Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3141 Blood Match

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Chapter 3141 Blood Match

Long Chen’s pupils instantly turned black. The next moment, a black saber even longer than him appeared in his hand.

Just then, Ku Wuya’s hand touched Bai Shishi. However, a golden rune suddenly lit up on her forehead, blazing like a sun. As for Ku Wuya, he felt like a meteor had struck him, and he was sent flying.

“A seal?” Ku Wuya’s expression completely changed. When that golden rune appeared, a sacred pressure enveloped this world.

The instant that rune appeared, Bai Shishi was teleported out of the martial stage. He returned to the spectator stands, unconscious.

“Her seal has finally been undone.” Up in the outer spectator stand, Bai Shishi’s mother sighed with relief.

When they had first placed a seal in Bai Shishi’s body, they hadn’t expected a certain thing. Due to the existence of the outer seal, Bai Shishi’s most primeval bloodline power began to fall into a slumber and formed its own seal.

It was only when Bai Shishi’s mother undid the outer seal that she noticed this problem. Despite doing her best, she was unable to stimulate that slumbering power.

However, she also didn’t dare to speak of it to Bai Shishi. After all, Bai Shishi had to face this battle. If she mentioned it to Bai Shishi, then with her character, if she lost, she would hate them to death.

This deepest part of her bloodline needed to be awakened by herself. It would only awaken when she urgently needed it or was on the verge of death.

Other than a seal, Bai Shishi’s body also had a protective talisman. Bai Shishi herself was unaware of this, but when her mother had noticed that deeper seal, she had secretly added this protective talisman.

She naturally wouldn’t allow her own daughter to die on the martial stage. This backup plan was then activated when Ku Wuya dared to blaspheme her daughter, sending her out.

Just as the protective talisman activated, her slumbering bloodline power was awakened. Although she had lost, this awakening made it all worth it.

With Bai Shishi sent out, the martial stage returned to its original appearance. As for the barrier, even as Long Chen pointed his saber at it, the eye-like rune vanished with the end of the battle.

Seeing Long Chen standing in front of the barrier like that, countless people felt him to be foolish for sending himself to his death. But they were even more shocked. Countless young maidens in particular grew infatuated with him.

If someone was willing to risk their life like this for them, then they would also be willing to use their lives to protect that person. Regretfully, such a thing only existed in stories. People were all selfish. Who would send themselves to their deaths for others?

However, Long Chen had done so twice, once for Die Wu and once for Bai Shishi. Ignoring the rules of the martial stage, he had been going to charge through to save them. That foolishness truly made their hearts ache.

Die Wu had no relationship with Long Chen. Yet, just because of a single conversation, he was willing to throw his life away for her. Was there someone more foolish than him in this world? But this foolishness touched countless hearts.

Ku Wuya was also sent out of the martial stage, and he sighed regretfully inside. Just a bit more, and he would have baited Long Chen into being destroyed by the formation. Once he was dead, Ku Wuya could focus entirely on his battle with Gui Yun.

“All you can do is acting. If you really had guts, you would have charged in sooner instead of going so slow. Are you just acting for others to see?” sneered Ku Wuya.

The spectators were enraged. Ku Wuya’s mouth was just as twisted and malicious as the rest of his body. However, no one dared to say anything. The Corpse Devil Sect’s people were all cruel and merciless. They were all afraid of their reprisal, so they swallowed their anger.

Long Chen didn’t reply. He only silently put away his saber and returned to the spectator stand. He checked on Bai Shishi. After finding that she was fine, he returned to their residence.

Everyone else also returned. They found that Long Chen was in seclusion, and no one dared to disturb him. Today, Long Chen’s display was truly frightening.

The next day, Bai Shishi woke up, fully recovered. A golden birthmark had appeared on her forehead. There was a golden rune within it.

This golden rune seemed to possess power that could destroy heaven and earth. It was so powerful that others didn’t even dare to look at it directly.

Once Bai Shishi was awake, everyone’s mood improved. Although she had lost, it was fine as long as she wasn’t hurt.

Furthermore, in the history of the Nine Prefecture Convention, no one from the High Firmament Academy had ever gotten into the top eight. That was already a very stunning accomplishment.

On top of that, they still had Long Chen. The High Firmament Academy was actually fighting for first place. Their hope now rested on Long Chen.

However, Long Chen hadn’t said a word after the fight. They were all worried for him. Long Chen had lost his past intelligence and calm, and that was not a good premonition.

Bai Shishi knocked on Long Chen’s door, but he didn’t open it, so she could only leave. When she went to her mother’s room, the mother and daughter pair looked at each other. After that, Bai Shishi’s mother shook her head.

“Foolish child, you’ve fallen for him.”

“Nonsense. I won’t fall for any man. I don’t need one.” Bai Shishi blushed and shook her head.

“I’ve told you before, once you encounter a foolish oaf willing to risk his life for you, you won’t be able to escape. That’s the fate of us women. I was also proud like you. Your father is a careless fool, completely different from the partner I dreamed of. But when he used his own body to receive an enemy’s blade for me, I knew that I was doomed. When it comes to love, there is no such thing as subduing and being conquered. There is no stronger or weaker. There is no fight for status or position. When you fall for someone, you can only obediently surrender. Struggling is meaningless,” said Bai Shishi’s mother profoundly.

Bai Shishi shook her head. “I don’t know your world, but you don’t know my world either. Don’t use your values to judge me. I am me. I am different from you.”

After saying that, she turned and left. Watching her back, a strange smile appeared on her mother’s face.

On the third day, Long Chen came out of his room. He was wearing a cloak that covered most of his face. Looking at him, no one dared to say a word. They simply followed him back to the island.

When Long Chen appeared, the lots had yet to be drawn. Long Chen then directly went to the fourth remaining competitor who wasn’t himself, Ku Wuya, or Gui Yun.

“Hand me your tablet.” Long Chen’s voice was ice-cold and contained boundless killing intent. Every word seemed to be a bloody curse of death.

That expert shivered. He had progressed to this point by paying his opponent, and he had no intention of fighting these three monsters. Hence, he handed over his tablet, quivering.

Long Chen then smashed this tablet against his own, shattering it. Following that, the martial stage rumbled. Even the Huayun Trading Company’s people were shocked. The lots weren’t even drawn, so how was the martial stage activating?

“Long Chen, he… he activated the martial stage’s blood match and wants to fight one against two?!” Bai Shishi’s mother’s expression instantly changed. The entire crowd instantly erupted in chaos.

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