Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3128 Liao Yuhuang

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Chapter 3128 Liao Yuhuang

This battle benefited Long Chen immensely. It was because Huo Long had gained control over the Azure Rainbow Flame.

The Azure Rainbow Flame was wasted in Chu Shuang’s hands. Although that fellow was talented, his flame control could only be called immature. It looked mighty, but its actual killing power could not be brought out.

However, in Huo Long’s hands, it was different. Huo Long was a flame spiritual body, and it could unleash the full potential of the Azure Rainbow Flame.

Other than the Azure Rainbow Flame, there were also the four Heavenly Dao Fruits. With them, Long Chen saw a bright and open path in front of him. He would continue building the Dragonblood Legion into the immortal world’s number one legion.

This time, the Chu family’s people had been sending him a gift, and Long Chen simply couldn’t refuse. In comparison to this gift, even those two Treasure item arm bracers felt somewhat insignificant.

Time passed. It was only after five days that the next round to cut down the sixty-four experts to thirty-two started.

This was because after the top 64 were decided, there was another round for those that had been eliminated previously to fight for a spot in the top hundred. This would decide who would get the rewards, so it took some time.

When everyone returned to the stage, cheering once more exploded when Long Chen arrived. Last time, even when the Chu family’s people had been cheating, he had used some unknown method to kill all four of them. At that time, they were too stunned to cheer. Perhaps they wanted to make up for it now, so today’s cheering was particularly loud.

This time, Long Chen waved his hand and cupped his fists toward those people to express his thanks before walking to his spot.

Previously, the front-runners for the champion position were Ku Wuya and Gui Yun. However, people had to reevaluate this Nine Prefecture Convention.

Other than Ku Wuya and Gui Yun, there was now a dark horse in the form of Long Chen. The power that he had displayed was not inferior to theirs.

Furthermore, there were also several other powerful experts. Amongst them, Long Chen’s side took up four of them.

Up until now, Bai Shishi had only displayed her manifestation. No one could counter her metal energy, and just her manifestation alone was enough to make her opponents admit defeat. Hence, she had yet to reveal her true power.

Young master Changchuan was the same. It was unknown who had spread news of him previously fighting Ku Wuya, but this news shook everyone. Adding on that he came from a life forbidden area, people felt an even higher level of regard for him.

As for Bai Xiaole, he was the greatest marvel. No one had yet to counter his Three Flower Pupils. Anyone who fought with him could only sigh sadly. His spatial energy was impossible to break free from.

However, among the four of them, people were not so optimistic for Bai Xiaole, compared to Long Chen, Bai Shishi, and young master Changchuan, people felt like he was almost cheating.

Bai Xiaole’s Three Flower Pupils truly did feel like his only strong point. But real experts had to be strong in all aspects. Just having one move wasn’t enough to make you an expert.

Furthermore, Bai Xiaole appeared too immature and was not steady enough. He didn’t have that domineeringness of an expert. Although his Three Flower Pupils were strong, against true experts, he might be countered.

Other than them, two other figures drew the most attention. One was the zither woman from the Zither Sect, while the other was the mysterious one who seemed to have merged with the Dao. She was capable of using Heavenly Dao energy without forming hand seals or chanting.

From the start, no one had managed to even approach the zither woman. In the end, they all admitted defeat.

As for the other woman, she was never forced to use a second move against her opponents. Even powerful Primals were defeated, sometimes without even realizing how they had lost.

These two had yet to reveal their true power, making people feel like they were unfathomable. Many experts were guessing just who would ultimately take the champion’s crown.

With so many powerful competitors, everyone grew even more excited to watch the matches. After all, the majority of these people had come to gain experience. By watching such high level battles, they could learn something that matched their own style.

In the past, everyone had essentially known who would win by the time the top hundred was decided. There was no suspense.

However, this time, it was truly a fight between powerful experts. No one dared to say just who would win. Hence, the entire island was covered in an air of suspense. This was definitely the most marvelous Nine Prefecture Convention that people could recall.

“We’ve entered the top 64. Boss, give me your blessing. Let me not encounter those monsters.” Bai Xiaole prayed as he saw the lots being picked.

“How are you going to follow boss like this?” demanded Qin Feng. This fellow was too childish. He had such an amazing divine ability, but he was like a novice.

“Qin Feng, it seems that your aura has changed. Did you make a breakthrough?” asked young master Changchuan.

Hearing this, Bai Shishi and the others checked and found that Qin Feng’s aura did seem a bit different. But they were unable to tell what exactly was different.

“I’ve fought many battles lately, and under boss’s guidance, I’ve gained some new comprehension of the Martial Dao. There was a definite increase in my mental realm. This Nine Prefecture Convention has truly benefited me,” said Qin Feng.

In just a few days, Qin Feng had condensed his own bloodline runes and could control his bloodline power. However, no matter how he concealed himself, the feeling of controlling this absolute power still changed him. His gaze, his confidence, they all changed the air around him. Young master Changchuan and the others had sensed this.

Just then, Long Chen’s tablet lit up. Long Chen looked and didn’t recognize the name, so he felt indifferent.

However, just then, the name of his opponent became dim, which indicated that his opponent had admitted defeat. They couldn’t even be bothered to set foot onto the stage.

Long Chen laughed. It seemed that killing those four fellows from the Chu family had frightened quite a few people. Even in the top 32, people were still admitting defeat directly.

Bai Shishi and young master Changchuan were both calm. Their opponents weren’t Ku Wuya, Gui Yun, or those two women, so there was no suspense.

However, when Bai Xiaole saw the name on his tablet, he almost wept. Everyone quickly looked.

“Liao Yuhuang!”

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