Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3130 Fully Convinced.

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Chapter 3130 Fully Convinced.

These endless sharp swords rained down on Liao Yuhuang. Moreover, every sword possessed a different element. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, light, darkness…every kind of energy rained down.

“How can one person control so many kinds of energy?!”

Everyone was shocked to see these endless swords. This simply wasn’t possible. Furthermore, every sword possessed a powerful aura. They were no illusions.

“Bai Xiaole is this powerful? His pupil arts can control this many kinds of energy?” Luo Bing and the others were also shocked. Even after knowing him for so long, they hadn’t realized that he possessed such power.

“In theory, it’s possible. Pupil arts stemmed from the desolate era’s Heavenly Eye race, one of the most mysterious primitive races. It’s said that the Heavenly Eye race isn’t even human. They’re a natural divine race. Their eyes are miniature versions of the Heavenly Daos, and they are capable of using all forms of power within the Heavenly Daos. Legend has it that one branch of the Heavenly Eye race ended up marrying the human race, resulting in the human race inheriting those pupil arts. The Heavenly Eye race was enraged when they learned of this and directly wiped out that branch. It is said that they even pursued the descendants of that bloodline, but for some reason, the Heavenly Eye race suddenly vanished. Records about them exist only in legend, and any documents related to them are extremely muddled. There’s no way to tell what’s true or false. Pupil arts were originally called Heavenly Eyes in the desolate era. The translations of the human race’s records say that they are the eyes of the Heavenly Daos. When cultivated to the pinnacle, they can manifest the Heavenly Daos and rewrite the workings of the universe. They can control the cycle of life and death. The Heavenly Eye race is too mysterious, and it can’t even be confirmed that they ever existed. But there is one thing that can be said: their pupil arts are capable of controlling every kind of natural energy. For a normal person, using even just clashing powers like water and fire could instantly cause them to lose their life, but Xiaole possesses the power to use every element. Even I envy him,” said Long Chen.

“Xiaole possesses this kind of unrivaled energy? Doesn’t that mean that he can beat Liao Yuhuang?” asked Mu Qingyun, feeling even more excited for Bai Xiaole.

“Foolish girl, how many times have I told you that there is no such thing as an unrivaled power? Within the endless Dao, there are always counters. No matter how great Xiaole’s talent is, it’s useless. His opponent is not such a weak figure. Furthermore, this fellow has no brain.” Long Chen shook his head.

Everyone was startled, not understanding why Long Chen would suddenly evaluate him as having no brain.

Just as the countless swords pierced toward Liao Yuhuang, Liao Yuhuang shook her head and sighed slightly. She suddenly rested her zither on her knees and played it like a pipa.

Five notes rang out. After that, those swords rotted and crumbled into nothingness.

For a moment, everyone could only stare in dumbfounded silence. Just what had happened? How could such a terrifying attack just dissipate like smoke in the wind?

Those five notes rang out clearly, and the spatial twisting vanished. The hidden Bai Xiaole also appeared, staring in shock at her.

Liao Yuhuang said, “You have such an enviable divine ability, but you don’t know how to use it. You can only unleash the most shallow power of the Three Flower Pupils. Spatial displacement is only the entry to the Three Flower Pupils, but even this technique isn’t being used properly by you. Although space looks to be in chaos, time is not, giving it the appearance but not the killing power. Furthermore, when you used so many kinds of energy to attack me, it looked frightening on the surface, but all those energies were clashing with each other. Even an ordinary Primal would only be scared when attacked. Power isn’t something where the more there is, the better. To increase the quantity by reducing the purity is a great taboo of cultivation. You should choose the kind of energy that you like and specialize in it. That way, you will be able to go further.”

Hearing that made Long Chen nod his head. As expected, cultivators of the Music Dao all had high mental realms. She instantly saw through Bai Xiaole.

When it came to Bai Xiaole’s power, Long Chen didn’t want to give him too many pointers. Now still wasn’t the time. He had just awakened the Three Flower Pupils, and his mental realm was still adrift. Having him suffer a bit now wasn’t a bad thing.

The other experts in the stands all nodded inside. Liao Yuhuang possessed a noble air, and she didn’t give off any hint of arrogance or darkness. It was a feeling that made others like and respect her more.

“Many thanks for your pointers. Junior brother is fully convinced.” Bai Xiaole bowed deeply toward Liao Yuhuang.

“You should still have more moves, no? Are you admitting defeat already?” asked Liao Yuhuang curiously.

Bai Xiaole shook his head. “Using them would be meaningless. The difference is too great. Big sister, you’ve seen through all my moves. If we continue, I’m afraid my confidence will shatter. Although big sister is nice and helped me resolve my misunderstandings, I’m afraid that my current heart can’t endure the impact. Hehe, thank you. You’re even nicer to me than my real sister.”

Bai Xiaole was then sent out. Long Chen was speechless. That final line of Bai Xiaole’s was too much. Bai Shishi’s expression was clearly dark. However, since her face was always icy, it wasn’t that easy to sense.

In truth, Bai Shishi did care about him; she just didn’t want others to tell. Naturally, Long Chen had the wits to not expose her. After all, that was their family matter.

“Boss, I feel like I can properly cultivate now. I understand why you rejected me so many times before. Starting tomorrow, I’ll properly cultivate with boss,” said Bai Xiaole.

“No, you still haven’t found your reason to get stronger, so anything I taught you would be meaningless. You still wouldn’t be able to become a true expert. Just wait. Your chance will come soon.” Long Chen shook his head. Bai Xiaole was still not qualified to become an expert. Talent was only one part of it.

“Why?” demanded Bai Xiaole.

“Why ask? Boss told you to wait, so wait. Just remember that boss always has a reason when he says something,” said Qin Feng, pulling Bai Xiaole down and not letting him trouble Long Chen.

Of the thirty-two matches, only eight actually fought. The rest were all peacefully resolved.

After today’s competition ended, the next matches were decided immediately. Curiously, Long Chen, Bai Shishi, and young master Changchuan’s opponents all directly admitted defeat right on the spot.

Once the lots were decided, the top sixteen were basically formed. Every match ended before it even began with someone admitting defeat. Even the Huayun Trading Company’s people were dumbfounded by this. Such a thing had never occurred before.

After a discussion, they decided to directly draw the lots for the top eight. When young master Changchuan saw the name of his opponent, his expression became tense.

“Ku Wuya.”

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