Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3125 Silently Profiting

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Chapter 3125 Silently Profiting

Long Chen had taken out a recliner and was holding a ceramic wine cup. He then lazily leaned back against his recliner, seemingly enjoying the afternoon sun.

That appearance of his infuriated Chu Shuang. He was actually treated as nothing more than empty air. Even in this battle, Long Chen was in the mood to drink wine. This was the greatest insult to him, even worse than someone shouting curses.

As for the spectators, they were dumbfounded. What level of disdain and apathy was this?

Luo Bing and the others were also shocked. On the other hand, Chu Shuang was going crazy with rage.

“As the mortal enemy of the Chu family, for the first time, I’m feeling a trace of sympathy for the Chu family’s people. This doesn’t count as betraying the family, right?” Luo Ning covered her mouth and laughed. Chu Shuang was quivering with rage. His face was so twisted that it wasn’t even possible to see his original appearance.

“It shouldn’t count. I’m also feeling a bit of sympathy,” laughed Luo Xue.

“Long Chen, you go too far!”

Chu Shuang raised his head and roared. Feeling like he was going to explode, he wanted to charge straight through the barrier and bite Long Chen to death.

Unfortunately, he didn’t dare to approach Long Chen. Based on the information that he had, he knew that approaching Long Chen signified death, so he could only hide in the distance.

“What are you shouting for? Your Chu family is most skilled in using sinister traps, right? Just keep going. I’ll only put up this one barrier. If you can break it, you will be qualified to fight directly against me. Otherwise, don’t even bother.” Long Chen leaned back, staring at the amber wine in his cup. He couldn’t even be bothered to look at his opponent.


Chu Shuang exploded with rage, but just as he was about to change hand seals, Chu Ren’s voice rang out from the depths of his soul.

“Don’t rush. Let him be arrogant for now. Continue wearing down the power of his barrier and accumulate your own power. Once you’ve raised your attack power enough, launch the killing blow. Blow him up along with his barrier.”

The Chu family’s four heroes had come prepared. They actually weren’t given special treatment from Silver Moon City, so the reason why they could chat and support each other even through the formation was because they had four faith divine beads.

Through the faith divine beads, they were capable of transmitting their energy and information. However, their goal was to kill Long Chen, Bai Shishi, as well as the Luo family’s heavenly geniuses.

Unfortunately, Chu Gan had been too arrogant in his fight against Long Chen, saying that he wouldn’t use their combination techniques unless he was going to be defeated. As a result, by the time he wanted to use it, it was already too late.

Fortunately, they managed to save his life at the last moment. However, their trick was seen through by Long Chen, and they hadn’t managed to use it again.

Today, they immediately joined forces against Long Chen. All four of them had linked up their energy through the faith divine beads. However, they had yet to use that power yet. They didn’t know if this combination art had been seen through yet, but they hoped to keep it secret so that they could use the same method to kill Bai Shishi later.

Chu Shuang slowly calmed himself down. Thinking about it, Chu Ren was correct. Why bother quibbling with a dead person?

So, he slowly formed hand seals, causing countless runes to gather from outside the barrier into the sea of lava. The nine dragons continued to bite at Long Chen’s runic barrier. Runic chains appeared and bound the runic sphere, making sure that Long Chen was tightly bound.

However, Long Chen completely ignored Chu Shuang’s actions. He seemed to be contently savoring his wine. Despite how powerful the nine flame dragons grew, they were nothing more than large oafs. Huo Long was easily capable of duping them.

As time passed, Huo Long absorbed more and more of their energy, strengthening itself.

The most laughable thing was that if Huo Long wanted to digest the Azure Rainbow Flame’s core energy, it would require quite a bit of effort. But Chu Shuang was saving the Azure Rainbow Flame’s core energy, and so he was using Heavenly Dao flames to support his flame dragons.

As a result, those Heavenly Dao flames became the perfect nutrients that helped Huo Long absorb the Azure Rainbow Flame. Clearly, Chu Shuang was worried that Huo Long wouldn’t be able to absorb his flame and was helping out. It was to the extent that Long Chen didn’t even feel good about provoking him further.

Luo Bing and the others did start to feel some worry upon seeing endless flame runes gathering into Chu Shuang’s lava, but seeing how confident Long Chen was, they pushed their worry aside.

After the top 128 were decided, the time limit was essentially removed. It was mostly there to prevent someone from stalling and interfering with the convention’s rhythm. However, the top 128 were true experts. Everyone wished for their battles to drag on so that they would get to see more.

Unfortunately, the majority of these experts preferred to beat their opponents in the shortest time, so victory or defeat was often decided in just a few moves. It was rare for a battle to take more than an incense stick’s worth of time.

Since there was no time limit, Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to stop things. Huo Long continued to absorb the flames.

However, seeing Long Chen not summon a manifestation or even enter a battle state, quite a few people were sweating for him. Once his barrier was broken, the terrifying attack would crush him before he could summon a second defense.

Time passed quickly. An incense stick’s worth of time passed, but his barrier was still holding solidly. There wasn’t the slightest sign of it breaking.

However, suddenly, the sea of lava surged. The nine flame dragons blazed with divine light.


The silent Chu Shuang suddenly roared, and an immense power erupted out of the nine flame dragons’ mouths.


The aura of the nine dragons instantly grew by several times, and Long Chen’s barrier began to rumble. Chu Shuang’s sudden attack caused everyone to jump.

As the nine dragons pressed down on it, Long Chen’s barrier quivered intensely. The slumbering Long Chen was woken.

“Long Chen, you’ll pay the price for your arrogance! Die in your terror and regret!”

Chu Shuang sneered as he could sense Long Chen’s barrier weakening. The nine dragons were crushing it.

“Oh, you must have another big move,” said Long Chen.

“Of course! Just watch!”

Chu Shuang raised his head and laughed. After rapidly forming hand seals, a divine statue appeared behind him. A flame rune then lit up on his forehead.

At the same time, an identical rune lit up on all nine flame dragons’ heads. The martial stage sank.

Long Chen’s defense instantly became covered in cracks, causing Bai Shishi and the others’ expressions to change.

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