Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3145 Corpse Devil Projection

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Chapter 3145 Corpse Devil Projection

Long Chen walked toward Ku Wuya just like how Ku Wuya had walked toward the bound Bai Shishi. However, Long Chen had a giant saber on his shoulder, and every step he took caused the world to shake. He was like a devil king from the depths of hell.

“In a person’s life, they should learn what respect is. All experts are revered and weaklings exist to be killed; that’s dogshit. No matter how powerful a person is, they must have respect and gratitude for this world, otherwise, no matter how evil you are, someone worse will come to take your life. Your blood will be used to wash away your sins.” Long Chen’s voice was cold, like the judgment of a Yama King. The black marks continued to revolve in his eyes.

“Hahaha, who do you think you are? The judge of righteousness? You’ve killed countless people, yet you dare to judge others? If experts don’t stand above all others, why work like your life’s on the line to cultivate?” Ku Wuya laughed disdainfully.

At this moment, figures began to wiggle within Ku Wuya’s manifestation. As one figure after another appeared, Ku Wuya’s skin grew darker and darker. It began to transform, looking like a withered corpse. But a vast, sea-like power rose within his body.

Long Chen ignored these movements from him. He coldly said, “I’ve seen far too many idiots like you. I’m not saying these words for you. I don’t waste my saliva on dead people. I say it for certain people in the spectator stands. I don’t want to kill people, but don’t force me. Don’t anger me because once I’m angry, even I don’t know what I will do.”

On the spectator stands, quite a few experts’ hearts shook. Those that were his enemies and had provoked him felt a burst of fear.

When the High Firmament Academy’s disciples had first entered Silver Moon City, countless people had sneered at them and provoked them. Now, those people truly felt like there was no medicine to cure their stupidity.

This was a demon who dared to challenge Ku Wuya and Gui Yun together. They were already terrified of Ku Wuya and Gui Yun. But Long Chen was now even more terrifying than both of them.

Long Chen’s vast killing intent locked onto Ku Wuya. He sneered, “Are you sneakily using a trump card that you can’t show others? Or did you think that I wouldn’t notice? A senior once told me not to play around with such shameful tricks, because in front of absolute power, all schemes are useless. I’ve always kept those words in my heart. When I think back, my old self really was just as laughably foolish as you. I won’t use my intelligence now because in this world, many times, intelligence is unable to resolve your problems. You can only use martial power.”

When Long Chen slowly raised his saber, the world fell deathly silent. All the murderous aura of heaven and earth was sucked into this saber without leaving a single drop.

“What a terrifying mental energy. It has already merged with the world!” exclaimed a Divine Lord.

This mental energy was incredibly profound. Only those who had come into contact with it understood it. Those who hadn’t wouldn’t understand it no matter how it was explained to them.

This was an energy that lay above Spiritual Strength, one that was similar to willpower yet also different. It was like invisible roots from a tree, extending into heaven and earth.

“My mental energy came from cultivation of the Music Dao, while his mental energy was tempered by endless slaughter. There is a huge difference in concentration between the two.” A voice rang out. Everyone looked over to see that it was the expert from the Zither Sect, Liao Yuhuang.

Her expression was complicated as she gazed upon Long Chen. Now she understood why he had interrupted her rising mental energy. If they had gone any further, this slaughter intent would have erupted.

When that erupted, it would be like a sword coming out of its sheath, like an arrow being loosed from its string. There would be no return without blood. If it was unleashed, then without killing her, his own mental energy would cause a backlash that would affect his future.

It was the same now. Even without the martial stage’s rules in effect, right now, either he killed Gui Yun and Ku Wuya, or he died. There was no third possibility.

When it came to mental realm, Liao Yuhuang had a huge natural advantage thanks to her music cultivation. Although she wouldn’t dare to say that he was unrivaled, amongst all these cultivators, the mental energy of music cultivators was definitely the strongest.

However, when compared to Long Chen’s mental energy, it was like hers was a tiny stream compared to a vast sea. Now, this vast sea was awakening, becoming a raging storm.

“Use whatever tricks you have. As for myself, I will only use this one saber!” Long Chen slashed his saber. His movements weren’t fast, but his saber left behind a black crack in the air wherever it passed. Saber Qi erupted toward Ku Wuya.

“Corpse Devil Projection, Ancient Dao Transmission!” Ku Wuya roared, and those wriggling figures behind him unleashed rays of light onto his back.

In that instant, Ku Wuya’s aura rose by several times, shocking everyone. In the blink of an eye, his power had multiplied.

“How can he increase his power so much? Is he not afraid of his body exploding?” exclaimed Luo Xue.

“Ku Wuya’s physical body essentially isn’t human. It’s half corpse. Due to absorbing so much corpse poison, his physical body has been strengthened to the point of being impervious to blades or spears. When he fought fairy Shishi, he intentionally let her sword pierce his body to create the illusion that that was the limit of his physical body. He’s quite crafty. His half-corpse body can endure this kind of eruption. He did that before to make fairy Shishi careless so that he could counterattack.” Surprisingly, Liao Yuhuang walked over to them and answered her question.


Just then, Ku Wuya’s bone club smashed into Long Chen’s saber. The clash of these two divine weapons unleashed a heaven-shaking explosion.

The instant they clashed, it was as if a sun was born between them. It rapidly grew and struck the barrier. The barrier was like glass, instantly shattering.

“Not good!”

The spectators cried out in horror as that divine light raced toward them.

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