Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3140 Sinister Ku Wuya

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Chapter 3140 Sinister Ku Wuya

Luo Bing and the others jumped in shock. Why would Long Chen suddenly say such a thing? Bai Shishi clearly had the advantage and was making Ku Wuya cough up blood with every blow.

“Haha, too late!” Ku Wuya suddenly laughed and tossed aside his weapon. He then formed a hand seal. “Corpse Devil Nine Revolution, Ghost Curse Devours Life!”

Black spots condensed in the air. No one had noticed that when he was coughing up blood, some of his blood would disperse into the air.

Only Long Chen had noticed. That dissipated blood had secretly condensed into something that seemed like a diagram. When Long Chen saw that diagram, a sensation of intense danger filled his body.

He instantly realized then that Ku Wuya was coughing up blood not because of Bai Shishi’s core energy, but because he was setting up a trap.

However, it was too late. The black spots condensed into sinister lifeforms. These lifeforms’ upper bodies were like a toad, but their lower bodies were hair-like tentacles.

An air of resentment erupted. It was as if souls that had died wrongly ten thousand years ago were now coming to demand vengeance.

Even Divine Lords felt a chill. The spectators were horrified.

“Is this the legendary corpse devils? When experts die, their resentment doesn’t dissipate. Instead, it is absorbed and transformed into a beast that devours resentment. If it is allowed to grow forever, it can eventually destroy the entire world,” said someone with a shuddering voice.

There were all kinds of rumors about the Corpse Devil Dao. Most people didn’t have much concrete information on it. However, there was such a record of it.

“These are corpse monsters, not corpse devils. A corpse devil can only be formed when an extremely powerful expert dies with too much resentment. They don’t enter reincarnation and instead become a corpse devil. Such a corpse devil possesses its own instinctual will and is very difficult to control. Even if it could be controlled, it wouldn’t be something that a Divine Flame disciple like Ku Wuya could control. Furthermore, he would need to constantly feed it his essence blood and soul energy just to prevent it from dying. Done badly, the corpse devil would devour him. Even if he could control one, he wouldn’t be able to control this many. These can only be considered corpse monsters. I heard that the Corpse Devil Dao has an extremely sinister secret art in which you torture someone as cruelly as possible in order to create as much resentment, and then you extract that resentment to form a corpse monster. A corpse monster isn’t as strong as a corpse devil, but it’s easier to control,” said a Divine Lord who was slightly informed on the topic.

Just at this moment, black spots appeared on Bai Shishi’s sword. A black pattern also appeared on her body.

Those tentacled creatures opened their mouths and shot out black threads that matched the black patterns of Bai Shishi’s body.

Bai Shishi was shocked to find that she could no longer move. Some kind of power bound her body, and endless resentment spirits attacked her mind. Sharp cries rang out in her mind-sea.

“Hahaha, you’re too naive. All that power, and you can’t control it. You want to compete using core energy? Childish. I used my essence blood to lay down this Corpse Devil Grand Curse Formation. You should accept your fate.” Ku Wuya walked toward Bai Shishi. Bai Shishi was shaking, and her eyes had lost focus. She was currently battling with the resentment spirits in her mind.

If those resentful spirits won, her soul would be consumed, and she would fall under Ku Wuya’s control.

Ku Wuya suddenly turned to look at Long Chen and dipped his thumb down at him.

Long Chen instantly shot up.

“Long Chen, don’t. If you attack the formation, you will be killed.” Luo Xue and the others instantly grabbed him. Ku Wuya was intentionally provoking Long Chen to get him killed.

Last time, although Long Chen had managed to get close to the formation, he hadn’t attacked it, so he had only triggered the formation’s passive attacks. If he actually attacked the formation, then the resulting backlash would wipe out even a Divine Lord. Long Chen would definitely die.

However, Luo Xue and the others felt a burst of power, and their Blood Qi flipped inside of them. They were blown back. They cried out, but Long Chen had charged toward the martial stage. All the spectators cried out in shock. Just how was he so foolish?

Runic swords immediately shot out of the barrier at Long Chen. Long Chen darkly dodged them as he pressed onward.

Long Chen knew just how terrifying this curse was. He had also been cursed once. This kind of power wasn’t something that Bai Shishi could resist.

Ku Wuya was even more terrifying than he had expected. Although Bai Shishi was powerful, she lacked experience and hadn’t been able to see through his ploy. As for himself, due to being separated by the barrier, it was too late by the time he reacted.

“Hahaha, you really are an idiot. Why don’t you come in and fight? If you don’t dare, I’ll take off Bai Shishi’s clothes in front of everyone so that the world can enjoy her beauty.” Ku Wuya laughed when saw that Long Chen really had charged over. He walked up to Bai Shishi and extended a hand.

“Stop!” Long Chen roared. He had reached the barrier, which stopped shooting runic swords. Instead, it was now condensing one giant rune that grew until it ultimately shrank into a single mark that was like an eye gazing at Long Chen.

This eye contained a power that made heaven and earth shake. As long as Long Chen got closer, it would mercilessly wipe him out.

“Long Chen, don’t!” Lu Mingxuan and the others cried out, fraught with worry. Mu Qingyun was even crying. If Long Chen charged over, he wouldn’t be able to save Bai Shishi. He would only throw away his life.

That eye possessed a power that made even Divine Lords shudder. As for Long Chen, he slowly extended a hand.

“Long Chen… don’t…” Bai Shishi suddenly opened her eyes and shouted. The resulting distraction caused her to cough up blood.

Bai Shishi was currently fighting off the spiritual invasion of Ku Wuya’s curse. She had only just formed a temporary spiritual defense and was preparing to counterattack when she saw Long Chen standing in front of the barrier. In her panic, she shouted, only for this to cause her defenses to weaken.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, if you’re a man, then come!” Ku Wuya reached his hand toward Bai Shishi.

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