Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3151 A Heaven-Shaking Saber, Ghosts and Gods Flee

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Chapter 3151 A Heaven-Shaking Saber, Ghosts and Gods Flee

Hundreds of wounds opened up on Long Chen’s body, and blood was constantly pouring out of them. It even leaked out of his mouth.

“His aura was raging so wildly because he couldn’t control that much power!”

Seeing Long Chen’s state, countless people came to an understanding about his previous words.

Before this, Long Chen had a huge amount of energy leaking out of his body, forming his aura. It was wasted to reduce the damage to his body.

Through repeated injuries and testing, he now sealed that energy within his body, causing his effective power to soar. However, his own body was unable to endure this energy and was injured even more badly than before.

“So he was telling the truth. Heavens, just what cultivation technique does he train in?”

“I heard that he created it himself. He merged the Seven Supreme Yang Technique and the Starry River of the Sky Art into one. He had to come up with many areas himself because only a portion of both techniques remain. His path has already deviated from those two techniques.” People had investigated Long Chen and had at least this much information on him.

“Then he really is a genius. However, no matter how strong the cultivation technique is, if he can’t even control it properly and gets injured just by using it, there’s a danger of him losing his life at any moment. Ugh, I wonder how far he can walk his path?” An elder sighed emotionally over Long Chen. He clearly didn’t have that high of an opinion for this self-created technique.

“If he could win the Dao discussion convention, his understanding of the Dao is clearly profound. Perhaps he really can blaze open an entirely new path. We can only watch in anticipation.”

Seeing Long Chen constantly bleeding, countless people felt various emotions. Long Chen had truly given them a deep impression. However, this terrifying power was also harming himself. Just how long could he last? Even if he could beat Ku Wuya, there was still Gui Yun.

Even though this attack from Long Chen had truly been stunning, the situation hadn’t changed. It didn’t seem like either side had any advantage. Even now, they couldn’t tell who would win.

The High Firmament Academy’s disciples no longer dared to make a sound. They were afraid their voices would disturb Long Chen.

Zhong Ling and Zhong Xiu’s eyes were full of tears. Seeing Long Chen’s bloody state filled them with pain, but they couldn’t help at all.

Mu Qingyun was covering her mouth, her tears streaming down her face. She didn’t want to watch Long Chen fighting like this. It seemed like he could lose his life at any moment.

As for Luo Bing and the others, they clenched their fists, their palms sweaty. They were incredibly nervous.

Ku Wuya spat out a mouthful of blood. Mixed inside were some broken bits of his insides.

“Long Chen, I didn’t expect you to still have a move up your sleeves. Good, then let me see just how much blood you can bleed.” Ku Wuya smiled cruelly as he eyed the rivulets of blood flowing down Long Chen’s body.

“I have so much blood that I can’t run out. On the other hand, you shouldn’t have treated her like that. You shouldn’t have used her to anger me. When I get angry, the heavens will flip, the earth will be overturned, the cosmos will break, and the ten thousand Daos will crumble. Mountains of corpses will rise and rivers of blood will flow…”

Long Chen’s gaze was dark. As he spoke, he slowly pointed his saber toward the heavens. His voice was icy, almost like a curse from a heavenly devil, yet also like an imperial edict from a god. Hearing his words, people felt as if they could already see the scene he spoke of. A feeling of terror directly pierced their souls.

Just at this moment, a giant saber-image rumbled and tore through the chain barrier. It tore through the clouds.


“The barrier was broken?!”

“What technique is this?!”

Seeing this heavenly blade suddenly soar and break the layers of runic chains, everyone shot to their feet.

“Stop wondering and run! Get the hell away from it!” A Divine Lord shouted. Whether it was people in the inner or outer spectator stand, anyone in the path of this saber instantly fled to the side.

Ku Wuya was horrified to sense a terrifying power lock on him. He couldn’t move and he felt miniscule in the face of that saber. Now, a sensation of death welled up within him. Even the body of an Immortal King was unable to protect him.

“Gui Yun, get over here! If I die, you’re next! I don’t care about the championship or Long Chen’s life, they’re yours!” shouted Ku Wuya.

“Split the Heavens!”

Just at this moment, a thunderous roar came from Long Chen, and the world changed color as the giant saber-image slashed down. In front of countless shocked gazes, the chain barrier simply exploded upon contact with it. The saber-image slashed straight down toward Ku Wuya.

This was a world-shaking attack, one that caused the river of stars to shake and the ten thousand Daos to quake. An undefeatable will rose. It was as if the entire world was going to be split apart.

“Master, bless me with divine power to protect me.”

Gui Yun prayed and Enpuda’s figure in his manifestation quivered. Divine light fell on him. After that, his aura grew explosively, and he blazed as brightly as the sun. The power of a World King shrouded him as he appeared in front of Ku Wuya.

Ku Wuya was delighted. He then spat out a mouthful of blood, and his manifestation rumbled. Countless figures appeared. There were millions of corpse monsters that flooded out and merged into his body.

After that, Ku Wuya’s withered body instantly swelled up, as if his flesh and blood had been reborn. Dark runes also lit up all over his body. He then raised the remaining half of his wolf tooth club against Long Chen’s attack.

As Long Chen’s saber fell, everything in its path was destroyed. The spectator stands were shattered, and the barrier that popped up was as flimsy as a bubble in front of this saber. Now, those people that were seated there originally felt a burst of fear. If it hadn’t been for that Divine Lord’s warning, they would have still been foolishly sitting there.

The saber-image fell upon Gui Yun and Ku Wuya. As a result, both their manifestations crumbled, and the saber still didn’t stop. It pierced through the chain barrier until it fully exploded. Broken fragments of the Heavenly Daos flew chaotically through the air. This was a truly world-shaking saber, one that even ghosts and gods would flee before.

Seeing the wreckage of the martial stage, everyone stared in dumbfounded silence.

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