Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3154 Enpuda Shows Himself

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Chapter 3154 Enpuda Shows Himself

Everyone stared in shock at that huge figure within Gui Yun’s manifestation. They could sense the terrifying might of a World King.

A World King was the realm above an Immortal King, a heavenly deity who stood above all others and forced them to prostrate themselves in worship. A World King could destroy a world with a single hand. They were of a height that other cultivators couldn’t imagine.

Although it wasn’t Enpuda’s true self and was merely a wisp of his soul, the pressure of a World King still made it so others couldn’t move. It was as if a single thought could strip them of their lives.

As for Long Chen, he didn’t seem the slightest bit affected by this pressure. He looked coldly upon Enpuda’s figure.

Considering that Gui Yun was Enpuda’s precious disciple, Enpuda would definitely leave a spiritual mark on him that would activate when his life was in danger. After all, when Enpuda manifested himself, not many people within the nine heavens and ten lands dared to be enemies with him.

It seemed that his arrival was completely within Long Chen’s expectations. Furthermore, it seemed that he had been precisely waiting for this moment. That shocked people. He wished to challenge a World King? It had to be known that even just the wisp of a World King wasn’t something that they dared to blaspheme.

Enpuda’s figure was rather vague and illusory, so it wasn’t possible to see his facial features. But they could somewhat tell that he was looking at Long Chen.

“I didn’t expect there to be someone capable of defeating Yun-er. So, are you thinking of killing my disciple?”

Curiously, Enpuda’s voice was very pleasant but a bit sinister. Although his voice was gentle, it possessed a will that could not be defied.

“Fatty, you don’t recognize me? Look closely, or maybe think back.” Long Chen gazed at Enpuda. He had been waiting for him to appear precisely to confirm a certain thing.


Everyone’s expression changed. Long Chen dared to call a World King fatty? Just what were his guts made of?

Enpuda was startled but didn’t get angry. He looked at Long Chen more closely and shook his head.

“What? Do you have enmity with me? If so, my apologies, but I don’t bother remembering the enmities of such insignificant people.”

“Hahaha!” Long Chen laughed. So Enpuda didn’t recognize him. In other words, when Long Chen had broken Enpuda’s divine statue in the Martial Heaven Continent, it hadn’t been him who had come at the end. That made sense. Just in the immortal world, Enpuda had to have countless divine statues. There was no way he could manage all of them. He naturally didn’t have time to bother with some minor faith energy in a mortal world.

Enpuda’s response verified his guess. Enpuda must have left his faith energy to his subordinates to manage. When Long Chen had been about to destroy the Bloodkill Hall in the continent, he had received a message from what he thought was Enpuda, asking him to not destroy his legacy.

Only when he ascended into the immortal world did Long Chen realize just how terrifying a force Enpuda was. For him to beg to spare his legacy in such a small place? Unlikely.

Now Long Chen was sure that it was nothing more than an ant under his command. It was unknown just how many layers of higher-ups there were above that person. Such a minor matter couldn’t possibly reach Enpuda’s ears.

Since that was the case, he was at ease. In the final battle of the Martial Heaven Continent, the continent’s Bloodkill Hall, Corrupt path, Pill Valley, and the others were all wiped out. Their inheritances were gone. Now, the survivors only worshiped the five Sovereigns, as well as those who had sacrificed their lives in battle like Qu Jianying, the old man, Ling Yunzi, and the others. Of course, there was also Long Chen.

This way, Long Chen knew that Enpuda didn’t know who he was. Although he was aware that his identity would be exposed sooner or later, later would be best.

“It seems that you’ve pissed off too many people to even remember them. That’s fine. Good and evil will face their karma in the end. Your sins will be repaid appropriately.” Long Chen laughed. His words were ambiguous, leaving people lost. Was Long Chen not some ascender from the lower plane? How could he have enmity with Enpuda?

“Good and evil will face karma? Do you believe in that superstition? I overestimated you. Tell me, from which foolish power are you?” Enpuda shook his head indifferently.

“Master, save me!”

Gui Yun suddenly screamed. Even though his master had arrived, he wasn’t doing anything to save him. He was just chatting with Long Chen. These karmic flames were so painful that Gui Yun felt like he was crumbling.

“All people must pay the price for their mistakes. You weren’t able to accurately measure your opponent. You couldn’t suppress your pride when winning, and you couldn’t retreat when losing. You’ve really disappointed your master. These karmic flames are the best punishment for you. That way, you’ll remember this lesson. You are master’s favorite disciple. If it was another disciple who lost like this, I would personally end them. But for you, I will permit one failure. If such a thing happens again though, I will save you just so I can personally kill you,” said Enpuda, his voice finally turning slightly cold.

An assassin was permitted to fail. But they were definitely not permitted to be trapped like this. That was the greatest humiliation for an assassin.

If an assassin failed, then they were to immediately flee from their opponent’s range. They were to strike like lightning and slip away like a shadow. As for being trapped? Was that really an assassin? He had lost face for the entire assassination world.

“But he…!” Gui Yun cried out hastily. Long Chen had a terrifying perception, so his assassination arts were useless against him. He could only face him directly.

Enpuda snorted, “No need to explain. After failing, you should have fled. With the ghost blade your master bestowed you, you were entirely capable of breaking the barrier and leaving. He didn’t defeat you in one move, so you had many chances to flee. But you refused to, instead lured by the bait. If an assassin relies on wishful thinking, they are no longer an assassin. You already knew the danger and knew how low your odds were, but you still took the risk. That’s not in line with the assassin’s code. You must pay the price. Don’t worry, you won’t die. But I’ll only save half your life, so you can absorb this lesson and not embarrass me in the future.”

Upon hearing this, everyone’s heart shook. As expected of a World King, even though he hadn’t personally watched the battle, his guess was accurate. Gui Yun truly had suffered repeatedly at Long Chen’s hands. As an assassin, he should have stopped taking the risk. However, this lesson was truly severe. The karmic flames were incomparably painful. Enpuda was very strict with his disciples.

Hearing their words, Long Chen smiled, as if he had just heard a huge joke. “I say, fatty, do you really think you’re all that powerful? Did I say that you could save him?”

The crowd felt a chill hearing Long Chen’s words. This fellow was truly a monster.

However, Enpuda didn’t get angry. He was a bit surprised. “What? Do you feel like you can kill him?”

“Haha, when I want to kill someone, no one can stop me,” laughed Long Chen.

“Oh, is that so? Then I’m very interested. I’m not killing you because you are my disciple’s target in the future. He will personally bring your head to me later. If he can’t, I will kill him. But I’m very curious, just what kind of trump cards do you have to say such big words?” asked Enpuda.

“Something like this.”

Long Chen took out a single feather, and an auspicious rainbow light appeared. The dark clouds shrouding this world instantly became clear.

“The rainbow crane race’s original true feather?” Enpuda’s tone instantly changed.

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