Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3134 Die Wu

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Chapter 3134 Die Wu

Bai Shishi finally encountered Ku Wuya. Everyone knew that they would encounter each other sooner or later, but now that it happened, their hearts shook.

Long Chen looked at his own tablet and sighed. It wasn’t Gui Yun. He just saw the name before it grew dim. Clearly, his opponent had directly admitted defeat after seeing that it was him.

The names of the fighters appeared in the air for everyone to see. Long Chen saw Bai Shishi against Ku Wuya, and Gui Yun’s opponent was Die Wu. That Die Wu was that mysterious woman of unknown origins.

The other pair was none of their business. No one cared about them. Although they were both powerful, there was no way for them to compare to Ku Wuya, Gui Yun, and the others. They had managed to reach this point, not thanks to power but luck.

When the two of them saw that they were fighting, they directly had a secret discussion. One of them admitted defeat, giving the top four position to the other. But his opponent had to have given quite a bit in payment.

However, even if that person managed to get into the top four, his journey would stop there. He didn’t even have the courage to fight the next match. What he wanted was nothing more than ranking.

Two of the four fights had resulted in people admitting defeat before the fight even started. Now all that remained were Bai Shishi’s fight against Ku Wuya and Gui Yun’s fight against Die Wu.

Bai Shishi’s expression was calm, not revealing the slightest nervousness. However, the others were fraught with nerves. After all, Ku Wuya was a monster.

When everyone returned to their residences to rest, Bai Shishi’s mother called her daughter to her room. It was unknown what they were doing, but Bai Shishi didn’t come back out until the next day.

On the next day, when they returned, there was no cheering, only a monumental pressure hanging in the air. It was difficult to breathe.

Everyone was staring nervously at Bai Shishi and Die Wu. These two peerless beauties were about to fight two terrifying monsters.

The High Firmament Academy’s disciples clenched their fists, not even daring to say a thing. They all wished for Bai Shishi to win, but they were afraid that saying anything would affect her.

Everyone had arrived, but there was still some time until the fight started. Hence, everyone was staring at Ku Wuya, Gui Yun, Bai Shishi, and Die Wu.

Ku Wuya was very large. Sitting there, he was like a small mountain. His eyes were closed, but the aura that he emitted terrified others.

As for Gui Yun, he had put on a black cloak that covered most of his face. That was the garb of the Bloodkill Hall. he had actually chosen to switch his clothes for today’s battle.

Bai Shishi sat there lotus style like a statue of a goddess. She hadn’t said a word today.

Suddenly, startled cries rang out. Die Wu actually chose to stand and walk over from her corner. The shocking thing was that she was heading toward Long Chen.

Under countless flabbergasted stares, Die Wu walked over to Long Chen. Even Long Chen was surprised.

“Miss Die Wu, do you need something?”

Even Bai Shishi opened her eyes and looked over. Luo Bing and the others were all staring, not knowing what Die Wu wanted.

After all, from the start, Die Wu had never said anything to them. They had had no interactions. Why would she suddenly come over?

Die Wu looked at Long Chen closely. She then slowly went on one knee, took Long Chen’s hand, and kissed the back of it.

“Warrior blessed by the Butterfly Spirit race, if I die, I beg you to help me achieve my heart’s desire and slay that evildoer.”


Long Chen was shocked. This woman actually knew that he had the mark of the Butterfly Spirit race on the back of his hand.

Bai Shishi and the others were even more shocked. They covered their mouths, unable to believe what they were seeing. Such a powerful woman was on her knee in front of Long Chen? What was going on?

The rest of the crowd was shocked as well, but they also felt profound envy for him. This indescribably beautiful woman had actually acted so intimate with Long Chen.

Just at this moment, the martial stage was activated. Die Wu looked at Long Chen profoundly and vanished, reappearing on the martial stage. As for Long Chen’s hand, her fragrance remained on it.

Before Long Chen even understood what was going on, Die Wu and Gui Yun were on the martial stage.

Gui Yun indifferently said, “You came for revenge?”

Die Wu coldly said, “In order to obtain the blessing of the Heavenly Daos, you used the cruelest method to extract the soul of the Butterfly Spirit race, making her experience unimaginable pain before her death. The Butterfly Spirit race is innately kind. They never hold grudges against anyone. But as her companion flower spirit, I’m not so kind. I want revenge. I will use your life as an offering to her heroic spirit.”

Hearing this, an uproar exploded. The Spirit Butterfly race was known as the kindest of all races, and they never fought with others. Even when others killed their members, they never held a grudge and went for revenge.

The Spirit Butterfly race never provoked anyone and only helped others. Moreover, if others helped them, they would remember it for a lifetime.

They were very rarely seen. But if someone did encounter them, he or she wouldn’t harm them. They were simply too kind for the people to bear harming them intentionally.

Gui Yun had killed one? And as cruelly as possible? That instantly angered countless people.

“The path of cultivation is one where the strong are respected, while the weak are prey. As someone strong, I will naturally trample over others as my stepping stones. If I reach the undying realm, I will naturally be blessed by the heavens. Her death will also count as having a use. How was I wrong?” Gui Yun curled his lips disdainfully.

“Shut up. To reach that realm, you think you can freely trample over other people’s lives? Do you know the true essence of life?”

As Die Wu spread her hands, the martial stage transformed. Birdsong filled the air, and grass covered the ground. Small creeks and rivers cut through the plains that were filled with a strong scent of flowers. At this moment, one beautiful butterfly after another appeared flitting across the flowers.

There was one particular young butterfly playing around a pretty flower. The flower suddenly grew, revealing a girl inside of it. Following that, the butterfly also transformed into the appearance of a girl. The two girls held hands and laughed, running around the grass. Their innocent laughter was enough to make people forget the ruckus of the world. They immersed themselves in this world.

The scene progressed. The two girls grew, and an identical rune appeared on their foreheads. The girl that had transformed from a flower was Die Wu. In that instant, everyone understood. After that, the scene changed once more. A woman with butterfly wings was bound to a sacrificial altar, screaming in pain. Chains pierced through her body. At the end of those chains was a pudgy hand.

When he saw that sight, killing intent soared in Long Chen’s eyes, and it wasn’t just him. Everyone was infuriated.


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