Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3152 Heavenly Flame Barrier

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Chapter 3152 Heavenly Flame Barrier

The martial stage crumbled. This martial stage of unknown origin, which had existed for countless years and witnessed the battles of countless heavenly geniuses, was destroyed by Long Chen’s saber. It was impossible to sense its aura any longer.

The saber-image continued to strike the sea, unleashing a huge wave. Water and astral winds mixed into a tempest that seemed to unleash water arrows in every direction. Seeing this, everyone hastily worked together to block them. Even Divine Lords were forced to take action.

“What happened to Ku Wuya and Gui Yun? Did they die?” It was now impossible to see Ku Wuya and Gui Yun. The two of them were devoured by that saber.

Blood slowly dripped down Long Chen’s saber, dropping into the sea and causing red flowers to bloom. That blood didn’t dissipate for quite some time. There seemed to be flames burning within it.

Long Chen’s scales were broken and he was covered in wounds. In some places, the wounds were so deep that it was possible to see bones. His body was clearly unable to endure such a terrifying impact. He had used Split the Heavens, and the nine acupuncture points he activated had shattered his insides.

Split the Heavens innately possessed the will of going against the Heavenly Daos. On the Martial Heaven Continent, the will of the Heavenly Daos was not as powerful and obvious since the laws were incomplete. Here, the Heavenly Daos were complete, so they did not allow any power to resist them. As a result, when Long Chen unleashed this move, he also endured a backlash from the Heavenly Daos.

However, Long Chen had a gratified smile on his face. He had succeeded in bringing a technique from the mortal world to the immortal world. He would make the nine forms of Split the Heavens resound throughout the immortal world so that the old man could hear the name of Split the Heavens even down in the Yellow Springs.

Long Chen seemed to be on the verge of collapse, but everyone who looked at him was filled with reverence. This was a true expert, someone who was so powerful that others could only look up to them.

Suddenly, waves exploded from the sea, and a figure charged out of the waves. It was Ku Wuya. However, half of his body was now missing. Even his Immortal King’s corpse was unable to endure Long Chen’s attack.

In his one remaining hand, a black rune that contained the aura of death flickered. It was as if millions of resentment spirits were sealed within it.

“Die!” Ku Wuya roared furiously. Even together with Gui Yun, his body was unable to endure Long Chen’s attack. However, Long Chen was also heavily wounded. Seeing this, Ku Wuya would unleash all his remaining power to kill him now.

Long Chen’s body quivered ever so slightly. At the next moment, life energy spread throughout him, and those terrifying wounds instantly closed.


Everyone was stunned. Those terrifying wounds had been directly suppressed. They were unaware that Long Chen had sucked out the primal chaos space’s life energy to heal.

Ku Wuya’s twisted face instantly fell into despair when he saw this. Just how was he supposed to fight Long Chen like this?

Just as he panicked, a black saber sliced off his remaining arm. Ku Wuya was even worse off than Long Chen. His corpse body was now missing half of its runes, resulting in its power plummeting. It could no longer endure the attack of a Treasure item.

Long Chen’s palm slammed into Ku Wuya’s body. Flame runes flowed out, entering Ku Wuya’s body and transforming into flame dragons that tightly bound him.

Those flame dragons then viciously tore at Ku Wuya’s body. His runes were already gone, and his core energy was used up. Hence, his physical body was no longer strong enough to endure this attack. Those flame dragons were able to pierce his body, causing him to scream and howl in pain. That sound made other people’s hair stand on end.

“It’s karmic flames refining the souls!” Startled cries rang out. This move had also been used against young master Wuji. It directly pierced the heart to make people endure as much pain as they had caused.

Unless a person had never done anything evil in their lifetime, this technique was absolutely terrifying.

“Heavenly Flame Barrier.”

With some one-handed seals, a giant sphere of flames appeared around this space. And under the illumination of the flames, people saw a lone black figure. That figure was trying to stealthily flee.

“You already agreed to work together with Ku Wuya. Ku Wuya would draw my attention, while you launched sneak attacks. What? Have you lost the courage to attack? Have you forgotten why I made this a one-against-two? All this effort, wasn’t it just to make sure that you stayed together?” sneered Long Chen.

Staring at that black figure, people were filled with disbelief. Someone as powerful as Gui Yun, a World King’s disciple, was actually fleeing? Even he didn’t dare to face Long Chen?

The black figure completely ignored Long Chen’s sneer. A dagger appeared and stabbed into the flame barrier.

Gui Yun knew that Long Chen had at most thirty percent of his energy left. In that last exchange, he had exhausted a great deal of his own energy and didn’t have much more energy than Long Chen.

Also, the power of Long Chen’s saber was able to interrupt the transmission of Enpuda’s divine energy to him. Hence, Gui Yun was no longer able to borrow his master’s power.

When he had seen Long Chen so seriously injured, he had thought that with Ku Wuya, they could kill Long Chen. But when Long Chen instantly healed, that chance was lost. They no longer had the power to kill him. Hence, without caring about his face, Gui Yun fled.

Long Chen sneered when he saw Gui Yun attempt to stab his way through the flame barrier. At this moment, his hand seals changed, and a lotus mark appeared on top of the barrier in front of Gui Yun. When Gui Yun stabbed it, it was like a sun had exploded. Gui Yun screamed, and the scent of roast pork filled the air.

Gui Yun was quite unlucky. Huo Long had just gained control over the Azure Rainbow Flame, and its flame power had soared. It had already condensed the World Extermination Flame Lotus within the barrier. If Gui Yun had chosen to attack Long Chen at that moment, considering that they were both in weakened states, he might have had the slightest chance.

Unfortunately, due to his injuries and exhaustion, he had chosen to flee. His spiritual perception had dropped, and he had even jumped into such an obvious trap.

Just then, Long Chen’s saber fell. He didn’t give Gui Yun any chance.


Gui Yun hastily blocked and his arm exploded, his dagger flying away. He smashed toward the flame barrier, and another lotus flower appeared on the barrier and opened its embrace to welcome him.

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