Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3156 Wiping Out Gui Yun

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Chapter 3156 Wiping Out Gui Yun

“Force you? Hahaha!”

Long Chen raised his head and laughed, sneering, “Are you joking? The founder of the Bloodkill Hall, an indomitable World King, is saying that a little Divine Flame rookie is forcing you to do something? Even I am embarrassed for you. Am I so terrifying? It was clearly Gui Yun who forced me. I didn’t force you, nor did I threaten you. I’m simply telling everyone a fact. Once Boss Long San decides on something, no one can change it. If Boss Long San wants to kill someone, no one can save that person. This wisp of your soul that you sent here came only to be humiliated. You can’t do anything. You can only watch as your disciple is burned alive. The cycle of the Heavenly Daos always gives appropriate retribution. Your Bloodkill Hall dared to sadistically slaughter the kindhearted Butterfly Spirit and Butterfly Dance races. Die Wu knew that she was going to die but still chose to come out to fight. In death, she entrusted me with her dream. A man’s word is worth a thousand gold. I naturally must make sure she can rest in peace in the Yellow Springs.”

The experts present stared at Long Chen, and countless young disciples felt their blood heating up. Despite having no grievance with Gui Yun himself, just due to being entrusted with this burden from Die Wu, Long Chen was willing to offend Enpuda.

Only such a figure could be called a true hero, someone who made all other so-called heavenly geniuses lose their splendor.

Long Chen’s light didn’t just come from his martial might. It also came from the way that he could not be threatened or suppressed. Even if he knew he would die, he still had the courage to raise his blade against powerful experts. For countless people, this was their first time seeing such daring, their first time understanding what true domineeringness was.

“Long Chen, do you wish to start a war between the High Firmament Academy and the Bloodkill Hall? Do you know how many of the disciples of the High Firmament Academy will die because of you? How many people will pay with their lives for your foolishness?” demanded Enpuda.

If it weren’t for Enpuda’s status, countless curses would have rained down on him from the crowd. He, a grand and mighty World King, was actually using the High Firmament Academy’s disciples to threaten Long Chen.

Perhaps Enpuda wouldn’t dare to directly attack the High Firmament Academy, but he could send a large number of assassins after their disciples. Then all those lives would be Long Chen’s debt. They were unable to imagine just how a World King could be so shameless.

“Life and death are up to fate. The heavens give everyone their own opportunities and their own paths, and the path of cultivation is a bloody one of no return. If you want to kill the High Firmament Academy’s disciples, then kill them. If they are killed, it can only be said that they aren’t strong enough. Neither the academy nor myself can protect them. Although I can’t protect them, I will help them get their vengeance. For every person from the High Firmament Academy that you kill, I will slaughter a hundred people from your Bloodkill Hall. If you slaughter a hundred people from the High Firmament Academy, I will wipe out one of your branch halls. I, Long Chen, came from the lower plane to the immortal world through a path paved with the bones of my enemies. I pushed through a river of blood pouring toward me. I have never said a single empty word. If you don’t believe me, you can be so bold as to try me.”

Long Chen slowly pointed his saber at Enpuda, unleashing a sharp killing intent that shook the stars of the nine heavens. His killing intent then clashed with the will of a World King and was not the slightest bit inferior. That scene was something that countless people would never be able to forget in their lifetime.

“Are you threatening me?” Even as the world’s top assassin, Enpuda’s restraint had hit its limit.

“Have you grown foolish with age? I already said that I never threaten anyone. I’m simply telling you what will happen. Of course, whether or not it does happen is related to your actions,” sneered Long Chen.

“Master… I… I can’t hold on…”

Just at this moment, Gui Yun cried out. People were shocked to find that the flames burning him had shrunk down. His aura was also weakening.

Gui Yun was finally reaching his end under the burning of the karmic flames. Once the flames extinguished, his life would also be over. He would forever vanish from this world, not even entering the cycle of reincarnation.

On the other hand, Ku Wuya was still bitterly enduring. These karmic flames were incinerating all the evils that they had done. The more wicked deeds that someone had done, the longer they would burn.

Everyone was a mix of good and evil. If a person did terrible things, they might still be able to keep a clear conscience on the surface, but their inner heart would feel uneasy. But as they did more bad things, they gradually grew numb to it. They no longer felt uneasy and would no longer feel as if it was wrong. However, it would leave a mark deep within their heart.

In this case, the karmic flames were an impartial judge. Others wouldn’t be able to judge whether a person was good or bad, and they could be tricked. But it was impossible to trick oneself.

All the wicked deeds Ku Wuya had done and buried deep within him surfaced with the burning of the karmic flames. Unexpectedly, Ku Wuya had done even more evil than Gui Yun.

“Long Chen…!” Enpuda roared furiously. Gui Yun was the disciple he favored the most and the one he wished to pass his entire legacy to.

The only reason Enpuda hadn’t given him a protective divine item was because he didn’t want his disciple to form any kind of dependency on it, ruining his cultivation.

He was extremely strict with Gui Yun just so that the latter could make something of himself. Other than this wisp of his soul, Enpuda hadn’t bestowed him with any terrifying Treasure items.

He had originally thought that this wisp of his soul would be enough, but he hadn’t expected Long Chen to possess an original true feather from the rainbow crane race. It completely blocked his energy. Even as a World King, he was flummoxed.


Gui Yun let out one final unwilling cry before his body exploded, transforming into flame runes that dissipated into heaven and earth. A generation’s heavenly genius vanished from this world just like that. He was killed right in front of his master, a World King.

For a moment, everyone was deathly silent. Although they had been expecting it, they were still shaken the moment they saw him be killed.

To kill Gui Yun in front of his master, just how would Long Chen endure Enpuda’s wrath?

Long Chen’s expression was calm. One hand held his black saber, while the other hand held the original true feather. He stared coldly at Enpuda.

Following the death of Gui Yun, Enpuda’s figure began to shrink. Without anything to fix him here due to his connection with Gui Yun being severed, he was vanishing.

Enpuda furiously howled, “All subordinates of Divine Venerate Brahma, attack now! Wipe out Long Chen and everyone from the High Firmament Academy!”

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