Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3157 A Chaotic Battle Commences

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Chapter 3157 A Chaotic Battle Commences

Enpuda’s figure vanished, but his order continued to ring through the air. After that, chaos erupted.

Countless sects instantly eyed the High Firmament Academy’s disciples. Those disciples’ hair stood on end. They were surrounded by countless powerful foes.

Bai Shishi’s mother grouped together with the High Firmament Academy’s disciples and Elders. She sneered, but before she could speak, Long Chen’s voice rang out.

“Who wants to try it? I promise that whoever attacks will have their sects wiped out by me. Unless you can kill me, once I grow, there will be no place for you within the nine heavens and ten lands!” Long Chen pointed his saber toward those experts.


Just at this moment, loud screams rang out. Ku Wuya was finally unable to hold on any longer, following Gui Yun’s footsteps. He was incinerated.


Ku Wuya’s death caused the Corpse Devil Sect’s sect master to roar and slam Long Chen’s flame barrier with his palm. The power of a Divine Lord erupted.


The void exploded as he destroyed the barrier. However, his palm was dodged by Long Chen. Even A Divine Lord was unable to lock him down.

That was due to the divine blessing of the rainbow crane race covering his body. No mental or spiritual energy could harm him.

Just as Long Chen was being hunted down by the Corpse Devil Sect’s sect master, Bai Shishi’s mother quickly moved to stop him when she heard Long Chen’s voice.

“Let them come. I have my own way to deal with them.”

Bai Shishi’s mother was startled. It had to be known that following the Corpse Devil Sect’s sect master, over ten other Divine Lords were also charging at Long Chen. What was he doing?

However, she had confidence in Long Chen. Hence, she ordered the High Firmament Academy’s disciples to form up and prepare for battle instead.

The audience was in chaos. No one had expected this Nine Prefecture Convention to devolve into such a thing. The Huayun Trading Company’s experts were shouting angrily for people to stop, but no one listened to them.

All the experts that were attacking were connected to Lord Brahma. They all wanted to kill Long Chen, but they hadn’t had an excuse to do so. Luckily, Enpuda’s order gave them the perfect excuse. There was no need to worry about others saying that they were bullying the weak. They were only listening to orders.

Over ten Divine Lords charged at Long Chen, and even more of them were on their way. Their target was Long Chen’s head.

Considering Enpuda’s hatred for Long Chen, whoever could cut off Long Chen’s head would get into Enpuda’s good grace. That was a huge favor.

Furthermore, Long Chen was the High Firmament Academy’s most outstanding disciple. The academy had rejected Lord Brahma’s attempts at pulling them in many times, infuriating Lord Brahma. Killing Long Chen would not only help out Enpuda, but it would also be considered helping Lord Brahma.

Fifty to sixty Divine Lords were charging at Long Chen. Their divine might threw the world into chaos. The spectator stands had long since been broken, and now they fully vanished within the chaos. Everyone was running around chaotically, and screams rang out.

With the original true feather and his saber in his hands, lightning wings flapped on his back, causing him to weave through his attackers, dodging their attacks.

“A bunch of trash who don’t know respect,” sneered Long Chen as he dodged.

“You still dare to be arrogant with death at hand!”

Those Divine Lords were enraged. But there were so many of them in a crowded space that they couldn’t even unleash their full power. Being unable to lock Long Chen down, they clenched their teeth furiously.

Long Chen was flashing left and right as if dancing on the tip of a death god’s scythe. The way he narrowly dodged those lethal attacks made other people’s hearts quiver.

However, no matter what those experts did, they were unable to touch Long Chen. The Corpse Devil Sect’s sect master roared, “Scram, Long Chen is mine!”

Perhaps if there was just one person, he could catch Long Chen. But with so many people, they were all interfering and restricting each other’s movements.

“He killed young master Wuji. He owes a huge debt to the Flower Butterfly School. Why should you get to kill him?” retorted the Flower Butterfly patriarch.

“Don’t stop me, you pig!”

“Fuck off, are you blind? You’re the one in my way!”

“Are you on the same side as Long Chen? Are you intentionally messing up our formation? What are you up to? Keep acting like this and don’t blame me for not being courteous!”

“I’ve long since wanted to stop being courteous! Long Chen’s head will be taken by who has the ability, so what are you shouting for?!”

Long Chen was like a slippery fish, and they were unable to catch him. Hence, they were all infuriated by this failure.

Furthermore, as more experts joined in the effort to capture this big fish, quite a few Divine Lords charged toward Bai Shishi and the others. If it weren’t for Long Chen, Bai Shishi would be the High Firmament Academy’s number one expert. Killing her would also be good for them.

At this moment, one Divine Lord reached Bai Shishi, and he unleashed a powerful palm with scorching light. He wanted to suppress Bai Shishi in one move.

Looking at this, Bai Shishi snorted and slowly reached for the sword on her back. At the same time, a golden lotus mark appeared deep in her eyes.

Her sword then came flying out of its sheath. Golden light flashed, and that Divine Lord’s expression completely changed. His heaven-encompassing palm was gone.

After the streak of golden light passed, the Divine Lord’s body suddenly stiffened. He was cut in two. After that, his corpse instantly turned to gold and fell into the sea.

A Divine Lord was slain with one slash of the sword. That made everyone jump in shock. As for Bai Shishi herself, she was also surprised. She had only intended to stop him with this move. She wasn’t so arrogant to think that she could slay a Divine Lord with one swing of her sword.

She turned to see Bai Xiaole forming hand seals, his Three Flower Pupils active in his eyes. He had a pleased expression.

Clearly, he had used the Three Flower Pupils to influence their exchange. The Divine Lord had actually completely neglected Bai Xiaole’s existence. The Three Flower Pupils interrupted his technique, and he was cut in two just like that by Bai Shishi’s sword.

“This isn’t a martial competition anymore. This is a real battle, and the goal is always to kill your opponents. There are no rules. Everyone, fight together. Xiaole, remember to assist us. Fairy Shishi, young master Changchuan, let’s fight together!” Qin Feng was already charging out toward the next Divine Lord.

That Divine Lord didn’t even bother to care upon seeing an ordinary disciple attacking him. His true focus was concentrated on Bai Shishi, young master Changchuan, and Bai Xiaole. Hence, he simply unleashed a simple palm.


The Divine Lord’s palm slammed into Qin Feng’s arm. This blow, which he had thought would blast Qin Feng apart, only ended up blasting apart Qin Feng’s sleeve, revealing a Treasure item arm bracer.

At the same time, Qin Feng’s saber landed on his neck. This was a Treasure item saber that Bai Shishi’s mother had given him, and it was incomparably sharp. As a result, a Divine Lord’s head soared into the sky.

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