Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 55 – Playing The Rogue For Once

Chapter 055 Playing The Rogue For Once

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Scrap iron? Why don’t you try find me a few of these scrap iron?

This despicable Jun Moxie! Using the excuse of paying for me, he tricked me to gain possession of the Meteoric Iron!

It just so happened that she was also not thinking clearly at the moment and forgot to mention which one she wanted…

“Jun Moxie!!” Dugu Xiaoyi screamed, her pretty eyes bulging out widely. “Are you tired of living?”

“I’m innocent!” Jun Xie spread out his arms as he shrugged, his face a mix of roguishness and innocence. “What are you talking about, Miss Dugu? Of these two, I have already given you the bigger one, what else do you want? You want to buy iron, and I helped you pay for it. And yet, you say I am tired of living… you… you are being too unjust towards me!”

“You! … Very good! Very good indeed! Jun Moxie, you sure have guts! But you better make sure that you do not end up in my hands. I… I will never forgive you!” Dugu Xiaoyi’s chest rose up and down, as she was angered to the point of tears. She bit her plump lips as her whole body trembled. The tears within her eyes rolled about before finally falling down.

Jun Xie felt rather awkward. After all, the iron was one that Dugu Xiaoyi had wanted first. But he had used the excuse of paying it for her to pocket it instead. Using such an underhanded means to trick a little girl simply felt wrong. He tried to comfort her. “What are you crying for? How about this? When I am forging weapons from the iron, I will make a precious blade for you as well. After that, I will send it straight to your residence. So, let us just call it even, all right?” … Is this how you comfort people?

“Who wants your blade?” Dugu Xiaoyi did not know that Jun Xie was actually making a promise with her and thought that he was ridiculing her. She finally broke down in tears, her heart grieving non-stop. “This iron was obviously mine in the first place… uwuwuwu…”

Truthfully, Dugu Xiaoyi was not crying due to the loss of the Meteoric Iron. Even though Meteoric Iron was rare, it was not too difficult to obtain considering the power and influence of the Dugu Family. The real reason she was crying was because of Jun Moxie’s detestable actions. Putting on the airs of a debauchee, he had interrupted her in the midst of her purchase, then buying those two blocks of iron without letting others finish. His actions turned everything into a complete mess and once everything was done, he offered a piece of garbage to her! To add salt to injury, he even put on a pious expression as he said: You want the big one and I want the small one… How can this kind of item be valued using size?

Of course, the biggest reason for her to despise him was that she actually fell for it. She herself became confused after seeing his pretentious portrayal of a debauchee and ended up being tricked by him…

Beads of tears fell down her face, signifying just how heartbroken Dugu Xiaoyi was feeling. She looked at Jun Xie who was standing there like a wooden pole: He is not even bothering to come over to comfort me! This made Dugu Xiaoyi even sadder, she started bawling her eyes out.

“Urgh, stop crying, your face becomes screwed up when you cry, you end up looking ugly!” Jun Xie frowned, his eyes squinting. Apparently, this was how he intended to console her.

“I want to cry! I don’t need you to care! You… you… uwuwu… who did you say is ugly?!” The word ‘ugly’ is a taboo for girls. There were things in this world which could be endured and there are also things in this world which could not be endured! Dugu Xiaoyi suddenly stopped crying, her eyes glaring viciously at Jun Xie. In an instant, anger rose up from within her heart and from the anger came a loathing. She caught hold of Jun Xie’s arm, opened up her small mouth and bit Jun Xie’s arm. After biting into his arm, she broke down again and continued crying.

“Ouch!…” Jun Xie’s facial muscles twitched as he gritted his teeth, hissing. “Screw you!”

Dugu Xiaoyi looked at him through eyes filled with tears as she sobbed. “You… what did you just say?” She did not hear it clearly. Jun Xie shrugged, spreading his arms as he bared his teeth in pain. Dugu Xiaoyi then continued sobbing.

Jun Xie scratched his head, shrugged his shoulders, spread his arms and proceeded to do nothing.

In his past life, Jun Xie was an assassin and rarely had anything to do with romance. If there was any extra conditions, they were usually related to money… Once the job was completed, he will lock eyes with his client, then parted ways without forming any sort of relations. He has absolutely no understanding of the heart of females and no knowledge on how to console females. Thus, even when observing Dugu Xiaoyi’s crying state, he did not bother to step forward to try consoling her. He had given up any efforts to do so in the first place! If you want to cry, then just go ahead!.

