately be able to control it.

“Let me see how long your mouth can stay so tough. You have no idea what my true trump card is… What are you doing?!” raged Chu Shuang suddenly.

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