Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3127 Heavenly Dao Fruit Reappears

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Chapter 3127 Heavenly Dao Fruit Reappears

“Heavens, Heavenly Dao Fruit!”

Inside the primal chaos space, the Heavenly Dao Tree that had been silent for a long time had borne fruit once more. There were now four fruits on its branches.

The Heavenly Dao Tree was the source of the Dragonblood Legion’s rise. Without it, the current Dragonblood Legion wouldn’t exist. It had completely changed their fates.

Upon entering the immortal world, the Heavenly Dao Tree’s fruit had vanished. It was listless, as if it was dead.

However, today, a new light appeared on its leaves. This change made Long Chen take a second look, only to find that it had borne fruit.

“Long Chen… are you alright? You’re frightening me.” Seeing Long Chen start shaking as soon as he sat down, and adding on his strange expression, Lu Mingxuan couldn’t help asking him if he was alright.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.”

Long Chen waved his hand, indicating for them to continue watching the battles. His mind then sank into the primal chaos space.

“These four Heavenly Dao Fruits should belong to Chu Gan, Chu Zhen, Chu Ren, and Shu Shuang. It seems that killing Primals will result in Heavenly Dao Fruits and will also nourish the Heavenly Dao Tree. I really have profited this time. The Dragonblood warriors can all become Primals. Hehe, the Dragonblood Legion will definitely shake the entire world once more.”

Long Chen’s blood heated up, and he wanted to find all the Dragonblood warriors once more. At that time, who could stop them?

“Hahaha!” Thinking of this, Long Che laughed. This laugh disturbed Bai Shishi and the others who were watching the competition.

“You’ve gone crazy.” Lu Mingxuan stared at Long Chen, almost so disturbed that she took out her weapon.

“You can keep watching. Qin Feng, come with me.” Long Chen left with Qin Feng. In a private room, Long Chen gave him a Heavenly Dao Fruit.

“Boss, this Heavenly Dao Fruit…!”

Qin Feng jumped in shock. The Heavenly Dao Fruits had left a deep impression on him. It was these fruits that had changed his fate. Now that they had reappeared, his heart pounded. Now he knew why Long Chen was so emotional.

This Heavenly Dao Fruit meant that his fate was about to change once more.

“Eat it and see what happens. I’ll guard you.”

Long Chen was even more impatient than Qin Feng. He urgently wished to know if this Heavenly Dao Fruit could do what he was imagining.

Qin Feng nodded and took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. He devoured the fruit in just a few bites. After that, his entire body instantly grew flushed, as if he was being boiled. An incomparably vast energy then swelled within his body.

His clothes blew apart. Countless blood vessels then bulged throughout his body like thin crawling serpents. It was a frightening appearance, but Qin Feng’s expression was good.

With his blood vessels bulging, it was almost possible to see inside the vessels. Runes were flowing through them. His skin then split open, and blood leaked out. The process was very painful. An ordinary person would definitely be screaming.

However, to the Dragonblood warriors who had experienced countless heavenly tribulations that had tempered their meridians, this was nothing.

Qin Feng was quickly covered in blood. It then formed scabs that covered his entire body before starting to fall, revealing new skin.

His blood vessels once more bulged, and his new skin split open and bled. It then scabbed, fell, and was reborn again and again.

It was like a butterfly breaking free of its cocoon. It was repeated rebirths. Long Chen could clearly sense Qin Feng’s Blood Qi strengthening with every rebirth.

After seven sheddings, Qin Feng’s Blood Qi had risen to a level that shocked Long Chen. Long Chen grabbed Qin Feng’s arm and sensed the new power of his physical body and nodded.

“Boss, I’m now an awakened Primal.” Qin Feng clenched his fists excitedly. Feeling the endless power flowing within his body, he wanted to find some experts to fight against.

“It’s too bad. If I had known that killing Primals would condense Heavenly Dao Fruits, I would have killed a few Primals on the way here.” Long Chen sighed. If Qin Feng had consumed a Heavenly Dao Fruit earlier, he wouldn’t have been eliminated from the competition.

“Hehe, it’s fine. I’ll conceal my power and give them a nice surprise at a critical time.” Qin Feng was very satisfied. He didn’t care about the competition as what he pursued was power.

Long Chen nodded. “Take care to cover up your Blood Qi. Occasionally dressing up like a pig to eat the tiger is fun.”

Long Chen then continued checking Qin Feng’s body and couldn’t help frowning. “Curious. The four of them had flame energy in their bodies. You consumed their Heavenly Dao Fruit, but there’s not even the slightest flame energy fluctuation.”

In the mortal world, the Heavenly Dao Fruits could be differentiated by their element, but the four Heavenly Dao Fruits he had just obtained had no such differentiation. There was no way to tell who they had come from.

Qin Feng’s physical body was powerful. On the Martial Heaven Continent, he had walked the path of the body cultivator. Hence, his Blood Qi had now grown to an astonishing level. Even in the Nine Prefecture Convention, only a few Primals could match his current Blood Qi.

Long Chen suddenly had a thought. Were the immortal world’s Heavenly Dao Fruits based on each person’s talent?

If that was the case, then he really had profited. Regretfully, he didn’t have more people to test it on. He could only wait for a chance. After all, Primal Heavenly Dao Fruits were extremely precious, and he didn’t want to waste them.

Qin Feng had just awakened his primal bloodline, and his fluctuations weren’t completely steady. Because of that, Long Chen told him to rest for a few days to grow accustomed to it. It would be best if no one realized the difference in his aura.

Qin Feng went into seclusion, while Long Chen returned to his own room. It took him a long time to settle his emotions.

Primals were those that had made a further breakthrough from their own ancestors’ powerful bloodlines. Only someone who could condense special bloodline runes could be called a Primal.

As for Qin Feng, he was originally nothing more than an ordinary person from the mortal world. But the Heavenly Dao Fruit had allowed him to easily awaken a primal bloodline. This Heavenly Dao Fruit was a heaven-defying treasure.

“Ah, that’s right. I forgot to check on Huo Long.”

Long Chen clapped his forehead and hastily checked.

“Big brother!”

He was delighted to find Huo Long in a sea of flames. Moreover, Huo Long was actually capable of speaking.

“Good! You’re not that far from transforming now! How are you?” asked Long Chen.

“Hehe, I’ve profited this time. That fellow gave me all his power, and it’s also very easy to digest. I should be done with it in one day,” said Huo Long.

“Hehe, good. With you, I’m even more confident in this Martial Dao convention. That golden dragon scale will definitely be mine.” Long Chen clenched his fists, his confidence soaring. Huo Long’s intelligence had recovered. Together, the two of them would be able to cooperate even better.

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