Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3149 Immortal King Ancient Corpse

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Chapter 3149 Immortal King Ancient Corpse

The saber was like a bolt of lightning striking out of nowhere and pierced Ku Wuya’s body. Black blood slowly dripped down it.

Long Chen was holding the saber. There was a pair of lightning wings on his back.

Right now, countless lightning runes revolved within those wings, all of them containing a power that caused the world to shake. It was completely different from ordinary lightning, as it possessed a will of annihilation, one that shook Divine Lords.

When this pair of wings appeared, all the lightning in the black clouds vanished, as if afraid.

“The aura of heavenly tribulation… How can that be?!” The Divine Lords stared in shock at Long Chen’s wings.

In the immortal world, only Divine Lords and above had gone through tribulation, and only they were able to tell why the power of these lightning wings felt so familiar.

Those below the Divine Lord realm, whether they were in the Divine Flame realm or the Four Peak realm, were not qualified to even undergo heavenly tribulation. But just in the Divine Flame realm, Long Chen had encountered heavenly tribulation, almost taking his life.

However, he had also benefited from it because Lei Long had absorbed the immortal lightning. Even so, the laws in the immortal world were different, so Lei Long’s control over thunderforce was far inferior than when they were in the mortal world.

Afterward, Long Chen had won the Dao discussion convention, and the ancient stage had given him the World Extermination Lightning Radiance. Long Chen then had Lei Long train in this technique. As a lightning spiritual body, it was capable of comprehending this technique when Long Chen couldn’t.

When Lei Long mastered this technique, it also immensely improved at controlling the immortal world’s lightning. At the very least, it was capable of an initial control over heavenly tribulation lightning.

Thus, when these lightning wings appeared, Long Chen’s speed skyrocketed. Since it wasn’t his own power, but Lei Long’s power, it came without any sign or warning.


Ku Wuya stared at Long Chen in disbelief. It was so sudden that he hadn’t been prepared at all. His life was now in Long Chen’s hands.

“I’ll give you a chance.” Long Chen coldly looked at Ku Wuya, and his saber suddenly shuddered.

Ku Wuya’s large body blew up just like that. A rain of black blood filled the air.

“He… died… just like that?” People stared at that black blood, not daring to believe it.

Just then, the giant coffin that had smashed down toward where Long Chen had been now changed direction and smashed toward him again.

“He’s not dead?!” Startled cries rang out. If Ku Wuya was really dead, then there was no way that the coffin would attack Long Chen again.

Long Chen didn’t dodge and just rested his saber on his shoulder. He slowly raised his left hand toward the coffin.

“He wants to receive it with his bare hand?!” Countless eyes widened.

At this moment, a lotus mark appeared on Long Chen’s palm, and flame energy erupted. This lotus actually had a rainbow appear over it.

“Azure Rainbow Flame!”

When that flame appeared, all the experts were shaken. Was this not Chu Shuang’s flame? How was it under Long Chen’s control?


The giant coffin smashed down, and Long Chen’s palm met it. In front of the giant coffin, Long Chen was as miniscule as an ant. However, his palm caused heaven and earth to resonate. That giant coffin suddenly came to a stop.

“Be broken!” Long Chen shouted, and with a final push, the coffin exploded. Countless bits of rubble flew in every direction. After that, a figure appeared within that rubble.

It was a white-haired elder wearing bizarre clothes. His body was withered. At this moment, his eyes suddenly opened, and an incomparably sharp pressure soared.

“The pressure of an Immortal King…”

The spectators were stunned. This elder actually had the aura of an Immortal King. That was a terrifying existence above a Divine Lord. Just who was it?

“It seems that I overestimated you. I thought you still had a substitute. But you don’t. This Immortal King should be your trump card. You were planning on controlling it to fight together against me. I gave you enough time to use your substitution art, but it seems that you could only abandon your physical body and have your soul merge into this ancient corpse.” Long Chen gazed at the Immortal King’s corpse. He could sense Ku Wuya’s spiritual fluctuations from it.

Only once he said this did the spectators realize that this terrifying expert was actually an ancient corpse.

At the same time, they were stunned. Just how confident was Long Chen? It sounded as if he had had a chance to kill Ku Wuya but had let him off anyway.

“Long Chen, I’ll rip out your soul and torture you for eternity!” The corpse roared. The voice was Ku Wuya’s voice, but it was dry and rough. It was not the voice of a human.

The corpse spread his arms. The rain of blood from Ku Wuya’s body was absorbed by this ancient corpse. As for Long Chen, he just watched, allowing Ku Wuya to make his move.

“If Long Chen used his flame energy or thunderforce to destroy this blood, he would clearly stop him,” sighed Luo Xue.

Even she had noticed that Ku Wuya was merging with his essence blood to better control this ancient corpse. But Long Chen wasn’t stopping him.

She really was a bit worried. Long Chen was still bleeding, so she didn’t understand why he would do this. He could clearly save some energy.

What she didn’t know was that he was doing this to get a better understanding of his current body. He wanted his body to get used to fighting like this so that it wouldn’t affect his future battles.

The other reason was that he found that this pain was able to suppress the power of the Purgatory Eyes. He didn’t know if it was because the pain was distracting him and stopping him from feeling anger, but in any case, it was allowing him to think more clearly.

When all the blood was absorbed, the withered corpse grew plumper and filled with vitality. Ku Wuya then glared at Long Chen furiously.

“Long Chen, you destroyed my physical body. I’ll kill you and everyone you care about.”

Ku Wuya moved. With a single step, he crossed the distance between them and unleashed a punch at Long Chen.

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