Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3148 Entering a Weak State?

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Chapter 3148 Entering a Weak State?

When that coffin appeared, a mix of rot and death aura appeared. It felt as if smelling it would cause people to rapidly age.

The sky instantly turned dark. The giant coffin floated above Ku Wuya’s head, unleashing black mist.

“Gui Yun, I’ll give you the championship. Scram! I’ll kill him myself!” roared Ku Wuya.

He was truly infuriated. He had never been so vexed in this lifetime. All his moves were seen through by Long Chen. No matter what he did, he was easily countered.

In front of Long Chen, it was like he was a novice to the cultivation world. That feeling of powerlessness drove him mad.

That intense feeling of being thwarted also made him uneasy. Ever since he had found the Corpse Devil Dao, he had been unmatched in his realm. But all of that accumulated sharpness and confidence ran into a wall today. He couldn’t accept this. Any more, and it would very likely leave behind a heart-devil.

Even if the two of them did manage to slay Long Chen together, that heart-devil wouldn’t be erased. He had to personally defeat Long Chen.

“What a joke. Do I need you to give me the championship? Long Chen’s life is mine. You’re the one who should scram,” sneered Gui Yun. “Weren’t you trying to take advantage of me? Why didn’t you take out this trump card at the beginning?”

The three of them paused and stood in different spots. Long Chen didn’t press the attack. He just coldly looked at them.

“Not good! Long Chen is bleeding all over!” Luo Xue’s expression changed. Only once they stopped did Luo Xue see that the slight traces of blood leaking throughout Long Chen’s body had now turned into a heavier flow. His white scales were dyed red, and blood slowly dripped down.

Everyone saw it. It seemed that Long Chen’s condition wasn’t good. After all, he was facing two terrifying figures. One was a monster of the Corpse Devil Dao, and the other was a World King’s disciple. One against two, it was shocking that Long Chen was able to fight against the two of them for so long.

At this point, people were already guessing that if it wasn’t one against two, Long Chen would probably have won.

Seeing his current state though, countless people felt worried for him. Ku Wuya and Gui Yun were both terrible people whom they hoped to lose. But it seemed that such a thing was unlikely.

When Ku Wuya summoned his coffin, he told Gui Yun to scram. He clearly had the utmost confidence in this trump card of his. But Gui Yun actually told Ku Wuya to scram as well, demanding why the latter hadn’t taken it out earlier. Just from their words, it was possible to tell that they both saw that Long Chen had left his peak condition and was starting to weaken, and they both wanted to personally kill him.

In comparison to the fame and reward for first place, killing Long Chen personally was more important to them now. That was because Long Chen had given them a serious blow to their confidence and sharpness. For Gui Yun, he had even been slapped in the face, and the handprint was still there.

If they didn’t personally kill Long Chen, it might become their life’s regret or even a heart-devil. That was the most frightening thing.

As for Long Chen, although he was covered in blood, his aura still didn’t show the slightest sign of flagging. It was still burning brightly like a flame. In fact, it seemed to be growing stronger.

“Why exactly have they decided that boss is weakening? I can’t tell,” said Bai Xiaole.

“You lack combat experience. Unfortunately, they don’t know that those that drown always think that they’re good swimmers. Countless people die because they think they have experience. But in this world, there’s a kind of people that rely on breaking the laws of common sense to exist. Boss is one of them,” said Qin Feng, still as confident as ever.

The three of them were standing on the martial stage- no, it should be said that they were standing in a circular world of chains. Astral winds buffeted this space. It was as if invisible flags within space were constantly being blown. It was a shocking sight.

“Hahahaha!” Long Chen suddenly raised his head and laughed. His voice pierced directly into the heavens. Upon seeing this, Gui Yun and Ku Wuya’s expressions changed.

The so-called aura was a condensation of a person’s essence, qi, and spirit. If any of them was lacking, then there would definitely be a change in their aura, as well as their voice. This one laugh was enough to show them that his aura wasn’t weakening in the slightest.

They had been calculating Long Chen’s attack power and frequency, as well as his lost blood. Due to Long Chen’s gushing aura, they couldn’t determine the truth from just that.

Long Chen was constantly bleeding. Based on their experience, they determined that he should be starting to enter a weak state. The reason Ku Wuya had taken out his coffin and even expressed that he was giving up on the championship was precisely because he had noticed this. Thus, he tried to force away Gui Yun before it was all too noticeable.

Unfortunately, he had underestimated Gui Yun. Gui Yun was an assassin with even sharper vision than him. He had just as much experience in killing people. If Ku Wuya could notice this, then Gui Yun could as well.

Thus, Gui Yun naturally would reject him. He had to avenge the enmity of being slapped in the face. Otherwise, no matter how high he soared in the future, there would be no way to wash away this stain.

However, just as the two of them were planning this, Long Chen’s laugh was like two resounding slaps in their faces.

“The warm-up is just finished. But now, you’re starting to fight over who should get to fight me? Are you trying to make me laugh to death?” Long Chen’s laughter rang out darkly.



Such a terrifying fight was a warm-up? Was he trying to tell a scary story? Everyone’s jaw dropped. Even Divine Lords were dumbfounded. The level of their fight was not at all inferior to battles between Divine Lords. Such a thing was a warm-up? Was that not the biggest joke?

The spectators felt like they had used up all the shock of their lifetimes on Long Chen.

“You still have trump cards, so how could I have used up all my trump cards? I really can’t understand how weaklings like you have the courage to do such evil things. Just who gave you the courage?” Long Chen slowly raised his saber and pointed it at the two of them. “This is the real battle. Due to my own power, my physical body wasn’t able to keep up entirely, and I had to let them get used to each other. Now I’ll show you my true power. If you’re still going to hold back, then I don’t mind telling you that your trump cards will be brought to hell with you. You can show them off to the Yama Kings.”

“Big words! Who do you think you’re trying to scare?!”

Ku Wuya furiously formed hand seals. The giant coffin above his head rumbled and smashed toward Long Chen. Chains dropped from the coffin, sealing the space around Long Chen.

“Be suppressed!” roared Ku Wuya.

He had only just finished shouting when a black saber suddenly pierced through his chest.

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