Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3147 A World King’s Pressure

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Chapter 3147 A World King’s Pressure

This black figure was also pudgy, and it even looked a bit similar to Gui Yun. But his aura was one that shook people’s souls.

“Long Chen, do you think that you’re very powerful? Do you think that without my assassination arts, I can’t do anything to you? Do you know that the majority of my power is sealed by my master? I will repay you a hundredfold for the humiliation you’ve given me. You wish to face me directly? Then I’ll show you my true power. I, Gui Yun, do not specialize in assassinations.”

Gui Yun took out a single drop of blood, which shook even Divine Lords. As soon as it appeared, divine might spread.

“A World King’s pressure! That is a World King’s essence blood!”

The drop of blood merged into Gui Yun’s manifestation. After that, a figure walked out of his manifestation, his aura identical to Gui Yun’s.

The two figures overlapped. In that instant, the space around Gui Yun cracked and shattered.

Gui Yun’s figure vanished. However, Long Chen only snorted and swung his saber.

The void exploded. People first saw a dagger and only afterward saw Gui Yun’s figure. Long Chen’s saber had struck his dagger.

Astral winds whistled as their two weapons clashed. Long Chen coldly looked at Gui Yun. “It seems that your words are true. Right now, your aura entirely belongs to Enpuda. To put it more bluntly though, you are borrowing Enpuda’s power. It’s not that the majority of your power is sealed by him. Is it so difficult to accept that you are simply weak?”

Long Chen’s gaze was full of disdain. Gui Yun’s aura and spiritual pressure had completely changed. This wasn’t a power that belonged to him. Perhaps part of his power truly was sealed by Enpuda, perhaps so that Enpuda could help him nourish that power. But then he could also borrow Enpuda’s power when he needed it. Enpuda truly did care about this final disciple of his.

Even Divine Lords were shaken. This was the pressure of a World King. Even they would be affected by this pressure, and their combat power would be sharply reduced.

It had to be known that they were outside of the martial stage. For Long Chen to be facing Gui Yun directly, the pressure had to be unimaginable. That was the irresistible will of a World King. But Long Chen didn’t seem affected by it at all, stunning them. It seemed that Long Chen was truly the greatest monster of this Nine Prefecture Convention.

Long Chen’s will was far stronger than theirs. This was a will that was capable of contending against the will of the Heavenly Daos even when he was a youth. Perhaps someone could kill him, but no one could make his will bend.

Suddenly, sparks flew out of Long Chen’s saber. Gui Yun was forced back. With a final shove, Gui Yun was sent flying. Without even turning back, Long Chen swung his saber behind him.

This seemingly casual yet also intentional swing struck a giant figure charging toward him.

Ku Wuya had rushed over, and yet with the way that Long Chen had moved, it was as if he had rushed over just to block Long Chen’s saber, as if he had been worried about his saber missing. Despite being the one trying to attack, it seemed that Ku Wuya was the one passively defending.


Ku Wuya and Long Chen were both blown back. Long Chen was knocked back seven steps, while Ku Wuya coughed up more black blood.

That wasn’t intentional like when he had fought Bai Shishi. Everyone saw that Ku Wuya’s hands were bleeding. One of his arms was deformed, clearly broken.

Borrowing the power from Ku Wuya’s blow, Long Chen charged toward Gui Yun. He unleashed seven slashes, forcing Gui Yun back further and further until he was unable to block the seventh blow. With a flash, Gui Yun used his strange movement art to escape.

Long Chen slashed his saber behind him once more, and Ku Wuya, who had just charged back, was sent flying once again. This time, it was even more vicious, with his shoulder dislocated.

“He’s reading them? How can he really be doing that in a battle of that level?!” Even Divine Lords were shocked.

If the first time was a coincidence, then how could this coincidence occur twice? Was there really something so coincidental in this world?

Only someone whose realm was far greater than their opponent, someone who was far stronger, could possibly read their moves so easily. But Long Chen and Ku Wuya were in the same realm. Ku Wuya had become famous even as a youngster and had plenty of combat experience. There was no way that his moves were so easy to read. Furthermore, the number of people that had witnessed him fighting all-out was exceedingly low.

This was Long Chen’s first time fighting him. There was no way he could have such a deep understanding of his opponent. But he had accurately predicted Ku Wuya twice, injuring him in the process.

Due to reading him, Long Chen’s attacks struck Ku Wuya just as the latter was condensing his own power for his attack. Thus, Ku Wuya was stopped before he could unleash his full power. There was even a backlash from having his power flow backward.

Having his power flow backward was like attacking himself. Ku Wuya was already suppressed by Long Chen’s power, but now that he was being read as well, just these two simple attacks from Long Chen injured him.

Amongst the crowd, one person suddenly sighed. “When boss San discussed the Dao, he said that all the Daos and laws of the world have their own rules. Cultivation is defying the heavens, using mortal eyes to see the Grand Dao. If even the Grand Dao can be seen, then the moves that people make can also be seen, read, and broken. This has nothing to do with cultivation base, realm, or talent. As long as you see the opening in a person’s moves, you can unleash a precise attack to defeat them in one blow. At that time, someone refuted him, saying that this was nonsense. In a battle between people in the same realm where the two sides are equally matched, it would be impossible to see through your opponent’s moves like that. At that time, boss San said that just because that person was unable to do it, it didn’t mean that others couldn’t. Now, he’s using himself to prove that his words were correct.”

On the Dao discussion stage, Long Chen had said many shocking things that others were unable to accept. There were countless people who scoffed at his words. However, what he had said obtained the approval of the Dao discussion stage, making people think that the stage was broken.

Even so, when he participated in the Martial Dao convention, what he said was being proved over and over again.

As the three of them fought, the martial stage shuddered. The barrier was shaking constantly, with gusts of astral winds blasting it over and over again.

This was truly a world-shaking battle, with every attack containing the power to destroy heaven and earth. Even one against two, Long Chen was suppressing them, stunning countless people. Before this, who would have thought that someone in this world could fight Ku Wuya and Gui Yun together?

After two hours, Ku Wuya lost his patience. He formed hand seals and the void collapsed. After that, a giant figure came out of that collapsed space. A terrifying divine pressure descended.

“I can’t wait any longer! I’m not fighting a battle of attrition. I don’t even want to win the championship anymore! I’m going to decide victory or defeat with one move against Long Chen!” Covered in blood, Ku Wuya’s eyes were full of killing intent. When everyone saw the giant figure that he had summoned, their hearts skipped a beat.

That giant figure was actually a coffin.

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