Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3132 Musical Scale

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Chapter 3132 Musical Scale

As Long Chen and Liao Yuhuang appeared on the stage, everyone fell silent. Both of them were considered contesters for first place. Now that they finally met each other in the clash for the top eight, no one could predict who would win.

“May I be so bold as to ask who came up with your name?” asked Long Chen.

“It’s my mother,” answered Liao Yuhuang.

“What a good name. It seems that your mother is not only skilled in the Music Dao. Her mental realm must have reached an enviable level as well,” said Long Chen.

“No way. Boss is also going to suck up?” exclaimed Bai Xiaole in disbelief. Bai Xiaole had put on a humble appearance for fear of provoking Liao Yuhuang. He had known that she wouldn’t kill him, but she could definitely have given him a miserable beating.

Now, Long Chen directly praised her name. This kind of boot-licking was a bit too direct.

“What a coward. He fears the strong. He might put on a good show against a weakling, but he tucks his tail in between his legs when he sees a really strong person.”

“That’s right. Now everyone is seeing his true face. You were all tricked by him. This fellow doesn’t have any ability.”

“A fake hypocrite. Just like that Bai Xiaole, he becomes a coward as soon as he faces a real opponent, trying to worm his way into being friends.”

“Long Chen, you’ve lost the face of all men. Hurry up and scram!”

In just a moment, quite a few people began to shout loudly. Unlike at the start of the convention when the martial stage’s barrier blocked the outside world’s influence, it was now possible to hear the people in the stands. But if someone in the top eight could be influenced by some random shouting from the outside, they didn’t deserve to be in the top eight.

“Brother Long gives me too much praise. But my mother can barely count as a big figure. She is in charge of the Zither Sect’s seventeenth branch sect. I’m curious, how did you know?” Liao Yuhuang cocked her head at Long Chen, interested in how he had guessed this.

Those people cursing Long Chen instantly shut their mouths. The one in charge of the seventeenth sect? Then wasn’t that a sect master? No one had expected Liao Yuhuang to actually be the daughter of the Zither Sect’s seventeenth branch’s sect master. That meant that she was truly a terrifying existence.

The Zither Sect was one of the four immemorial sects, and their Dao could be traced back to ancient times. Even the baptism of time hadn’t interrupted its inheritance. Its foundation was shockingly profound.

The four immemorial sects’ history stretched back even further than the Bloodkill Hall. Although they were very low-key, they remained famous. Hence, for Liao Yuhuang to be the daughter of a sect master, it was no wonder that she was so powerful. Those people that had lost to her hands were fully convinced.

“It’s very simple. From your name comes the Yu and Huang characters. They are taken from the five notes and twelve-point scale. The five notes are Gong, Shang, Jue, Zhi, and Yu. The twelve-tone scale is split according to the Yin and Yang scales. The Yang scale has six tones, Huangzhong, Taicu, Guxi, Ruibin, Yize, and Wangshe; the Yin scale also has six tones, Dalu, Jiazhong, Zhonglu, Linzhong, Nanlu, Yingzhong. Your name comes from the end of the five notes, Yu, and the head of the twelve-tone scale, the Huang from Huangzhong. The five notes as the foundation, with the twelve-tone scale as a complement, are very compatible with the heaven and earth strings, thus implying using music to merge with heaven and earth, with the ten thousand Daos. The zither has seven strings. Other than the heaven and earth strings, of the five, the Yu note is the most mysterious and profound. Furthermore, the Huangzhong tone is the head of the twelve-tone scale, capable of peering beyond the heavens. A name like Yuhuang is one made to embody the Music Dao. It is the very embodiment of the principles of the Heavenly Daos. When you see fate before you, it is as if you see a dangerous path in front of you and the way that you came behind you. You must always choose where to go. I will make a wild guess that your mother gave you this name because she wished for you to understand that true learning and experience can only come from struggling through this world.”

Liao Yuhuang’s eyes widened. She had never imagined that Long Chen had such an understanding. As for the spectators, they were lost in the clouds, not even knowing what he was talking about. But it sounded reasonable.

“Is boss really this amazing? He even knows these things?” exclaimed Bai Xiaole.

“Who do you think boss is? He knows everything within heaven and earth. If you wish to follow boss, you’ll have to learn more,” said Qin Feng with a smile.

Just as everyone was staring in dumbfounded silence, Liao Yuhuang actually bowed to Long Chen.

“Junior sister admires brother Long’s talent. I never expected you to have such accomplishments in music theory. I’d like to ask for some pointers from you.”

Long Chen returned her courtesy but shook his head. “When it comes to music theory, I know merely the slightest bit. It can’t count as any accomplishment. The only reason I know this little bit is because someone I know is a true expert in this regard. I have been influenced by her, and while I am unworthy of her music, even a foolish oaf like me can learn a bit over time.”

“There’s someone even more skilled than you? Then I’d like for you to introduce us. I would be endlessly grateful,” said Liao Yuhuang.

“This lover of mine ascended at the same time as me from the lower plane, but we’ve lost connection since then, and I haven’t found a trace of her in the immortal world. However, after ascending, I would guess that she would join your Zither Sect. So I was actually thinking of requesting fairy Yuhuang to ask around your sect to see if there is a newcomer named Zi Yan.”

Long Chen’s heartbeat quickened. However, he knew just how low this possibility was.

If Zi Yan had really gone to the Zither Sect, there was no way that she would be some nameless disciple. With her talent and comprehension, she would soar.

As expected, Liao Yuhuang shook her head. “My apologies. Our branch sect doesn’t have such a person. As for other branch sects, I can’t say. The branch sects are spread far and wide and rarely interact with each other. We might not come into contact for thousands of years. I can report to the sect master when I get back to help you investigate, but you shouldn’t raise your hopes. Even amongst our connections, there are only four branch sects that we have regular contact with. We are unable to reach the other branch sects.”

“Then I’ll thank fairy Yuhuang for the effort. Now, when it comes to us…” Long Chen rubbed his fists awkwardly.

The barrier between them had already vanished, and Long Chen’s meaning was clear. Now that they were done talking, it was time to get to business. Long Chen’s goal was the golden dragon scale. It didn’t matter if his opponent was friendly, as that dragon scale had to be his.

Liao Yuhuang smiled. “Brother Long is very capable. I can tell that you view first place as something you must obtain. Normally, I should retreat here. But I also feel unwilling to do so. How about I instead play a song for you?”

Long Chen smiled. He understood her meaning. Ultimately, Liao Yuhuang wanted to test him.

Liao Yuhuang then pressed her hand against her zither. A single note rang out, one that caused every expert’s expression to change.

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