Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3131 Long Chen vs. Liao Yuhuang

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Chapter 3131 Long Chen vs. Liao Yuhuang

Young master Changchuan actually ended up matched against Ku Wuya. Hence, everyone’s heart clenched.

Bai Shishi’s opponent directly admitted defeat. But when they looked at Long Chen’s tablet, they sucked in a cold gasp. The name on it was Liao Yuhuang, the unfathomable expert of the Zither Sect.

Bai Shishi and Gui Yun’s opponents admitted defeat, so there were only six matches for the top eight.

“Do you have confidence?” Bai Shishi spoke to young master Changchuan for the first time.

Young master Changchuan’s expression was grave. “I’m probably not his match. But I’ll do my best to force out his trump cards.”

Young master Changchuan was also a true expert. He had even fought against Ku Wuya before. That battle had lasted thousands of exchanges before young master Changchuan lost to Ku Wuya’s curse.

After Long Chen had pointed out the reason for his defeat, young master Changchuan had felt that he could win. But Ku Wuya’s power had soared. He was now capable of receiving the attack of a Treasure item with his bare body. That was unbelievable.

The only ones here were allies, so Young master Changchuan could only say the truth. He couldn’t beat Ku Wuya. He could only unleash his full power and force out his trump cards.

“You should directly admit defeat,” said Long Chen.

“Brother Long…” Young master Changchuan’s expression changed.

Long Chen waved his hand. “I have no intention of looking down on you. If you know you can’t beat him, don’t fight him. Don’t let all your sharpness deflate. In a fight between experts, the chances of winning by a surprise move are very low. In the end, you are competing with power. In a one-against-one, knowing someone’s trump cards or not doesn’t make much of a difference. Furthermore, your Fullmoon race specializes in power, no? His poisons and curses are your perfect counter. Even if you were equally matched, you would be at a disadvantage. Every defeat to an expert will impact their sharpness. If you lose the same person twice, then even if you are mentally prepared, you will unconsciously form an instinctive fear toward experts of that type. That’s not beneficial to your future cultivation.”

“But I’m a bit unwilling to admit defeat just like this.” Young master Changchuan clenched his fists. He came from a mysterious life forbidden area. If he admitted defeat here, it would be a loss of face.

Long Chen smiled. “Didn’t you say that your people don’t want you to go all out in this convention anyway? If you retreat now, you can just say that you’re following their orders.”


“What but? Listen to me, preserve your power for when it’s needed,” said Long Chen.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you.” Ultimately, young master Changchuan chose to listen to Long Chen and admitted defeat.

This caused an uproar. No one had expected him to admit defeat. They were disappointed.

With Bai Xiaole defeated and young master Changchuan admitting defeat, the High Firmament Academy’s side only had Long Chen and Bai Shishi left.

Once the lots were drawn, everyone returned to their residence. After one day, the battles restarted. The atmosphere was particularly tense now. Countless eyes were watching, and everyone was clutching a photographic jade, wanting to record every bit of the battles.

Zhong Ling, Zhong Xiu, and the others had long since arrived on the spectator stands. They all cheered when they saw Long Chen.

All the High Firmament Academy’s disciples cheered for Long Chen. However, their cheering wasn’t as loud as yesterday. That was because his opponent was Liao Yuhuang.

Liao Yuhuang had also won their respect and admiration. Now that the two of them were fighting, they didn’t know who to cheer for.

One of them would definitely be defeated. What they were most worried about was both of them being injured and unable to participate in the following matches.

In the battle for the top eight, Bai Shishi, Gui Yun, and Ku Wuya directly passed. There were only five matches remaining. Long Chen and Liao Yuhuang were in the third match.

The first match was between experts that they didn’t know. This was a battle for the top eight, and both of these two Primals unleashed divine arts and Dao techniques. This was an exceptionally intense battle. Neither side held back. It wasn’t for the rewards but for glory.

There was a huge difference between entering the top hundred and entering the top eight. If a sect’s disciple could get into the top eight, then that sect’s reputation would soar. As for the disciple, they would probably be set to become the future sect master.

For example, if the Chu family’s four fighters could have entered the top eight, then their reputation would soar, and they would be qualified to fight for the position of the Chu family head.

In this world, there were three things that moved people the most. Power, fame, and fortune. Any one of those things could drive a person crazy.

After two hours, their high-tempo fighting gradually calmed down. Both of their auras were starting to drop. After one final exchange, both of them fainted.

At this time, the Huayun Trading Company’s people went on stage and evaluated their conditions. One of them was decided to have a bit more energy inside their body and lighter injuries, so they were declared the victor. However, that person’s essence blood had been ignited to the end, so even in victory, there was no way that they could participate in the next match. The top eight was the limit. Whoever matched up against them would be getting a free match.

The second fight started. This time, one of them was that fiery beautiful woman. Her opponent was also a very powerful Primal who immediately summoned his manifestation and unleashed his full power.

However, that beautiful woman only crossed her arms in front of her chest, her fingers dancing.

After that, the earth exploded, and vines shot out of the ground, covering the entire martial stage. Her opponent had only just charged out when he was bound.

His protective layer of qi and manifestation were both blasted apart by the vines.

“She’s a wood element expert!”

Even Long Chen was stunned. This was her first time unleashing an elemental attack.

The divine light on those vines even shattered that person’s manifestation. It was unknown what kind of power that was.

“I admit defeat!”

Once he was bound, that person hastily gave up. As a result, the beautiful woman’s hands slowly loosened, and they were both sent out. She once more won with a single move.

Long Chen was then sent onto the stage along with Liao Yuhuang. Both of them stared at each other through the barrier, and the crowd fell deathly silent. This was a match between experts. All of them watched closely.

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