Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3139 Shocking Change

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Chapter 3139 Shocking Change

People only saw a flash of golden light. They didn’t even see what Bai Shishi did. But with a flash of golden light, Ku Wuya’s arm separated from the rest of his body.

“She… she’s too fast.”

It was only once the golden light stopped that they saw Bai Shishi once more standing on her golden lotus. She slowly turned, her sword still stained with specks of Ku Wuya’s black blood.

With golden light shining around her, Bai Shishi appeared to be peerlessly noble and sacred. She even possessed a strange Dao-charm that seemed to separate her from the rest of the world, as if she didn’t belong.

Suddenly, Bai Shishi moved again. Her golden lotus quivered and she appeared in front of Ku Wuya. When her sword fell, streaks of golden light condensed, as if a river of stars was slashing down.


Ku Wuya shouted, and with a single arm, he blocked with his club. This time, he had grasped Bai Shishi’s movements.

However, Ku Wuya was sent flying. A streak of golden Sword Qi shot out, piercing through the barrier.

“Watch out!”

Seeing the Sword Qi pierce through the barrier, startled cries rang out, especially from the people in its path. They didn’t even have time to get out of the way.


Suddenly, another runic barrier appeared in front of the spectator stands, blocking the golden Sword Qi.

Only then could those people wipe off their cold sweat. So there was actually another barrier protecting the spectators.

“Ten Thousand Swords Seal Space!”

Suddenly, Bai Shishi let out a shout, and golden light condensed into sharp swords that rained down on Ku Wuya. They covered the entire martial stage, and there was no way for him to dodge them all.

Their sharpness caused a screeching sound as they passed through the air. Metal energy was particularly sharp. It was said to be able to pierce all defenses. Bai Shishi’s current metal energy truly did appear unstoppable.

However, Ku Wuya raised his head and laughed. His severed arm had at some unknown point regrown itself.

“It’s useless! My physical body isn’t something that you can imagine. Sharp metal energy is useless…”

Ku Wuya wasn’t even done speaking before countless swords pierced through his body. His black blood splashed everywhere, leaving him riddled with holes.

However, shockingly, his body would quickly heal. In less than half a breath’s time, his physical body would appear the exact same as before.

“How can this be?! Does he possess an undying body?!” Everyone was stunned. Terror appeared in Lu Mingxuan’s eyes.

“His recovery ability is just that terrifying. But it’s much stronger than when I encountered him,” said young master Changchuan.

“There is no such thing as a true undying body in this world. Ku Wuya simply has strong self-recovery. On the other hand, Shishi’s attacks are sharp, but don’t contain any divine energy or Heavenly Dao will that remains on the wounds. Hence, she can only attack his body but not his spirit. As she can’t damage his core, such an attack is useless.” Long Chen shook his head, his expression just as grave as young master Changchuan’s.

“Big sister Shishi… She should understand this, no? Then why…” said Luo Xue.

Long Chen said, “From the way she formed hand seals and summoned her manifestation, it’s clear that this is her first time unleashing this power. Her primal bloodline has only just awoken, and it hasn’t fully merged with Heavenly Dao energy. She is unable to add her own will and mental energy to her attacks.”

Long Chen knew that this was most likely related to Bai Shishi’s seal. In order to conceal Bai Shishi’s power, the High Firmament Academy had intentionally prevented her from awakening her primal bloodline.

The benefit of this was that outsiders were unaware that she was a Primal, and she was able to grow up peacefully without fear of being assassinated.

Another benefit was that with her primal bloodline about to awaken, by suppressing it, the eruption would be even greater. Done properly, it could be very beneficial to her.

However, there were drawbacks as well. Now that she had just awoken her bloodline, she was inexperienced and unable to control this power.

Her metal energy was sharp but didn’t possess enough destructive power. It was unable to cause any fatal injuries to Ku Wuya. It wasn’t that she wasn’t strong but that her primal bloodline was too powerful, to the point that she couldn’t fully control it. She was unable to turn it into effective killing power. Hence, Long Chen started to worry for her.

Bai Shishi suddenly stepped into the air. With three steps in three different directions, thousands of figures of her appeared. It was as if there were thousands of Bai Shishi. People were unable to tell which was the true body.

Ku Wuya suddenly roared and smashed his club in the air. After that, a powerful explosion unleashed golden light. They saw a golden sword had struck his club.

From the thousands of Bai Shishis in the air, he had managed to pinpoint where the true Bai Shishi was. Even so, he coughed up a mouthful of blood and was sent flying by her sword.

Bai Shishi’s figure reappeared in the air. At some point, her lotus throne had vanished. But now there was a lotus mark on her sword.

“Well done!”

Long Chen slapped his leg, cheering for her. This was very clever of her. She had realized her own problem and had directly attacked Ku Wuya with her core energy.

That golden lotus was her manifestation. Contrary to other people, it was also the source of her metal energy.

She was unable to control that vast power properly and was unable to add her own mental energy and will to her attacks. Thus, she had been unable to cause the Heavenly Dao to assist in her attacks and unable to cause any damage to Ku Wuya.

However, by merging her core energy into her sword, she made it simple. Rather than technique, she competed purely with core energy, and that could make up for her lack of control. A clash of core energy was a direct clash of power.

Her sword tore through the air. Ku Wuya once more blocked it and was sent flying again, coughing up blood. He was enraged.

He didn’t want to compete in core energy against Bai Shishi. Bai Shishi wasn’t his ultimate goal. If he harmed his core while fighting Bai Shishi, he would be at a disadvantage in the next match if he encountered Gui Yun or Long Chen.

Whether it was damage to his physical body or his spiritual body, either was easier to heal. But if his core energy was damaged, it would be impossible to recover within half a month. His goal was the golden dragon scale, and his ultimate opponent was Gui Yun.

He didn’t want to waste his energy on Bai Shishi. But now, with every exchange, he was injured.

“Let’s see how long you can last?” Bai Shishi snorted. Ku Wuya wasn’t using his core energy, resulting in her using up very little of her own core energy. She was confident that her core energy was stronger than Ku Wuya’s.


Bai Shishi repeatedly forced Ku Wuya back. The entire martial stage was covered in his black blood.


Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed. He shot up and shouted, “Shishi, admit defeat!”

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