Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3137 Bai Shishi vs. Ku Wuya

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Chapter 3137 Bai Shishi vs. Ku Wuya

Die Wu died. A kind woman met her end due to revenge, but she left with a smile. The impression she left behind left everyone in sorrow.

It made people feel that this world was unfair. The Butterfly Spirit and the Butterfly Dance races were companions. Watching as those petals fell, people felt like they could see a beautiful butterfly flitting through the petals. The flowers and butterflies were beautiful. They transformed into two girls holding hands and laughing as they ran through the grass. They could almost hear their innocent laughter.

They loved this world and loved peaceful lives. They were kind and pure. But their world had been shattered.

At this moment, the flower petals faded into heaven and earth. Countless people’s eyes were wet without them even realizing it.

Just how many people wished to live a life like that? Just how many people wished to escape the struggles of the cultivation world and live a peaceful life somewhere far away? A life where you didn’t need to worry about whether you would live to see the next day.

However, today, they personally witnessed that world they dreamed of broken. Hence, countless people clenched their fists furiously, gazing at Gui Yun with hatred.

Long Chen stood in front of the barrier. Everyone saw him clenching his fists so hard that veins throbbed in them. His body was still quivering. It seemed that his fury had reached some kind of limit.

“Long Chen!”

At this moment, Bai Shishi, Lu Mingxuan, Luo Xue, Luo Qing, and the others ran over to pull Long Chen back and calm him down. If he attacked the barrier, it would no longer just passively defend. It would truly attempt to wipe him out.

“Helpless anger is so pathetic. Don’t rush. I’ll send you to accompany them soon since you like them so much,” said Gui Yun contemptuously.

He was sent off the stage. On the spectator stands, he made a throat-cutting gesture toward Long Chen.

“Long Chen, don’t be impetuous! You’ll get to fight him soon! You’re also worrying fairy Shishi. How can she fight Ku Wuya in this state?” said Luo Xue, noticing that Long Chen’s Blood Qi was circulating even faster. It seemed that he was about to charge at Gui Yun.

Bai Shishi looked at Long Chen without saying a word. Long Chen was clenching his teeth. But after looking at Bai Shishi, he suppressed his anger.

Luo Xue was correct. Bai Shishi was about to start fighting. Ignoring whether or not Gui Yun would even welcome his fight outside the ring, even if he did, the hosts would not allow it.

This would only affect Bai Shishi, while Ku Wuya remained unaffected. Thinking of this, he suppressed his anger and they returned to their seats.

Bai Shishi and the others relaxed slightly, but Long Chen still didn’t say a word. His face was shockingly dark. Compared to his normal teasing self, he seemed like a different person.

He almost felt like a stranger. They couldn’t imagine how someone as smart as Long Chen would do something as stupid as charging at the martial stage. That was purely courting death. Even a madman wouldn’t do such a thing.

Bai Shishi’s tablet began to flash, indicating that she was about to go on stage. Long Chen suddenly grabbed her arm. “Ku Wuya’s power counters yours. Victory or defeat will be decided in the first ten moves.”

Bai Shishi nodded. Long Chen’s thinking was the same as hers. Her metal energy made her specialize in wide-area attacks.

However, against a power-type fighter, if they were on the same level, he could pierce through the openings in her attacks to counterattack.

A terrifying expert like Ku Wuya had plenty of combat experience, so he had probably figured this out. If he got used to her attack style, then as time dragged on, Bai Shishi’s chances of victory would fall.

The two of them then appeared on the martial stage. Bai Shishi was like a goddess. The entire martial stage was veiled in a mysterious aura because of her existence.

“Another woman. But don’t worry, I’m not like that fellow. I’ll take care of you properly.” Ku Wuya smiled at Bai Shishi. A touch of avarice appeared in his eyes. No one could remain unmoved in the face of such peerless beauty.

“What a low level provocation. If you think you can anger me like this, you’re wrong. I’m not like that brainless oaf,” said Bai Shishi coldly.

Naturally, that brainless oaf was Long Chen. She was also curious why Long Chen’s character seemed to have gone through such an immense change after the Martial Dao convention started.

In the Jialin Immortal Land, he had been like a brilliant general, collected and cool. Their enemies were toyed with in the palm of his hand.

But lately, he had been growing more and more foolish, and easier to anger.

“How spicy. I like it.” Ku Wuya’s face darkened slightly. That smile of his was like that of a hunter staring at his prey.

At this moment, black spots appeared on his body. It was like he was becoming a corpse.

Those spots then grew larger until they became viper-like patterns covering his body. Black qi came from him, and people seemed to smell the scent of death from that black qi.

Ku Wuya was no longer as arrogant as before against Bai Shishi. As his aura circulated, an invisible pressure slowly grew. When the black qi around him suffused the air, the bricks beneath his feet began to corrode.

Seeing this, Bai Shishi formed hand seals, and a golden mark appeared beneath her feet. Her divine might made her appear even more beautiful and untouchable.

That golden mark beneath her feet had caused all of her competitors to retreat. Up until now, she had never been forced to actually use its power. All her opponents had simply admitted defeat as soon as they saw it. Now that it reappeared, countless people were filled with anticipation. They wanted to know just what this mark meant. It seemed that this riddle was about to be revealed.

“That black qi is Ku Wuya’s Corpse Qi. It is not only poison, but it also contains corpse energy. It can corrode Heavenly Dao energy and invade the soul. Even as a member of the Fullmoon race that is said to be invulnerable to poison, I couldn’t block it. This Ku Wuya is very difficult to deal with,” said young master Changchuan.

Of everyone here, the only one that had truly fought against Ku Wuya was young master Changchuan. He was the only one who knew how terrifying this beast was.


When the barrier separating them vanished, black and golden light instantly clashed. The moment that their two energies mixed, the martial stage was thrown into chaos.


Ku Wuya suddenly charged at Bai Shishi like a bolt of lightning. He charged right into her domain with a black wolf tooth club.

As a result, the ground beneath Bai Shishi suddenly collapsed. A golden lotus burst out of it. It rapidly grew, smashing into Ku Wuya. A giant explosion then shook the martial stage.

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