Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3126 Easily Killed

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Chapter 3126 Easily Killed

“Hahaha, Long Chen, you’re too naive. My Heavenly Flame seeds require my Heavenly Flame spirit to unleash their true power. Moreover, with Lord Brahma’s divine statue supporting me, the flames of the ten thousand Daos are mine to control. You cannot escape your death any longer.”

As Chu Shuang laughed, the divine statue behind him glowed. All the flame energy within heaven and earth grew active, and even the spectators felt like the surrounding space was about to ignite. Their souls were roasting.

As for the nine flame dragons, as they bit at Long Chen’s defensive barrier, cracks covered the entire barrier as if it might shatter at any moment.

However, within the barrier, Long Chen didn’t show the slightest bit of panic. “This barrier can absorb the outside world’s energy to repair itself. As long as it isn’t instantly broken, it will constantly restore itself. If you don’t believe me, just look…”

Just at that moment, everyone saw some of the cracks fade. It really was restoring itself.

However, this wasn’t it restoring itself. It was just Huo Long acting. Huo Long had condensed the core energy of the Azure Rainbow Flame, and flames that were of the same nature had great difficulty harming each other.

Huo Long was just acting according to Long Chen’s instructions, faking that the barrier was near destruction.

“Unless you destroy my barrier in one blow, it’s meaningless.” Long Chen stood up from his recliner and stretched nonchalantly. He didn’t seem the slightest bit concerned.

The cracks on the barrier were slowly fading. It seemed that it wouldn’t be long before the barrier was fully restored, shocking everyone.

“Hmph, you really are naive. I’ll show you my true killing blow!” Chu Shuang sneered and pressed his hands together, chanting some scripture.

As the chanting rang out, flame runes appeared within heaven and earth. They flooded into the sea of lava.

As a result, the sea of lava grew explosively along with the martial stage. The nine flame dragons also grew with it.

“It’s the Nirvana Scripture!”

Startled cries rang out. The Nirvana Scripture was known as the number one flame element sutra of the nine heavens and ten lands, the strongest of all flame element techniques. It was famous to the extent that only a few people had not heard of it.

With the support of the scripture, all the flame energy within heaven and earth fell under his control.

As a result, Long Chen’s barrier once more became covered in cracks. One of the dragon’s teeth even pierced through it.

“Bastards! They’re cheating!”

Suddenly, a startled cry split the air. Everyone followed where that person was pointing to see that Chu Gan, Chu Zhen, and Chu Ren were also forming hand seals and chanting. A rune had appeared on their foreheads as well.

The blankets covering their movements had been blown apart, revealing their actions. Chu Shuang was using too much power for them to help him without anyone noticing.

“They’re joining forces to kill Boss Long San! Despicable! A flagrant violation of the rules!”

Long Chen’s barrier became riddled with cracks. It was on the verge of destruction.

Just at that moment, a flame spear pierced through the back of Chu Shuang’s head. The rune on his forehead was shattered by the spear.

Chu Gan, Chu Zhen, and Chu Ren’s heads all exploded at the same time. This sudden change made everyone jump in shock.

After that, the barrier around Long Chen vanished. A dragon roar then rang out, and a flame dragon flew out, opening its mouth. Like a whale taking in water, it sucked in the nine flame dragons and the sea of lava, as well as that crumbled rune on Chu Shuang’s forehead.

The martial stage returned to its normal appearance with the loss of the sea of lava. With a thud, Chu Shuang’s headless corpse fell in front of Long Chen’s feet.

Everyone, including Bai Shishi, was stunned. Long Chen had not just killed Chu Shuang, but he had even slain Chu Gan, Chu Ren, and Chu Zhen at the same time. It was sudden and bizarre.

Looking at the corpse at his feet, Long Chen shook his head. “So sorry, I forgot to tell you that my flame control is not inferior to anyone. How does it feel to die to your own Heavenly Flame?”

Originally, Long Chen had been planning on killing Chu Shuang openly. However, when Huo Long gained control over the Azure Rainbow Flame, it also became capable of controlling the sea of lava’s power without Chu Shuang even noticing.

Furthermore, absorbing so much energy caused Huo Long’s intelligence to rise. Although it still hadn’t reached the point of transforming, it had recovered the majority of its spirituality from the Martial Heaven Continent.

Long Chen then had Huo Long try using its energy through the sea of lava in preparation for a killing blow. But due to linking with the other three, Chu Shuang’s sense of danger had grown muddled. He didn’t even realize that Huo Long had gained control over his domain.

Just as the four of them began to chant the scripture together, Huo Long attacked, killing the main body, Chu Shuang. When the main body suddenly died, their combination technique was broken. As a result, the terrifying manifestation brought on by the Nirvana Scripture lost its balance, and the backlash took three of their lives as well.

Everything was within Long Chen’s calculations. No one understood Nirvana Scripture better than he did. The only difference was that he was supposed to be the one to launch the killing blow, but it had been switched to Huo Long. A trivial difference.

As a result of this, no one else knew what technique he had used to kill the four of them. It gave him an extra layer of mystery.

Furthermore, he also saw Ku Wuya and Gui Yun’s expressions change ever so slightly. They hadn’t managed to see through the clues.

“I’ll scare them to death.” Long Chen sneered inside. Would they continue to act badass now?

Just then, Long Chen was sent out of the martial stage. He hadn’t even had to do anything, but the four heavenly geniuses of the Chu family were dead. There was no clapping this time, only a silent fear.

In comparison to Ku Wuya and Gui Yun’s one-blow kills, Long Chen’s no-blow, four-kill result was far more stunning.

“Boss is mighty!”

Qin Feng was the first to congratulate Long Chen. In comparison to the other people’s shock, he didn’t find it odd at all. No matter what happened, when it came to Long Chen, it wasn’t that surprising.

“What did you use to kill them?” Despite knowing that she shouldn’t ask, Lu Mingxuan couldn’t help herself.

“I didn’t do anything. He simply killed himself. My guess is that they had some enmity between them, so he dragged the three of them along with him. Come, let us pray for them. In truth, I don’t feel like they were that bad,” said Long Chen solemnly.

“Screw off. Only a ghost would believe you.” Lu Mingxuan rolled her eyes. Actually, even a ghost wouldn’t believe it.

Long Chen returned to his seat and looked inside the primal chaos space, wanting to see how Huo Long was. However, when he looked inside, his body quivered.

“This is…”

An expression of wild delight appeared on his face. He almost jumped out of joy.

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