Crouching on the ground, he carefully checked the quality of the Meteoric Iron. The longer he inspected it, the more satisfied he felt. He then used his hands to lift it up. Even though it was only slightly bigger than a basketball, it was still weighed at around 200 jin (121 kg). He chuckled twice in satisfaction.

If this block of Meteoric Iron were used to forge his flying daggers, they would be unbreakable and strong! He had found a real gem this time, even though his method of obtaining it was rather underhanded…

As he was feeling intoxicated from happiness, his buttocks suddenly felt pain, akin to having the Meteoric Iron block slammed onto his ass. After that, he heard Dugu Xiaoyi’s sobbing sound as she quickly ran out, leaving a string of tears on the ground…

It turned out that after she saw Jun Xie completely ignoring her, turning around to inspect the Meteoric Iron, Dugu Xiaoyi became even more resentful. She fiercely kicked his buttocks once before running away while crying…

Gently touching his ass, Jun Xie became infuriated. Seeing that Dugu Xiaoyi had already left, Jun Xie took a deep breath and cursed out: Screw your mother, you little girl! If you ever fall into my hands, I will *censored* … *censored* … *censored*, hmph…

Truthfully, even though Jun Xie’s current strength was nowhere near Dugu Xiaoyi’s, in a battle of life and death, Dugu Xiaoyi who only had a small amount of experience was no match for Jun Xie! However, this was also the root of his problem. In his past life, Jun Xie had only trained himself in the fastest and most vicious methods of killing, each technique was meant to take life! Even when he was exchanging moves with acquaintances! Thus, when fighting normally, Jun Xie was simply unable to fight at full capacity, making the situation extremely unfavourable for him.

Once in his past life, some of Jun Xie’s martial brothers had requested him to give some pointers through a spar. He replied. “Do not ask me for a spar, I do not know how to fight; I only know how to kill!”

How could he engage in a battle of life and death against Dugu Xiaoyi? Be it her family background or her temper, neither one was something that would allow Jun Xie to kill Dugu Xiaoyi! In addition, she is known as the “Nemesis of Debauchees”. This proved that she is a female of certain character. Furthermore, there was also the fact that the previous Jun Moxie was simply too much of a useless scum.

Straightening himself, he turned towards the shopkeeper and asked. “Boss, if this piece of Meteoric Iron is to be handed to your shop for weapon forging, how many times can you temper it?”

The old shopkeeper contemplated momentarily before replying. “My humble shop had once had the opportunity to work with this type of Meteoric Iron. After getting rid of the impurity, my shop could continue tempering up to three times. The finished product could radiate traces of circling wind clouds upon its surface; its radiance would discharge a chilling aura. If utilized for forging of weapons, then the weapon would certainly be extremely sharp!”

“Could it reach the state of cutting through iron like mud?” Jun Xie asked.

“No!” The edges of the old shopkeeper’s mouth curled as he simply answered. Cutting through iron like mud? This little brat has been listening to too many legends.

“Since that is the case, why do you call yourself Divine Weapons Store? What kind of divine weapons cannot cut through iron like mud?” Jun Xie stared at him with a gaze that gave off a feeling of being cheated.

The old shopkeeper suddenly felt the urge to turn upwards to shout the words ‘Injustice!’. “Young Master, I am afraid there have been a misunderstanding. The so-called cutting through iron like mud… that is simply a mythical legend for the properties of a divine weapon. Besides, even if a weapon is a genuine Divine Weapon, one must consider the strength of its wielder. Only a capable person would be able to utilize it to cut through iron like mud. As for the divine weapon that can cut through iron like mud even when wielded by the common people; there is none in the whole world.”

“Oh? Your words are quite logical!” Jun Xie suddenly recalled the words: When true mastery is attained, even a blade of grass could become a sword. He could not help it as he shook his head. What nonsense! Once such a kind of mastery has been attained, why would I need a sharp sword? I want a sharp sword because my level of strength had yet to achieve a satisfactory level.

“Never mind then, I will think of something else,” Jun Xie sighed. “Please send these materials to the Jun Residence.”

It turned out this was the one from the Jun Family! No wonder he was so prodigal! The old shopkeeper agreed as he wiped his sweat, his heart on the other hand rejoiced. Even though this Young Master was a debauchee, at least he did not make any unreasonable demands. Since you want to handle it yourself, that would be for the best. Only, what a pity! Pity this Meteoric Iron. As for that legendary divine weapon, there is none in this world! Asking me to forge out something like that would kill me!

Observing Jun Xie’s back as he left, the old shopkeeper shouted inwardly: A debauchee like you actually want to forge your own sword? If you can truly forge one out, this senior will stop walking with my legs. I will walk using my penis!

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