Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3142 Peak Fury

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Chapter 3142 Peak Fury

When the martial stage was activated, a barrier appeared. It was covered in countless blood-colored chains.

“Heavens, the blood chains have appeared! This is a battle to the death! One side must die in order for it to be released!” exclaimed a Divine Lord.

Just like the Dao discussion stage, the Martial Dao stage was also a divine item passed down from ancient times. Although it was Silver Moon City that oversaw it, even they didn’t know much about its history.

All they knew was that once the martial stage was activated, everything was done according to its laws. No one could interfere, or they would be killed by the martial stage.

The martial stage also had its own special laws. People had tested them before. For example, someone had activated the martial stage’s blood match once tens of thousands of years ago.

When four experts appeared, they could do a two-against-two fight to the death. However, once such a match was started, one side had to die. If their battle took over a day without a victor being decided, everyone on the martial stage would be killed.

Using that person’s tablet, Long Chen had directly activated the blood match and then crushed that person’s tablet, essentially making it a one-against-two battle to the death.

“Long Chen, have you gone mad?!” Bai Shishi grabbed Long Chen furiously. She had never expected him to make such a choice.

However, when she grabbed him, she saw his face and stiffened. Three black marks had appeared in his eyes.


“I’m angry, angry to the peak. I cannot wait any longer.” Long Chen did his best to make his voice sound natural for Bai Shishi, but it still grated.

Yesterday, in the face of Ku Wuya’s provocation, even if he had to face the martial stage, he would still break it to save Bai Shishi.

Although Bai Shishi was alright in the end, his rage had not dissipated. He had barely managed to endure it, but it was also during this time that he noticed those three black marks in his eyes.

This was the power of the Purgatory Eyes, and it had started to leak out. Furthermore, his killing intent was completely uncontrollable. It was very painful. If he didn’t unleash this energy, he would go mad.

Thus, he couldn’t wait. He decided to end things with Ku Wuya and Gui Yun together. It was not to show off, but it was because he had no other choice.

His anger had reached a peak. However, when Bai Shishi heard these words, she thought about something else. Without realizing it, a layer of mist appeared in her eyes.

She also thought of her mother’s words. When a foolish oaf was willing to risk his life for her, her fate would be set.

“You must come back alive, otherwise…” Bai Shishi looked at Long Chen, her voice quivering ever so slightly.

“I will.”

Long Chen nodded. His tablet began to flash, and he appeared on the martial stage, facing Ku Wuya and Gui Yun.

The martial stage shuddered and rapidly grew. At this moment, an immense pressure caused the clouds to change color and the sky to rumble.

“Heavens, black clouds covering the heavens! What kind of premonition is this?!”

The sunny day instantly became shrouded in black clouds. The world became dark, and a tense air pressed down on people’s hearts.

“This ancient martial stage will base its defensive power on the power of its fighters and how much destructive power they have. However, under normal circumstances, its strengthening only occurs after it is partially destroyed. This time, the battle hasn’t even started yet, but the martial stage has begun to strengthen itself. This signifies that their power has surpassed our expectations.”

“Heavenly rumbling, black clouds. This is probably a premonition of a peerless heavenly genius falling. But we don’t know who.”

“I wonder who of these three is so powerful that even before dying, they invoke a Heavenly Dao manifestation.”

People clenched their fists as they watched nervously. This was a battle between peak experts. They didn’t dare to even blink for fear of missing something.

“Long Chen, I didn’t expect you to be able to court death so flashily.” Ku Wuya sneered, wielding his wolf tooth club in his hand.

“You really are making things hard on yourself. I don’t want to fight with this fellow. A corpse devil cultivator isn’t qualified to fight alongside me.” Gui Yun looked at Ku Wuya beside him and shook his head.

Ku Wuya’s expression changed. “Do you think that being Enpuda’s disciple makes you so amazing? You aren’t even close to a match for me.”

Ku Wuya was naturally enraged by Gui Yun’s disdain. Of course, when it came to their background, he couldn’t compare to a World King’s disciple. However, he had absolute confidence in his power.

Both of them taunted each other as if they were indifferent to Long Chen’s existence. With Long Chen’s face covered by his cloak, his body quivered. He then extended a hand, and a black saber appeared in it.

Long Chen stood there with his black saber resting on his shoulder. He didn’t unleash any aura, but the martial stage’s barrier shuddered. After that, boundless killing intent passed through the barrier, causing the black clouds in the sky to shake and thunder to howl. The Heavenly Daos were wailing.

“Just how many people has he killed?! How can he frighten even the Heavenly Daos?!” shouted a Divine Lord. A person’s killing intent was related to how many lifeforms they had killed.

The millions and millions of people here were all experts, and it was unknown just how many Divine Lords there were. However, they had never seen someone with such terrifying killing intent.

They stared in shock at Long Chen. This champion of the Dao discussion stage, whose smile was like that of a warm neighbor, had become a devil king from hell in the blink of an eye. Just where did this killing intent come from?

“This is boss’s true battle state. Make sure to watch closely!” Qin Feng cried out excitedly. He was finally seeing Long Chen fight all-out again.

Bai Xiaole and the others weren’t able to muster up any excitement, as they were all shaken by Long Chen’s killing intent. There was only fear in their hearts, not excitement.

“Do you know why I challenged you one-against-two and activated the blood match?” Long Chen looked at Ku Wuya and Gui Yun, his voice icy like the summons of a death god.

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