Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3143 Absolute Power

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Chapter 3143 Absolute Power

Holding his black saber, Long Chen was unleashing terrifying killing intent. Even the martial stage’s barrier was shuddering because of this overwhelming killing intent. Ripples were passing through it.

Ku Wuya and Gui Yun’s expressions were originally disdainful, because in their eyes, Long Chen wasn’t a match for them. They both felt that he was still lacking compared to the two of them. But his killing intent caused that opinion to change. Even as fellow heavenly geniuses who had killed countless experts, they had never witnessed such heavy killing intent.

This killing intent had condensed into a substantial form and was practically its own domain. Weaker people wouldn’t even be able to move within this killing intent’s domain. Their will would crumble and their souls would directly extinguish.

Every single one of Long Chen’s words was like a hammer smashing into their hearts, and they could no longer hold any disdain for him.

“Hmph, you have some ability. But is this your base for challenging us at the same time? That only means that you’re a frog at the bottom of a well. You have no idea how powerful I am. I don’t mind telling you that when I fought Bai Shishi, I didn’t even use half my power,” sneered Ku Wuya.

As for Gui Yun, he remained expressionless, seemingly disdaining to even answer Long Chen’s question.

“No matter how powerful you are, it’s meaningless. The reason I challenged both of you is because I was worried one of you would run off after I killed the first. I can’t be bothered to chase after you. This will save me quite some time.” An icy light shone in Long Chen’s eyes.

“Hahahah!” Ku Wuya laughed as if he had just heard the world’s funniest joke.

Just as Ku Wuya was laughing, Long Chen stamped on the ground and shot toward him like a black meteor.

Shocked cries rang out as soon as he moved.

“The barrier between them hasn’t vanished yet-!”

Just then, a saber and a man pierced through the barrier. A black saber-image tore into the sky, and a black river of stars slashed toward the two of them.

The two of them were shocked. Their battle had yet to officially start, but Long Chen had directly attacked, ignoring the defense of the barrier.

Gui Yun formed a one-handed seal and vanished just as the saber fell. As for Ku Wuya, he didn’t even have time to dodge.


Ku Wuya was directly struck by the saber, which even slashed through the martial stage’s first barrier next to the spectator stands, leaving a giant scar.

The spectators’ jaws dropped. The power of his saber shocked them. They then looked at Ku Wuya’s split body.

“Ku Wuya died?”

“No, he’s not dead!”

Ku Wuya appeared in a corner of the martial stage, his expression a mixture of shock and fury.

Looking at the corpse that Long Chen had split in two, they realized that it was a black-furred corpse.

“A substitution art?”

Startled cries rang out. Unable to dodge in time, Ku Wuya had used a substitution art to save his life. But such a thing required previous preparation. The substitute had to be hidden in advance.

Without preparation, there was no way to use such a technique. People quickly realized that while Ku Wuya had been looking down on Long Chen on the surface, he was actually quite afraid of him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have set up such a technique in advance. But it was due to this fear that he had survived.

Ku Wuya was enraged. That was no ordinary substitute but an ancient corpse puppet he had spent a huge amount of time and effort on building.

It was a corpse puppet refined from an expert of the ancient era. The defense of this corpse was so great that even an attack from a Treasure item wouldn’t be able to cause it any damage. But Long Chen had ruined it.

This ancient corpse was something that Ku Wuya had been planning on using to sneak attack Gui Yun during their fight against Long Chen. He was hoping to give Gui Yun a serious injury during their fight. As long as Gui Yun was killed, it would be easy to deal with Long Chen, or so he thought. But he hadn’t expected this plan to be ruined right at the start.

“Courting death!” Ku Wuya roared and black qi erupted from his body. That ancient corpse’s potential had been limitless. As long as he continued to work on it, it could be raised to the level of a Divine Lord. But now it was gone.

Not only was it destroyed, but he was also humiliated. He could not tolerate such a provocation.

Ku Wuya’s manifestation burst into existence, and the roar of ten thousand devils could be heard, along with the voice of the Heavenly Howler.

Countless black figures appeared in his manifestation. They were strange beasts, all of them as large as mountains. Ku Wuya’s body also became covered in black spots that transformed into wriggling vipers. After that, black flames ignited around him, and his aura instantly erupted. It was several times stronger than when he had fought Bai Shishi.

“Heavens, this is his true power?!” Startled cries rang out. He hadn’t just been bragging. He really hadn’t brought out his full power against Bai Shishi.

The wolf tooth club smashed into the air, unleashing a giant image that was like a divine pillar smashing toward Long Chen. Long Chen had struck him with his saber, so he was going to strike back to even things out.

In the face of this attack, Long Chen rested his saber on his shoulder. After that, black ripples appeared in his hand, and his icy voice rang out once more.

“You’re still trying to hold back at this time? You’re worse than animals. You don’t know what respect is. Today, I’ll show you absolute power.”

Long Chen bent his knees and back ever so slightly. It was as if he was carrying the entire world. Inside his heart, he cried, “Divine ring! Azure Dragon Battle Armor!”

A dragon cry resounded throughout heaven and earth. Long Chen’s giant divine ring appeared behind him. As it circulated, the ten thousand Daos crumbled, and Long Chen’s body became covered in white dragon scales. There was a flame mark on every scale emitting majestic power.

“Divine flames, ignite!”

Long Chen’s divine flames instantly ignited. With the flames on his scales burning, gusts of astral winds unfurled in every direction.

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