Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3153 Corpse Devil Sect Master

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Chapter 3153 Corpse Devil Sect Master


Gui Yun roared, unable to stop himself. Up in the air, he was unable to stop himself from flying into that flame lotus.


When the flame lotus exploded, Gui Yun screamed as his body was covered in flames. He spat out blood that was instantly incinerated by the flames.

After a second roasting, Gui Yun’s plump body had thinned out quite a bit. Quite a bit of oil was squeezed out. But no one laughed at him. For the terrifying Gui Yun to be screaming like this, it was almost unbelievable.

“This has to be the karmic flames refining the soul again. Otherwise, with his status, Gui Yun wouldn’t let himself scream like this.” People’s hearts and souls shuddered. To make such a person scream like this with no regard for his face was almost impossible. The fact that he was screaming only proved that he was suffering unbearable pain.

“I gave you a chance to fight me fairly, and we would fight with our true power. But you chose not to. Instead, you chose to run, only to fall into a sure death. Now, you no longer have any chance to fight me. You really are a fool, and a cowardly one at that. Real experts wave their blades at even stronger experts, but people like you put on a high and mighty exterior only to attack weaklings. Are you acting ruthless to cover up your own lack of ability and courage? Even your master is the same. He’s nothing more than a dog. As for you, you only know how to bully the likes of the kind Butterfly Spirit race and the Butterfly Dance race. Then you reveal your true cowardly self against real experts. I suppose you can repent for your sins within the karmic flames. They will incinerate your souls to atone for your crimes.”

Long Chen’s voice rang out like a god’s declaration, shaking people to the core. This was also a pledge of justice for those slain, innocent spirits.


Gui Yun struggled, but his body was wrapped in the lotus flames. No matter how he tried to break free, he was unable to escape its bindings.

There was also Ku Wuya who was wrapped in flame dragons and crying out miserably. Their screams resounded through the air.

“If you want to kill them, you can come. Once the karmic flames are unleashed, they can’t be stopped. If you interrupt them, their souls will immediately disperse,” said Long Chen suddenly.

Just then, an elder appeared outside the barrier of flames. This elder caused the members of the senior generation to cry out.

“The Corpse Devil Sect’s sect master!”

The Corpse Devil Sect’s sect master had concluded that Ku Wuya had no ability to resist. Gui Yun was in the same spot and couldn’t save him. Even though that sect master knew that interfering would cause a heart-devil to grow within Ku Wuya, he had no choice.

However, when he heard Long Chen’s words, his heart shook. He quickly did a spiritual probe and found that his words were true. Millions of invisible threads on top of Long Chen’s flame barrier were connected to Gui Yun and Ku Wuya’s souls. If an outer power broke this barrier, it really might cause the barrier to break along with their souls.

Hence, his expression grew unsightly. He did doubt the veracity of Long Chen’s words, but he didn’t dare to take the risk. Ku Wuya was the successor of his Corpse Devil Sect. He didn’t want him to die.

Although Ku Wuya had lost his physical body, they had an ancient inheritance and secret arts that could assist him. If he continued to remain unrivaled, then that excess sharpness might actually not be a good thing. Giving him a blow might make him steady himself and focus more on cultivation.

Thus, the sect master didn’t dare to throw away Ku Wuya’s life yet. Other than that, his other fear was that Gui Yun would die too if he interfered. Then he would be doomed. Gui Yun was Enpuda’s most cherished disciple. If he caused Gui Yun’s death, then his Corpse Devil Sect couldn’t possibly endure Enpuda’s wrath.

Long Chen rested his black saber on his shoulder, his back facing the Corpse Devil Sect’s sect master. From the start, he had never even looked at him. It seemed that everything was within his calculations. That calm of having everything under his control made countless experts worship him.

Despite being similar in age to many of them, on his own, he was able to suppress two peak experts. It didn’t matter what kind of person he was, that kind of power would be enough to make countless people worship him. However, through this battle, Long Chen also won over the hearts of countless youngsters. They all viewed him as an idol and a goal.

“Release them, otherwise…!”

Long Chen directly interrupted the Devil Corpse Sect’s sect master. “Shut your mouth. In my eyes, you are nothing more than a large pile of dogshit. I’ve heard plenty of threats, and I’m tired of it. Just remember this. Boss Long San doesn’t listen to anyone’s threats. Your threats will only infuriate me, and the consequences of infuriating me are very severe, so severe that you can’t even imagine it.”

“You…!” The sect master’s fury soared. He wanted to save Ku Wuya, but he didn’t want to say any boot-licking words, as that would only cause his sect’s face to be lost. However, Long Chen wouldn’t accept soft or tough words, resulting in him just standing there awkwardly, not daring to make a move or leave.

“Don’t be impatient. Both of them have committed so many atrocities that the karmic flames will take some time to incinerate them all. Right now, all you need to do is wait. Wait until a certain person shows up. If he appears, perhaps there will be a chance for Ku Wuya to survive,” said Long Chen, looking at Gui Yun coldly.

Wait? Everyone was startled. Seeing Gui Yun screaming and struggling inside the flame lotus, they felt a chill. They felt like they knew who Long Chen was waiting for.

The entire crowd was silent. The only sounds were Gui Yun and Ku Wuya’s screams, along with the sound of the raging flames.

Long Chen simply stood there. His divine flame energy had vanished and his 108,000 star flames needed to be adjusted. Using Split the Heavens had used up quite a bit of their energy. They were down to less than thirty percent.

Although his wounds looked as if they had healed, in reality, his body was riddled with holes. His physical body was truly too weak to endure this power even with the life energy of the Wood Foundation Divine Trees.

Furthermore, the backlash of the Heavenly Daos from using Split the Heavens had left the mark of the Heavenly Daos on his wounds, making recovery slower. It felt like millions of needles were moving through his body. Anyone else would have been unable to endure that power, let alone fight while enduring it. But Long Chen’s will was truly shocking. Even that fight hadn’t caused his expression to twitch.

Suddenly, Gui Yun’s manifestation appeared once more, and a divine might soared. A fat figure manifested, one that caused every expert’s soul to shudder. They had an urge to prostrate toward him, and they didn’t even dare to look at that figure.

“Enpuda, you’ve finally appeared. I’ve been waiting a long time,” said Long Chen lightly.

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